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WWF Heat 9/27/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 9/27/1998
From: Hamilton, Ontario

1.) Golga defeated Headbanger Mosh
2.) Hardy Boys defeated Mens Teioh & Sho Funaki
3.) 8-Ball defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is the lead in episode for In Your House: Breakdown.

2.) Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe make their way down to the ring to start the program. McMahon says he is out here to apologize to three WWF superstars who fought their heart out on RAW. He is apologizing to Ken Shamrock, the Rock and Mankind. McMahon notes that on RAW there wasn’t a winner in their match for a number one contender to the WWF World Championship due to the Undertaker and Kane getting involved. McMahon denies anything to do with the involvement and insists he’s a man of his word. Thus, tonight there will be a triple threat steel cage match involving Ken Shamrock, the Rock and Mankind. McMahon says the reason for the cage is to make sure nobody gets involved in the match and there is a winner. The winner of the match will be the number one contender to the WWF World Championship. McMahon also talks about the triple threat match for the WWF World Championship where Steve Austin defends against the Undertaker and Kane. If anyone decides to interfere in the match he will stop the match and strip Austin of the WWF World Championship. McMahon guarantees that Austin will not leave the ring as the champion.

3.) On RAW, the Headbangers attacked the Oddities by spraying them in the face and then ripped up Golga’s doll of Cartman. Thus, the singles match tonight.

4.) Mosh avoids Golga as the bell sounds and hammers away on Golga in the corner until he’s shoved to the mat. Golga works over Mosh with strikes and shoulder rams in the corner before delivering a hip toss. Golga comes off the ropes with a few elbow drops. Thrasher distracts Golga allowing Mosh to get a few cheap shots in from behind. Mosh jumps onto the back of Golga as he’s over the middle rope. Mosh comes off the middle rope with a leg drop for a two count. Golga misses a clothesline but catches Mosh on a cross body delivering a powerslam. Golga runs the ropes and finishes Mosh with a sit down splash. After the match, Thrasher gets in the ring and attacks Golga. Kurrgan and Giant Silva take out both Mosh and Thrasher with powerbombs. (*. I was surprised with how big of a reaction the Headbangers got here. The match wasn’t very good or anything.)

5.) Backstage, Michael Cole says that Triple H has been attacked in his locker room. Apparently, Triple H has been hit on the knee with a steel pipe. His DX buddies kick Cole out of the room.

6.) Mark Henry makes his way down to the ring for promo. He’s scheduled to face WWF Intercontinental Champion Triple H on the pay per view. Henry says he heard that Triple H got himself hurt and won’t be able to compete tonight. Henry came here to wrestle and to take the WWF Intercontinental Championship. He came here to impress all his fans. He also wants to impress his girlfriend, Chyna. Henry thinks the fans should be just as mad as he is because Triple H won’t be in the ring. Henry decides he’s going home since Triple H is a coward. Vince McMahon makes his way down to the ring to talk some sense into Henry. McMahon thinks he can help Henry and Henry can help him. McMahon suggests that Henry compete in a non-title match on Heat. McMahon doesn’t know that the cage is secure and wants Henry to compete in the steel cage match prior to the pay per view against a champion. Henry says he didn’t come here to compete in a cage. McMahon wants Henry to battle Steve Austin inside the steel cage and if Henry wins then he’ll go right to the top. Henry accepts the challenge.

7.) Backstage, Michael Cole talks about Mankind, The Rock and Ken Shamrock finding out that they will be wrestling inside a steel cage and the winner being the number one contender to the WWF World Championship.

8.) Jeff and Funaki kick off the tag match with Teioh hitting Jeff from the apron. Jeff gets double teamed until Matt enters the ring and dropkicks Teioh to the floor and hits a slingshot crossbody on the floor. Funaki drops Jeff with a forearm strike and follows up with a scoop slam. Teioh avoids Jeff in the corner managing to hit a top rope crossbody for a two count. Jeff is met with a double shoulder block. Funaki drives Jeff down to the mat with a bulldog. Jeff comes off the ropes to hit a double dropkick. Matt gets tagged in and he cleans house with clotheslines. Matt sends Funaki into the corner and the Hardy’s hit stereo monkey flips causing Teioh to land onto Funaki. Jeff leaps off the back of Matt looking for a dive to the floor but completely misses and hits the floor hard. Funaki takes Matt over with a snap suplex but Teioh accidentally hits Funaki with a flag. Matt slams Funaki and Jeff gets tagged in. They go to the top rope hitting a big splash/leg drop combo for the win. (*1/2. The spot where Jeff crashed to the floor was nasty looking but the guy won’t stay down for long no matter the bump. It was another quick match and I like the win for the Hardy Boys. They look to have plenty of potential.)

9.) Backstage, Michael Cole tries to get an interview with WWF World Champion Steve Austin. He enters the room but Austin isn’t in there.

10.) Gunn comes off the ropes to drop 8-Ball with a forearm and connects with a Fame-Asser. Gunn is getting double teamed by Skull and 8-Ball as they drive him down with a double spine buster. Gunn is sent into the ropes and is met with a double big boot from the DOA. This isn’t a handicap match or anything so I don’t understand why the referee is not making an effort to get Skull out of the ring. DOA hit a powerslam/leg drop to keep Gunn on the mat. 8-Ball could pin Gunn but continues to pull him up at the count of two. Ball pins Gunn following a flapjack. (*. This was just an angle advancement for the six-man tag match that was taking place on the PPV.) After the match, X-Pac and Road Dogg run into the ring for the save. Southern Justice and Jeff Jarrett sprint to the ring and attack DX. DX is left laying in the ring.

11.) The Undertaker and Vince McMahon come down to the ring for the steel cage match between Mark Henry and Steve Austin. Chyna has attacked Mark Henry backstage and that seemed to be something Henry liked. Chyna breaks free from officials to nail Henry with a lead pipe and makes Henry kiss her ass. McMahon is pissed about what just happened. McMahon tries to leave the ring but Steve Austin was dressed as the cameraman and attacks McMahon in the cage! Kane and Undertaker try to get in the ring but Austin escapes over the top of the cage to avoid being attacked. That was a bait and switch, but it continued the angle and I enjoyed that.

12.) Vince McMahon is on the aisle way cutting a promo and says “he who laughs last, laughs loudest.” McMahon proclaims that Austin will not leave as the WWF World Champion tonight.

Final Thoughts:
The main focus for the show as to continue the angle involving Undertaker/Kane and Steve Austin. So, in that sense it was a productive show. There isn’t much going on here in terms of in-ring or anything. It was a decent show to promote the pay per view and add interest to the main matches taking place.

Thanks for reading.


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