WWF House Show 7/15/1988

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 7/15/1988
From: Los Angeles, CA

Opening Contest: Big Bossman vs. Scott Casey: They are stalling for a few moments as Bossman kept his handcuffs and club at ringside. Bossman shoves Casey into the ropes to showcase his strength advantage. Casey shows off his speed by avoiding Bossman. Casey gets a wrist lock on Bossman and pulls himself back into the ring after Bossman tried to send Casey to the floor. Casey keeps control with a wrist lock. Bossman drives Casey down to the mat with a backbreaker. Bossman continues to beat on Casey with strikes to the upper back. Bossman catches Casey coming off the ropes to lock in a bearhug. Casey tries to fight out, but Bossman keeps the hold on. Casey claps his hands to stagger Bossman a few times. Bossman keeps the hold on and Casey goes to the mat, but is able to get his boot on the bottom rope. Bossman drops Casey with a headbutt and a few more stomps. Bossman goes right back to a bearhug. Casey bites his way out of the bearhug, but Bossman delivers a headbutt. Bossman dumps Casey to the floor. Casey boots Bossman in the corner and begins to fight back with strikes. Casey runs the ropes and Bossman hits a poor side walk slam to win the match. (*1/4. There was virtually zero excitement to this and the majority of the match was centered around a bearhug spot. Plus, Bossman didn’t execute his finisher very well. So, this was just bad all around.) After the match, Bossman handcuffs Casey to the ropes and uses his nightstick because he can do such things.

I’m not sure if this is an edit by WWE Classics or not, but the Rockers came out to the Ultimate Warrior’s music instead of their own. The crowd lost their mind thinking it was Warrior, if that’s the case.

Second Contest: The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) vs. Los Conquistadors (Uno & Dos): Jannetty and Dos kickoff the match with Dos taking Jannetty down to the mat, but isn’t able to keep control as Jannetty got to his feet quickly. Jannetty comes off the ropes to hit a crossbody for a two count. Uno enters to cheap shot Jannetty as the referee was distracted. Jannetty gets caught on a crossbody attempt, but Michaels enters to hit a dropkick leading to a near fall for Jannetty. Michaels shoulder blocks Uno and delivers a scoop slam. Dose gets slammed as well and Jannetty enters to hit stereo dropkicks to send the Conquistadors to the floor. Rockers hit stereo crossbody dives to the floor. Jesse Ventura makes his way down to ringside and he’s pissed at Superstar Billy Graham for being on commentary. Ventura joins the commentary team and now it’s a four man booth. Jannetty enters to splash Uno’s left arm. Michaels keeps Uno on the mat with arm control. Jannetty enters and hides his face, but not the fact he’s not blonde, to keep control without a tag.

Michaels enters to hit a double back elbow with Jannetty to keep the advantage on Uno. Uno sends Michaels upside down into the corner and nearly wins the match on a pin attempt. Michaels nearly wins with a sunset flip, but gets cut off by Dos upon entry to the match. Dos enters after they were both on the floor and keeps control on Michaels. Jannetty gets the tag, but the referee was out of position and Michaels gets double teamed. Michaels continues to be worked over by the masked tag team, but refuses to stay down. Michaels runs the ropes to knock Uno to the mat. Jannetty gets the hot tag and backdrops Dos and elbows Uno. Jannetty gets hip tossed onto Uno. Michaels comes off the top to deliver a fist drop and Jannetty pins Uno. (*1/2. Well, this was mostly just an extended squash match for the Rockers.)

Third Contest: Jim Duggan vs. Andre The Giant: Andre attacks Duggan from behind and puts a nerve hold on Duggan for a few moments. Andre knocks Duggan to the floor following a headbutt. Duggan returns to the match and Andre goes back to choking Duggan in the corner. Andre keeps a sleeper hold on Duggan to maintain control of the contest. Andre bits Duggan’s thumb to prevent Hacksaw from playing to the fans. Andre chops Duggan in the corner and rams his backside into Duggan’s midsection a few times. Duggan avoids a third splash and Andre hits the turnbuckles. Duggan pummels Andre with right hands in the corner and plays to the crowd. Andre locks in a bearhug to stop Duggan. Duggan tried to headbutt Andre, but seemingly knocked himself out by doing so. Duggan bites Andre on the nose to break free from the hold. Duggan works over Andre with right hands and comes off the ropes delivering a few clotheslines to stagger Andre on the ropes. Duggan goes for a three point stance and hits a running clothesline to knock Andre into the corner. Andre is only on his feet because of the ropes.

