NWA Power 10/22/2019

Is Eli Drake trustworthy? Will Tim Storm retire? Will we finally here from Kamille? So many questions, and some are answered this week on Power!

National Wrestling Alliance presents Power
Date: 10/22/2019
From: Atlanta, GA

The program starts off with footage from the first week of Power where Aldis clotheslined Kamille and then prevented Kamille from speaking with Joe Galli. The following week, Kamille had her chance to speak, but she didn’t.

Joe Galli says it is his job to ask the hard hitting questions and has been told that Nick Aldis has asked Galli to not ask those kind of questions. So, this week, Galli will talk to Aldis but only ask him about his next challenger.

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette welcome everyone to the program until Eddie Kingston quickly comes over. Kingston isn’t happy with what happened last week with the Dawsons. Kingston says the NWA didn’t take their title shot away. It doesn’t sit well with him and Homicide that the Dawsons got involved. Kingston is going to bust up the Dawsons and wants them right now. Kingston tells Cornette to not steal his heat! Kingston doesn’t care where it happens, but wants it to happen. Kingston says he has nothing to live for other than wrestling and just imagine what they’ll do to them.

Opening Contest: Martie Belle vs. Crystal Rose: Belle arm drags Rose to the mat after taking an elbow to the face. Belle hits a head scissors out of the corner and plays to the crowd. Belle delivers a running forearm shot in the corner. Rose avoids Belle in the corner and delivers a few strikes followed by a knee strike. Rose tries for a Samoan Drop, but Belle elbows free. Belle drops Rose with a few clotheslines. Belle forearms Rose to the mat. Belle delivers a running forearm in the corner and delivers a running knee strike. Belle hits a Pedigree to win the match.
Your Winner: Martie Belle
Thoughts: It was a fine enhancement match for Belle to get some momentum in the NWA. I’d say a few of the moves weren’t as crisp as they could have been, but the action wasn’t boring.

David Marquez introduces the Dawsons for an interview. The fans are chanting “Dawsons Creek”. Marquez asks why they attacked last week. They attacked because things happen for a reason. They say it is time for them to throw their weight around like other people have been doing in the NWA. They will fight any team in the NWA… except for Kingston and Homicide.

December 14th, NWA Into The Fire is on FiteTV and that’s the only place you can watch it because the show sold out in three hours!

A vignette for Thunder Rosa is aired as she’ll be making her debut in the NWA soon. She has her face half painted.

Joe Galli introduces Tim Storm, but is joined by Aron Stevens instead. Stevens tells Galli that the no eye contact rule is still a thing. Stevens thinks Galli should re-read his job description for thinking he’s out here to talk about other people. The fans make fun of Stevens’ outfit and call him Captain Morgan. Stevens promotes Tropical Pirates, which is his new movie. We footage of his new movie to get creditability. Stevens does one line and that’s the entire segment. Stevens says he has more chops, acting chops, than Ric Flair and walks off.

We are reminded of Nick Aldis pinning Tim Storm on the first episode to retain the NWA Worlds Championship, which means that Storm will not be getting another shot.

Second Contest: Caleb Konley vs. Dan Parker: Parker tells Konley he’ll never beat a Canadian. Konley controls the match with a headlock on the mat for a few moments. Konley decks Parker with a few strikes in the corner. Konley forearms Parker from the apron and hits a head scissors into the ring. Konley leg sweeps Parker followed by a standing senton for a two count. Parker yanks Konley off the middle rope and delivers a few knee strikes. Parker nearly wins following a knee strike to the midsection. Parker locks in an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage briefly as the referee is quick to see the cheating. Konley hip tosses free of the hold and kicks Parker. Konley delivers a spinning back fist and a back suplex. Konley hits a springboard top rope moonsault for the win.
Your Winner: Caleb Konley
Thoughts: Parker didn’t really do much of anything when he had brief control of the match. I’ve really been digging Konley in the NWA as his offense feels fresh compared to everyone else. This is a prime example of needing people to be different to allow shine on guys like Konley. He’s enhanced greatly since everyone doesn’t work the same way. If Konley were to be wrestling in AEW, he’d likely not get the shine compared to NWA.

Joe Galli introduces former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm for an interview. Storm is reminded that he can’t ever challenge for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship since he lost to Aldis. Storm puts over Aldis for not having to offer that challenge and credits Aldis for beating him. Storm says that Aldis changed his life by challenging him and he appreciates that. Storm has no regrets in taking the challenge, and it just didn’t work well for him. Storm has other things to think about and that’s regarding his career in wrestling. Eli Drake comes out and says that Storm sounds like he’s about to quit. Drake says he hears the fans loving mama Storm and how she was worried about Storm being hurt. Drake thinks Storm’s mom would be more worried about Storm giving up. Drake lists notable names that were the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, and that includes Storm. Drake suggests that they could get another couple pieces of gold together. Drake already has it setup where he’ll team with Tim Storm to take on the Dawsons tonight. Storm tells Drake he’ll think about it and let him know.

