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WCW Saturday Night 9/10/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Arn Anderson, Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck defeated Joey Maggs, Barry Houston & Todd Morton
2.) Nasty Boys defeated Mike Thor & Rip Rogers
3.) WCW United States Champion Ricky Steamboat defeated John Stephens
4.) WCW Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful defeated Terry Taylor & Buddy Wayne
5.) Sting defeated Ron Oakes
6.) Honkytonk Man defeated Mark Starr
7.) Cactus Jack fought Kevin Sullivan to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The Stud Stable is interviewed following their victory regarding Fall Brawl. Gene asks Col. Robert Parker how well his health is. Gene was given a note by the board of executives. At Fall Brawl, Meng will no longer be in the War Games, instead it will be Col. Robert Parker inside War Games! Of course, they al freak out about that kind of development and Meng loses his mind.

2.) Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes and the Nasty Boys are also interviewed regarding Fall Brawl. Jerry Sags says they have four of the fattest chickens trapped in a cage. Brian Knobbs says they are going to show Parker how to make chicken salad out of you know what. The Stud Stable will only be able to lay a big egg. Dustin Rhodes chimes in and says that Arn Anderson showed him how to ditch someone. Dustin is going to kick Arn’s butt in War Games. Dusty says that a guy talked to him at a gas station in Tennessee. A guy said that Bunkhouse Buck is his uncle and the guy got beaten up by the Nasty Boys. Dusty says that a path of pain, blue and agony will occur at Fall Brawl. They will never submit or surrender.

3.) The angry trucker guy is in the crowd and yelling at Ricky Steamboat prior to his match and actually during the match.

4.) Stars and Stripes are interviewed regarding the WCW Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful. They get a shot at the champions at Fall Brawl. Bagwell is excited about being the number one contenders. They beat the champs once and they’ll do it again. Patriot talks about being said he’s a draft dodger. He says that they represent the great people of America. Patriot say it is time to take the gold back home with them.

5.) Sting wins his match easily, but Vader is at ringside with a steel chair. Vader storms the ring and attacks Sting with clubbing blows. Sting ducks a clothesline and scoop slams Vader! Sting clotheslines Vader over the top to the floor. Guardian Angel gets in the ring as well to watch Sting’s back. Sting turns around and nearly decks Angel but they realize before they brawl.

6.) Vader and Harley Race are interviewed saying that they have plan to get Angel and Sting at each others throats, and it’s already begun. Vader says the winner of the triple threat match will be the smartest and toughest man. Vader begs Angel for the last time to come at him.

7.) Mean Gene catches up with Ric Flair recently in Las Vegas. Flair is suspended but Flair says he has left the sport as the undisputed WCW World Champion. Flair actually has a replica championship around his waist. Flair says that Hogan made a major mistake leaving the WWF. Flair claims he is retired and did so as the undisputed champion. Flair wonders why Gene associates himself with Hogan instead of Flair. Flair knows that Hogan wants to look at all his fans and bring them together as champion. Flair is confident that Hogan made a mistake jumping in feet first with the Nature Boy.

8.) This is the Saturday Night debut of the Honkytonk Man. After his victory, Honky is interviewed by Mean Gene. Honky says he wants to be known as the greatest of all time. Honky believes with his entrance in WCW that the company will rock n’ roll now. Honky doesn’t like an impersonator like Johnny B. Badd. So, that looks like Honky has his first feud lined up.

9.) Cactus and Kevin start the match trading right hands in the ring. Kevin knocks Cactus to the floor and takes Cactus out with a suicide dive to the floor! Dave is holding Kevin back which allows Cactus to hit a DDT on the floor! Cactus plants Dave with a DDT on the floor, as well! The referee has thrown the match out as the match ends in a no contest. Cactus leaps off the middle rope and connects with an elbow drop onto Kevin!

10.) Cactus Jack is interviewed to close the program. Cactus speaks some German about when he lost his ear saying “don’t forget to bring my ear in the plastic bag.” Cactus says he was going to have his ear reattached on May 22nd, but Kevin begged him to chase after the tag championships and they won them. Cactus knew that now he chose a life where his wife and his children wouldn’t come close to him anymore without his ear. Cactus says the devastation of Kevin is his satisfaction.

Final Thoughts:
The best thing about WCW television is that every segment seemingly has a purpose. They promoted the pay per view very well and teased a future angle between Honky/Badd. The ending with Cactus/Kevin makes their showdown a little more intense than it was prior. Fall Brawl is making out to be a strongly promoted show. It’s making me want to watch it.

Thanks for reading.

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