Duggan sets up in the corner again for a running start and hits another clothesline. Andre drops to the mat and the crowd explodes for Duggan! Duggan tries to drop down onto Andre, but is met with a strike to the face. Duggan runs into a big boot in the corner and Andre covers Duggan with his feet on the ropes to win the match. (*. As expected, Andre is quite limited in the ring at this point. Duggan got a great pop out of the crowd for knocking Andre down to the mat. I thought it was hilarious that Andre used the ropes for leverage to win the match.) After the match, Duggan whacks Andre with a 2×4 to send Andre to the floor.

Backstage, Sean Mooney interviewed Jake Roberts. Roberts says its real easy to watch the match but he’s the man in the ring fighting. Roberts has always wanted to be in the middle of things and says that Rude made a mistake. Roberts says that there comes a time for people to pay for their decisions and Rude is going to pay tonight. Roberts says that Rude was embarrassed when he tried to kiss Jake’s wife, but failed. Roberts thinks it’s ridiculous to suggest his wife was attracted to Rude. Roberts is the man doing the work tonight.

Backstage, Sean Mooney interviewed Rick Rude. Rude likes to have his music playing at all times and isn’t happy it’s not playing right now. Rude says that Roberts is a man obsessed with him and that’s because Jake’s wife wants him and there’s nothing Jake can do about it. Rude knows that Roberts isn’t going to admit that his wife wants him. Rude says that Roberts is in line for a Rude Awakening.

Fourth Contest: Bobby Heenan vs. The Ultimate Warrior in a loser wears a weasel suit: Heenan bails to the floor during Warrior’s entrance and actually walks into the ring post in a funny moment. Warrior sends Heenan into the ring post shoulder first from the ring. Heenan gets into the ring and circles around before leaping out of the ring again. Heenan runs around ringside and doesn’t see Warrior hiding. Warrior decks Heenan with a right hand from behind and drops Heenan on the floor after lifting Heenan by his neck. Warrior works over Heenan in the corner by ramming Heenan face first into the top turnbuckle several times. Warrior tosses Heenan onto the top turnbuckle. Warrior chokes Heenan with the suit. Heenan nailed Warrior with a weapon that was in his trunks. Heenan hides it in his right boot and delivers another shot in the corner. Warrior blocks another shot with the weapon and begins to chop Heenan in the corner. Heenan is sent back first into the corner and Warrior delivers a running elbow strike causing Heenan to drop to the mat. Heenan goes upside down in the corner. Warrior sends Heenan chest first into the corner and locks in a sleeper hold. Heenan drops to a knee in the middle of the ring and Warrior wins the match. After the match, Warrior puts the weasel suit on Heenan. (*. Heenan bumped around rather well for Warrior, but the match was never going to be entertaining. As an embarrassing segment for Heenan, it was exactly what you’d expect it to be.)

Fifth Contest: Bad News Brown vs. Jim Neidhart: Neidhart runs to the ring and dropkicks Brown and knocks Brown to the floor after choking Brown over the top rope. Neidhart slingshots Brown into the ring from the apron and continues to deliver right hands. Neidhart backdrops Brown and chokes Bad News on the mat. Neidhart knocks Brown down with a shoulder block for a two count. Neidhart slams Brown but misses a middle rope axe handle and hits the mat gut first. Brown gains control of the match with right hands to keep Neidhart on the mat. Neidhart comes off the ropes and is met with a chop. Brown scoop slams Neidhart and delivers a forearm drop. Brown comes off the ropes to deliver a leg drop for a two count. Neidhart gets a second wind after the kick out and hammers away on Brown. Brown comes out of the corner and decks Neidhart with a clothesline. Brown forearms Neidhart over the apron to drop Neidhart to the floor. Brown drops Neidhart to the mat with another right hand. Neidhart no sells a few strikes and gets another wind. Neidhart ducks a clothesline and forearms Brown to the mat.