Jocephus comes out and wants to issue an apology to James Storm at ringside. Colt Cabana comes out instead and is acting like Storm. Jocephus shakes hands with Cabana, but doesn’t let go. He had given Cabana a cowboy hat and beer. Jocephus tosses powder into Cabana’s face and rolls Cabana into the ring. James Storm slides into the ring from behind and superkicks Jocephus to lay him out. Storm waits for Cabana to get up, but Ken Anderson comes out and pulls Cabana to the floor.

Joe Gallis introduces NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and Kamille for an interview. Aldis asks Galli if the NWA is cooking or what. Aldis is out here to talk about his next challenger for the championship. Aldis says a horserace has developed for a shot at the gold since Tim Storm is in the rearview mirror. Aldis notes that James Storm and James Storm are people who can challenge him. Aldis puts over Ricky Starks as being a guy who would be his number one draft pick. Aldis will stand back and let it ride. Aldis thinks he might need to find someone outside of the NWA, which could be outside the promotion. Galli asks Aldis again why he won’t let Kamille speak on her own. Aldis says they handle their issues inside the ring and not with clickbait headlines. Aldis says ask Kamille anything he wants. Galli asks Kamille why she continues to be the insurance policy for Aldis. Aldis says that Kamille doesn’t speak because she doesn’t feel like it, and when she does, he’ll be the first to know.

Main Event: The Dawsons (Dave & Zane) vs. Eli Drake & Tim Storm: Drake and Dave kickoff the main event with Dave delivering a knee strike and headbutt for the early advantage. Drake comes out of the corner with a clothesline, but Dave doesn’t go down. Drake knocks Dave down with a leaping clothesline and a swinging neckbreaker. Drake tries for a suplex, but Dave blocks it and tags in Zane. Zane tries for a vertical suplex, but Drake counters with a neckbreaker and a forearm drop for a two count. Storm enters the match and elbow strikes Zane a few times followed by a clothesline. Storm comes off the ropes to boot Zane followed by a neckbreaker for a near fall. Drake returns to the match and Zane is met with a double back elbow. Zane sends Drake into the corner but runs into a boot. Drake leaps off the middle rope to bulldog Zane for a two count. Storm works over Zane in the corner with a few strikes and delivers a splash in the corner. Drake and Storm beat down Zane to the mat. Storm boots Zane and misses a big boot allowing Zane to stop Storm with a bearhug.

Dave returns to the match and works over Storm with strikes. Dave keeps a bearhug on Storm, but Storm gets to his feet. Zane enters and works over Storm with a bearhug. Drake gets the tag and hits a side Russian leg sweep on Zane. Drake decks Dave off the apron and drives Zane down with a neckbreaker. Drake misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post. Storm clotheslines Zane, but Dave knee lifts Storm from the apron. Storm is backed into the corner and Zane has Storm set for a powerslam, leading to Dave to splash Storm and Zane executes the slam to win the match cleanly!
Your Winner: The Dawsons
Thoughts: I will say I was completely shocked that Storm took a clean loss to the Dawsons. However, it’s excellent booking. The Dawsons get an absolutely huge win on TV and their creditability skyrockets. The action was average throughout, but the payoff was well done. **1/4

The Dawsons continue to beat down Storm with strikes to the kidneys. Eli Drake is still out on the floor, but Storm is saved by Eddie Kingston and Homicide! NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis comes out and checks on Tim Storm while looking at Eli Drake to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
An average episode this week for Power, I’d say. I’m liking the angle with Eli Drake as he’s coming across as a I guy you can’t trust at all. It also seems like they are giving themselves an out by saying that Storm going for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship isn’t in his immediate future. We got a huge win for the Dawsons, who if they continue this strong push, will become an attraction for the NWA in their own right.

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5 thoughts on “NWA Power 10/22/2019

  1. Agreed. Good episode. Nothing really stood out about it though. Eli Drake is always a great promo. He seems like he’s up to something though. It also seemed a bit odd to me to have Kingston & Homicide make the save at the end.

    I’m hoping Jocephus will put together a new-agey stable as an homage to Kevin Sullivan’s various stables.

      1. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. It just felt like they were making a save for no reason. Initially they had seemed to have their sites set on the Wild Cards too.

      2. Well the Dawson’s screwed them over on tv. Likely setting up a three team feud, I’d think.

      3. I’m sure you’re right. Feels like everyone’s going to be gunning for the Dawsons.

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