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WWF Superstars 9/9/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
: 9/9/1995
From: Canton, OH

1.) Jean Pierre Lafitte defeated Man Mountain Rock
2.) Dean Douglas defeated 1-2-3 Kid by disqualification
3.) WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna defeated AC Conner & Tony Williams
4.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Tatanka to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Superstars has a new show opening and video package. It’s likely due to the WWF promoting a new season for their programming, which starts officially on 9/11.

2.) Lafitte controls Rock with a headlock but Rock gets out and shoulder blocks Lafitte. Rock clotheslines Lafitte over the top to the floor. Rock has Lafitte on the apron and brings Lafitte into the ring with a vertical suplex. Rock tosses Lafitte into the corner but misses a splash. Lafitte hits a running bulldog driving Rock face first into the canvas. Lafitte ties Rock up in the ropes and hits a couple of running splashes. The referee breaks Rock free from the ropes. Rock catches Lafitte on a cross body attempt but Lafitte lands on top and gets a two count. Rock tries a sunset flip but Lafitte counters it and drops Rock face first into the canvas. Lafitte works over Rock in the corner with some stomps. Rock hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Rock goes to the middle rope but misses a big splash. Lafitte comes off the ropes delivering a leg drop. Lafitte goes to the top rope managing to hit the Cannonball for the win. (*. A competitive match, but it was obvious that Lafitte was going over considering he is in a top program with Bret Hart.)

3.) A video promoting Sid vs. Shawn Michaels taking place on the 9/11 RAW is shown.

4.) Douglas and Kid go to lockup, but they botch it as Douglas wasn’t ready for Kid to fake a kick it looked like. Douglas works over Kid with a few strikes in the corner and sends Kid hard into the corner back first. Douglas scoop slams Kid but misses a clothesline. Kid spin kicks Douglas and delivers a series of kicks in the corner. Kid sends Douglas to the floor with a spinning heel kick. Kid takes Douglas out with a somersault dive to the floor! Douglas rams Kid from the apron and attempts a suplex to the floor but Kid counters with a suplex into the ring. Kid goes to the top rope but misses a somersault dive crashing to the canvas. Douglas drives Kid down to the canvas with a back suplex. We go to commercial…

Back from break, Douglas has kept control with Kid delivering an elbow drop. Douglas controls Kid with a chin lock. Kid breaks the hold with a jaw breaker and hammers away on Dean. Dean plants Kid with a swinging neck breaker to stop Kid’s momentum for a two count. Douglas connects with a slingshot atomic drop and a rolling neck snap for a near fall, but only because Douglas pulled Kid up at two. The fans are chanting for Razor as Douglas drops Kid with a clothesline but yanks Kid up again on the cover. Here comes Razor Ramon not appreciating what Douglas is going to his friend. Douglas sees Ramon and knocks Razor off the apron with a right hand. Kid nearly pins Douglas with a rollup but Douglas cuts Kid off with a clothesline. Ramon rolls into the ring and knocks Douglas to the floor with right hands. That causes a disqualification victory for Douglas. After the match, Kid is pissed at Ramon for costing him the match against Douglas. (*1/2. Kid worked really well, but my god did Dean Douglas look completely lost and clumsy in this match. No wonder Douglas was seen as a good worker in the eyes of the Kliq.)

5.) A vignette promoting the debut of Goldust airs.

6.) Next week, Henry Godwinn takes on King Kong Bundy in singles action.

7.) Backstage, Tatanka says that the pain Shawn Michaels felt at SummerSlam will be nothing compared to what he will feel tonight.

8.) Tatanka tries to go at Michaels right at the bell but the referee prevents that from happening, for whatever reason. Tatanka delivers a few knee lifts and strikes backing Michaels into a corner. Tatanka continues to work over Michaels with overhand chops. Michaels avoids Tatanka in the corner and takes Tatanka over with a dangerous looking hurricanrana. Shawn goes to the top rope hitting a double axe handle. Tatanka plants Michaels with a power bomb to stop Shawn’s momentum. Tatanka pummels Michaels with strikes on the canvas. Tatanka sidesteps Michaels and tosses him over the top to the floor. Tatanka scoop slams Michaels and delivers a stomp on Michaels. Tatanka goes for a cover but Michaels pops out at two. Tatanka sends Michaels into the corner back first. Tatanka continues to work over Michaels with strikes in the corner. Tatanka sends Michaels into the corner and connects with a gut wrench slam. Psycho Sid comes out and watches the match from ringside as Tatanka power slams Michaels. We go to commercial…

Tatanka has kept control of Michaels with a sleeper hold but Michaels is battling his way out managing to kick Tatanka right in the face. Tatanka recovers with a scoop slam and goes to the top rope. Tatanka leaps off but Michaels got his boot up and Tatanka crashes to the canvas. Michaels pops up and hammers away on Tatanka with right hands. Michaels comes off the ropes hitting a leaping forearm smash and a stomp to the face. Michaels runs into a big boot but Tatanka delivers a strike. Tatanka went for a Samoan Drop but Shawn wiggles out of it. Michaels slides through Tatanka’s legs and hits the super kick for the win! (**. There were a few good spots thrown into this with the beginning moments getting me into the match. Tatanka’s offense as a heel is rather dull and didn’t hold my interest. Luckily, Michaels is a great worker and kept it at an average level for entertainment. I’m rather surprised that Sid didn’t get involved at any point.)

Final Thoughts:
Not surprised that the Lex Luger interview didn’t happen since he appeared on WCW Nitro on September 4th. Having three feature matches on Superstars made for a good program and a quick hour. It’s just amazing to me how poorly Douglas performed in his match with Kid. You’d think they would have had some decent matches.

Thanks for reading.

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