Brown sidesteps a running attack and Neidhart goes over the top to the floor. Brown rams Neidhart face first into a steel chair at ringside. Neidhart rams Brown face first into the turnbuckle, but Brown fights back with a headbutt to drop Neidhart on the apron. Brown comes off the ropes to deliver a forearm drop. Brown drives Neidhart face first down to the mat. Neidhart gets a bearhug locked in on Brown! Brown is able to break free by gouging Neidhart’s eyes. Brown slams Neidhart and goes to the middle rope but misses a fist drop. Neidhart hammers away on Brown followed by a dropkick. Neidhart elbows Brown to the mat and Neidhart knocks Brown to the floor. Brown pulls Neidhart to the floor and Neidhart rams Brown into the ring steps. Brown sends Neidhart shoulder first into the ring post! Brown nails Neidhart with the Ghetto Buster from behind as Neidhart thought he had won the match by count-out. Brown covers and wins the match. (*1/4. That was a mostly boring match, but I liked how did the finish.)

Main Event: Jake Roberts vs. Rick Rude: Roberts shoves Rude from behind and jabs Rude several times. Rude runs around ringside and comes off the ropes only to be met with right hands. Roberts drives Rude down with a gut buster and Rude rolls to the floor. Rude tries to sneak up from behind as Roberts was dealing with his snake. Rude boots Roberts in the midsection followed by strikes to the lower back. Roberts comes off the ropes to knee lift Rude and tries for the DDT, but Rude bails to the floor. Rude tried to steal the snake, but Roberts prevented that from happening. Rude keeps control with a boot scrape on the mat. Rude controls Roberts with a sleeper hold on the mat. Roberts takes Rude over with an arm drag, but runs into a clothesline by Rude. Rude stands on Roberts and taunts the crowd. Rude stomps on Roberts knee to maintain the advantage. Rude takes his time posing for the crowd, who aren’t impressed for the most part. Rude keeps a sleeper hold on Roberts for several moments and briefly uses the ropes for leverage. Rude keeps Roberts on the mat with a sleeper hold.

Roberts breaks free from the sleeper with elbow strikes but Rude comes off the ropes to kick Roberts on the chin. Rude rams Roberts face first down to the mat several times. Rude moves his hips around to taunt the fans before going back to a sleeper hold. Roberts rams Rude back first into the corner several times. Rude knee strikes Roberts in the corner to regain control of the match. Rude is on the apron and and drops Roberts throat first over the top rope. Rude heads to the top rope and delivers a fist drop. Roberts nearly pins Rude with a rollup after Rude went for a cocky cover attempt. Rude keeps Roberts on the mat with another sleeper hold. Roberts gets out of the sleeper with a jawbreaker. Rude hammers away on Roberts, but Roberts is asking for more punches. Rude ducks a few wild rights, but Roberts gets a few rights in. Rude eye rakes Roberts and comes off the ropes to forearm Roberts to the mat. Roberts crotches Rude on the top rope and gains the momentum. Roberts hammers away on Rude with right hands and a backdrop. Roberts knee lifts Rude to the mat and pulls Rude’s tights down before hitting a short arm clothesline. Roberts tries for a DDT, but Rude grabs the referee to stop the move. Roberts punches Rude several times and clotheslines Rude over the top to the floor. Rude has had enough and walks up the aisle way, but Roberts catches up to Rude and hammers away on his rival. Roberts trips over his snake bag as Rude was sent into the ring and Rude wins the match by count-out. After the match, Roberts puts his snake over Rude’s shoulders and Rude had the snake around his neck before managing to escape the ring. (**. Compared to anything else on the show, it was a decent match. They relied on some rest holds for the most part. The final two minutes or so had the crowd their feet, but then went with a cheap finish to likely allow these guys to have another match at the venue.)

Gorilla Monsoon interviews Jake Roberts about the match. Roberts says he is disappointed in what happened. Roberts is tired of people asking him about his wife. Roberts will only be happy when he gets his hands on Rude and delivers a DDT. Roberts says that Rude is going to have to pay the consequences for his actions. Roberts says he’s an easy man to find.

Final Thoughts:
Well, that was probably one of the worst WWF house shows that I’ve ever sat through.

Thanks for reading.

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