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WWF Heat 3/19/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Long Island, NY

1.) Test defeated Gangrel
2.) Val Venis defeated Viscera
3.) Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Essa Rios
4.) Albert defeated Joey Abs
5.) Mideon defeated Big Bossman by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Gangrel knee lifts Test several times followed by a scoop slam at the start of the match. Gangrel comes off the ropes with an elbow drop. Test plants Gangrel with a swinging neck breaker. Test elbows Gangrel to keep control of the match followed by more right hands. Gangrel ducks a clothesline and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Gangrel clotheslines Test over the top to the floor. Gangrel baseball slides to the floor where Test hammers away on him. Gangrel tosses Test into the ring steps shoulder first. Gangrel rolls Test back into the ring hitting a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Trish Stratus makes her way down to ringside. Test runs into a big boot but manages to clothesline Gangrel. Test plants Gangrel with a side slam for another near fall. Test counters a clothesline with a full nelson slam and heads to the top rope. Test hits an elbow drop and wins the match. (**. I thought it was a decent match and I enjoyed what Test did in the ring. Gangrel had a few solid moments, too. I can’t complain with this.) After the match, Test walks up to Trish Status with a smile before Stratus walks away.

2.) Val Venis is returning from injury. Venis cuts a promo saying that himself and WrestleMania have a lot in common. They both get your blood pumping. The only difference is that WrestleMania only shows its main event once every 365 days while he does every single night.

3.) Venis attacks Viscera before the bell hammering away on Viscera in the corner. Viscera shoves Venis away and misses a clothesline. Venis clotheslines Viscera a few times but the big man doesn’t fall down. Venis knocks Viscera down with a leaping shoulder block. Venis misses a double axe handle off the apron and hits the guard railing. Viscera sends Venis into the ring steps, as well. Venis hammers away on Viscera but runs into a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Viscera scoop slams Venis and taunts him. Viscera elbows Venis and goes for a scoop slam but Venis gets out of it and delivers his trademark knee lifts. Venis attempts a side Russian leg sweep but Viscera counters it. Viscera misses a big splash coming off the ropes. Venis heads to the top rope but Viscera cuts him off. Viscera drives Venis down with a Samoan Drop. Viscera splashes Venis in the corner. Venis avoids a second splash and DDTs Viscera. Venis heads to the top rope and connects with the Money Shot for the win. (**. This was a decent match and short enough that it kept me interested.)

4.) Backstage, Big Bossman is on the phone saying that the time is now. Bossman says they have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. He says the past and present are going to come together before hanging up.

5.) Hotty starts off working over Rios but Rios kicks Hotty in the chest to take him down. Hotty shoulder blocks Rios and chops Essa a few times. Rios counters a backdrop but Hotty takes Rios over with a suplex. Hotty does a moon walk and taunts Rios. Hotty avoids a big boot but Rios dumps Hotty to the apron. Hotty ducks a clothesline but can’t avoid a spinning heel kick. Rios works over Hotty in the corner with chops, a slam and a leg drop for a two count. Hotty hammers away on Rios but gets kicked and clotheslined for a two count. Rios head scissors Hotty out of the corner and clotheslines Hotty over the top to the floor. Rios takes Hotty out with a somersault dive over the ring post to the floor. Rios misses a top rope moonsault back into the ring. Hotty hammers away on Rios with right hands and a leaping elbow strike. Hotty bulldogs Rios out of the corner and connects with the Worm. Hotty goes to the top rope hitting a DDT and wins the match. (**. Solid enough match, though it’s disappointing that Rios is jobbing at this point. He’s quite entertaining and incredibly talented. However, Scotty is just mega over.)

6.) Backstage, the APA are bothered by Mideon who has a t-shirt for them stating that they are friends. Mideon has another one that has a shirt that says “I heart the APA” but the APA isn’t impressed.

7.) Albert shoves Abs down to the corner and stomps away on him to start the match. Albert sends Abs into the corner but misses a splash. Abs continues to hammer away on Albert. Albert goes for the Baldo Bomb, but Abs fights out. Abs avoids a press slam and dropkicks the left knee of Albert. Abs continues to work over Albert. Abs comes off the ropes clotheslining Albert. Albert stops Abs hitting the Baldo Bomb but only gets a two count. Albert shoulder blocks Abs and stomps away on Abs. Albert catapults Abs throat first into the middle rope. Albert drops Abs with a headbutt and chokes him on the mat. Abs knee lifts Albert and Rodney dangerously leaps off the back of Abs crashing over the top and dropping Albert over the top rope. Abs only manages a two count on the cover. Abs drives Albert down with a spinning back suplex. Abs hits a middle rope splash as Trish Stratus comes down to ringside again. Albert nearly pins Abs with a rollup. Albert misses a bicycle kick but plants Abs with a TKO for the win. (*. I’m not sure how Rodney didn’t break his neck on his spot in the match. The focus here is on Trish scouting Albert.) After the match, Albert walks up to Trish smiling and she walks away.

8.) Mideon is wrestling his match against Bossman wearing an “APA Rules” t-shirt. The fans remind Bossman that he sucks. Mideon controls Bossman with a wrist lock but Bossman counters with right hands. Bossman clotheslines Mideon in the corner followed by a right hand. Mideon boots Bossman in the corner and comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Mideon drives Bossman down with a backbreaker for a two count. Bossman bails to the floor after being sent into the ropes. Bossman pulls Mideon to the floor and they brawl for a few moments. Bossman sends Mideon flipping over the ring steps. We see backstage that the APA are playing cards and they aren’t watching the match. Bossman hammers away on Mideon with right hands in the corner. Bossman big boots Mideon and splashes Mideon over the middle rope. Bossman baseball slides to the floor and punches Mideon. Bossman continues to hammer away on Mideon, but here comes a mystery man dressed like Bossman. Bossman embraces the man dressed just like Bossman and they beat down Mideon. Bossman plants Mideon with a side walk slam and the mystery man hits a top rope leg drop to lay out Mideon. In case you didn’t know, this would be the debut of Bull Buchanan. (1/2*. There wasn’t any reason to really care about this match. Buchanan has good agility and hopefully this forms an actual team with Bossman moving forward.)

Final Thoughts:
There was some quality wrestling on this program along with a debut of a new wrestler and the early stages of Trish forming a team with Test and Albert. This week gets a thumbs up from me.

Thanks for reading.

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