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WWF Heat 3/5/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Trenton, NJ

1.) Big Bossman & Albert defeated the Headbangers
2.) Mark Henry & Mae Young defeated Mideon & Ivory
3.) Al Snow defeated D’Lo Brown
4.) Funaki defeated Pete Gas, Rodney & Joey Abs in a handicap no disqualification match

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.) Backstage, the Mean Street Posse run into Funaki and ask how Taka’s shoulder has been doing. Pete Gas tells Funaki to not forget that they run the show. They threaten Funaki and tell him they are his daddy. Funaki decides to shove them from behind and points to his ass saying, “This is your daddy” and runs away. That was weird.

2.) Albert and Mosh kick off the tag match with Albert hammering away on Mosh in the corner with right hands and stomps. Mosh ducks a clothesline but is shoved away. Mosh ducks a bicycle kick and hits a middle rope clothesline. Thrasher gets tagged in but Alberts drops him with a short arm clothesline. Bossman enters and hammers away on Thrasher in the corner. Bossman is sent chest first into the corner and Thrasher nearly wins. Bossman goes to the floor and Albert cheap shots Thrasher allowing Bossman to get control choking Thrasher on the mat. Bossman splashes Thrasher in the corner and Albert gets tagged in. Albert catapults Thrasher throat first into the middle rope for a near fall as Mosh breaks up the cover. Albert works over Thrasher on the floor as Bossman is legally involved. Bossman knee lifts Thrasher on the butt. Thrasher drops Bossman with a back suplex. Mosh gets the tag as does Albert. Mosh hammers away on Albert with right hands and the same goes for Bossman. Mosh plants Albert with a tornado DDT for a two count. Bossman runs into a boot from Mosh in the corner. Mosh goes to the top and hits a splash. Albert plants Mosh with the Baldo Bomb for the win. (*1/4. Eh, I’m just not interested in the Bossman/Albert team since the angle hasn’t made a lot of sense to me. Mosh and Thrasher did well here, but the action wasn’t all that entertaining.)

3.) Backstage, Mean Street Posse find Funaki and they attack Funaki to leave him laying before walking away.

4.) Henry and Mideon start off the mixed tag match with Henry delivering a shoulder block. Henry hip tosses Mideon but is met with a boot in the corner. Henry backdrops Mideon followed by a clothesline. Young decks Mideon from the apron. Ivory punches Henry, too. Ivory gets more right hands in as the referee was distracted. Henry ducks a clothesline and Mideon connects with a DDT for a two count. Mideon takes Henry over with a snap suplex and taunts Henry. Henry sends Mideon into Ivory, who is backdropped into the ring. Young enters and tosses Ivory across the ring to a good pop. Young sends Mideon into the corner and delivers the bronco buster on Mideon! Ivory boots Young and has an inside cradle, but Henry switches Young on top and wins the match. (*. Okay, so the the match isn’t very good, but Young winning the match is hilarious.) After the match, Mideon and Ivory attack because they are sore losers. Ivory power slams Mae Young before being ran off by Mark Henry. Fabulous Moolah enters the ring and raises the arms of the winners.

5.) Backstage, a female tells Mean Street Posse that Funaki has challenged them to a handicap match. They accept and find it funny.

6.) Snow takes Brown down at the start of the match controlling Brown for a moment. Brown hammers away on Snow with forearm strikes. Brown shoulder blocks Snow but gets tripped by Snow. Snow slams Brown but gets kicked away. Brown avoids Snow in the corner and connects with a dropkick. Snow hits a side Russian leg sweep and a full nelson slam for a near fall. Snow power slams Brown but Brown comes back with a forearm smash. Brown heel kicks Snow and delivers his trademark leg drop for a two count. Steve Blackman got on the apron but Godfather attacks him. Brown plants Snow with the Sky High. Brown goes to the top rope but Blackman sends Godfather into the ring post to crotch Brown. Snow hits a superplex and wins the match. (*1/2. There was some decent action for a quick match. I can’t recall the last time I saw a match end with a superplex, honestly.)

7.) Backstage, Funaki visits the APA because he wants some protection from the Mean Street Posse. Funaki wants them to beat the hell out of the Posse. Funaki sits down to talk a deal with the APA.

8.) Abs and Funaki start the handicap match with Abs taking Funaki over with a gut wrench suplex for a two count. Abs tags out to Rodney. Rodney chokes Funaki over the top rope and delivers a spinning elbow strike. Rodney drives Funaki down with an arm breaker before tagging in Pete Gas. Gas drives Funaki down to the mat with a vertical suplex and a leg drop. Gas tags out to Abs to keep control of the handicap match. Rodney tags back in and backdrops Funaki into a power bomb from Abs, which was nice. APA make their way down with theme music and they destroy the Posse. Bradshaw power bombs Rodney and Gas gets planted with a double spine buster. APA lay the Posse onto each other and Funaki gets press slammed onto Posse to get the three count. (*. That went exactly as I expected it to. Posse looked good, though.)

Final Thoughts:
A forgettable episode of Heat as there wasn’t anything all that interesting this week. Next week looks to be a stronger show, though.

Thanks for reading.


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