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NWA Power 10/29/2019

Ricky Starks takes on Aron Stevens. A no disqualification tag match between Outlaw Inc. and the Dawsons. Plus, a six man tag match that could determine a new challenger for the NWA World’s Championship!

National Wrestling Alliance presents Power
Date: 10/29/2019
From: Atlanta, GA

A video package highlighting Tim Storm no longer being able to challenge for the NWA World’s Championship. Storm was teasing retirement, but Eli Drake managed to get Storm to team with him to wrestle the Dawsons last week. Storm was pinned and Nick Aldis came out to check on Storm and stare down Drake to end the show.

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette welcome everyone to the program and tell us what we’ll see. Jocephus and Trevor Murdoch will be in action. We’ll also see some women’s action. NWA National Champion James Storm cuts a promo saying he’s tired that he’s got to prove himself. Storm doesn’t know why Nick Aldis is ducking him. Storm is tried of Colt Cabana, which brings out Cabana. Cabana tells Storm that he doesn’t need to prove anything because the championship is his. Cabana blames a bad leg for losing to Storm in the first place, but he’s healthy now. Eli Drake comes out and told Storm to remember what he’s got around his arm. Drake says that National Championship is the ticket to the Worlds Championship. Drake notes that Aldis hasn’t given Storm his shot. Aldis makes his way out and Drake puts over Aldis saying that Storm should get a shot against Aldis. Aldis thinks that Storm is drunk and Drake wants to be just like him. Aldis wants them to settle this inside the ring. Aldis tells Storm that they’ll have a six man tag match where if Aldis and Cabana win, then Cabana gets a shot. If Storm’s team wins then he gets a shot at the Worlds Championship. Aldis adds that if Storm loses then he’d have to vacate the National Championship. Storm agrees to it and suggests that he hit Aldis’ car with his truck.

A video package promoting the Kamille angle when she got met with a clothesline by Aldis during the first episode of Power. Each week, Kamille has been given a chance to speak, but has not done so. Aldis has given Kamille a few chances to speak, but she refuses.

David Marquez interviews Trevor Murdoch. Marquez notes that Murdoch isn’t smiling these days. Murdoch has had to work for everything he’s ever had in this business and he’s here for a contract. Murdoch doesn’t think that Jocephus should be suspended for 45-days for his actions on Cabana, but rather have a match with him. Jocephus makes his way out and is tired of everyone. Jocephus agrees to a match with Murdoch.

Match #1: Jocephus vs. Trevor Murdoch
Jocephus attacks Murdoch on the floor by sending Murdoch shoulder first into the ring post. Murdoch decks Jocephus with a clothesline after avoiding a backdrop. Murdoch delivers another clothesline and hammers away on Jocephus in the corner. Jocephus drops Murdoch over the top turnbuckle. Jocephus has powder, but Murdoch kicks the powder into his face! Murdoch hits a middle rope bulldog to win the match.
Winner: Trevor Murdoch
Thoughts: I’m liking Murdoch in the NWA and I’d like to see him as a regular act in the company.

Thunder Rosa is coming to the NWA.

Joe Galli introduces Aron Stevens for an interview and is avoiding eye contact, which is Stevens request. Galli wants to know when we’ll see Stevens wrestling in the ring. Stevens notes that he was out here last time promoting his film. Ricky Starks comes out to confront Stevens. Stevens thinks that Starks wants to be his stunt double. Starks wants Stevens to kiss his hand and Stevens says that Starks looks ridiculous. Starks slaps Stevens and says that Stevens talks too much. That segment didn’t come across very smoothly, at all.

A video package promoting the issues between the Outlaw Inc and the Dawsons is shown.

The Rock N’ Roll Express are coming soon to NWA Power.

Match #2: The Dawsons vs. Eddie Kingston & Homicide in a no disqualification match
Kingston and Homicide attack outside the ring during the Dawson’s entrance. Kingston misses a chop and hits the post. Homicide beats on Dave until Zane pulls Homicide to the floor. Homicide chokes Dave with a camera wire. The Wildcards are watching the match at the interview podium. Zane stomps on Kingston’s hand on the ring steps. Zane tosses a few chairs into the ring. Zane whacks Kingston over the back with a chair. Homicide drives Zane face first onto the chair. Homicide avoids Zane in the corner, who hits a chair back first, and Homicide nearly wins after a cutter. Zane decks Homicide off the apron with a strike. Kingston gets slammed onto a steel chair. Homicide gets a chair shot to the midsection and upper body. Zane decks Homicide with a chair to the face. Homicide has a few chairs on top of his body. Thomas Latimer hits Zane with a championship. Royce Isaacs plants Kingston with a Death Valley Driver onto the chairs and that allows the Dawsons to win the match.
Winner: The Dawsons
Thoughts: The action was rather basic and the usage of only chairs wasn’t all that enjoyable. Clearly the Dawsons are getting a strong push. The interference has me believing this will be a three team feud moving forward, and I’m onboard with that. **

Earlier today, Marti Belle was interviewed and she talked about proving herself. She says that Allysin Kay is her best friend, but she wants to prove that he’s worthy of another shot. Business is business to Marti.

NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay comes out and says that she doesn’t think Marti is ready for another shot at her gold. She also notes having beaten Vox already, too.

Match #3: Marti Belle vs. Ashley Vox
Belle hits a running neckbreaker to a seated Vox early on. Vox comes back with a dropkick. Belle forearms Vox in the corner and delivers a running knee strike. Belle takes Vox over with two snap suplexs and a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Belle decks Vox with a roaring elbow for a near fall. Vox headbutts Belle coming out of the corner and tries for a head scissors, but misses from the apron. Belle tries for a double under hook, but Vox counters with a modified chicken wing. Vox counters a double under hook again and manages to pin Belle!
Winner: Ashley Vox
Thoughts: I honestly thought that this was going to be Belle getting a win to promote a match with Kay down the line. It would appear instead that Belle will be working with Thunder Rosa. The action was solid here and they worked fairly well together.

Thunder Rosa slides into the ring and has her hand out for Marti Belle. Belle steps out of the ring and Rosa laughs.

Joe Galli promotes the six man tag main event, but we don’t know who James Storm will have as partners.

Match #4: Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks
Stevens takes Starks down to the mat with a snap mare, but misses a forearm drop. Starks hammers away on Stevens against the ropes. Stevens elbows Starks, but gets rammed face first into the corner. Starks gets a two count following a dropkick. Stevens kicks the middle rope to low blow Starks and mounts Starks with right hands. Stevens hits a side Russian leg sweep and taunts the crowd before hitting an elbow drop. Stevens slaps Starks against the ropes, but Starks clotheslines Stevens followed by a strike and a sling blade for a two count. Stevens delivers a throat thrust, but Starks backdrops Stevens. Stevens is scared of another slap and that allows Starks to get the pin with a rollup. After the match, Stevens continues to say “no” and the crowd responds with yes.
Winner: Ricky Starks
Thoughts: Stevens appears to be just a comedy act, but he’s good in that role and his character in NWA is entertaining. This is a good win for Ricky Starks, who just like Caleb Konley, should be someone to look out for in the NWA moving forward.

The stipulation to the main event is that if Team Storm wins, then James Storm gets a title shot against Nick Aldis, However, if Team Aldis wins, then Cabana gets a shot at Storm’s championship.

Main Event: Team Storm (NWA National Champion James Storm, NWA Tag Team Champion Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer) vs. Team Aldis (NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, Mr. Anderson & Colt Cabana)
Storm and Aldis kickoff the main event, but Latimer tags instead. Aldis controls Latimer with a wrist lock but Latimer comes back with a kick. Aldis clotheslines and arm drags Latimer to the mat. Anderson tags in and works over Latimer, but Latimer tries for a backdrop only for Anderson to hit a single arm DDT. Isaacs tags in and is taken down with a drop toe hold. Cabana tags into the match and nearly pins Isaacs with a sunset flip. Cabana jabs Latimer, but Isaacs stops Cabana. Colt drops the tag champs with a double elbow strike. Cabana head scissors Latimer. Cabana wants Storm, but is decked by Latimer from behind. Storm tags in and beats on Cabana with right hands. Latimer decks Cabana with a clothesline for a two count. Isaacs scoop slams Cabana and leaps off the middle rope only to be met with a boot to the face. Anderson gets the hot tag and drops Storm with a swinging neckbreaker. Latimer enters the match and sends Anderson into the corner. Anderson plants Latimer with a standing Green Bay Plunge. Anderson plants Latimer with the Mic Check, but Issacs forearms Anderson. Aldis dropkicks Isaacs from the middle rope. Storm hits a Codebreaker on Aldis and they collide with stereo clotheslines.

Everyone is laid out. Cabana gets the tag and hits a running back splash on Latimer in the corner. Storm decks Cabana with a knee strike. Storm accidentally superkicks Isaacs and Anderson clotheslines himself and Storm to the floor. Cabana hits Latimer and Aldis slams Latimer allowing Cabana to get a rollup and win on Latimer.
Winners: Team Aldis
Thoughts: Nothing too special going on here to close out the program. The match wasn’t horrendous, but they didn’t do anything unexpected. It was kind of obvious we’re going to get Cabana vs. Storm again. I’m hoping for a fallout between Anderson and Cabana. We also need to figure out a challenger for Nick Aldis as we get closer to the PPV. **

Final Thoughts:
Laying down a foundation for likely bigger episodes and build for the pay per view. I’m expecting a greater focus on Cabana/Storm and Starks/Stevens as we get closer to the PPV. NWA is the easiest 45-minute program I’ve watched in quite sometime, even on weaker episodes.

Thanks for reading.


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