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Rebooking The WWF: In Your House #2

Find out what happens at In Your House!

WWF In Your House #2
From: Nashville, TN
Attendance: 7,500
Announcers: Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan

A video promoting the main event between WWF World Champion the Undertaker and Ted DiBiase is aired. Can the Million Dollar Man win the championship that has eluded him his entire career? Or, will the Undertaker put the man who brought him into the company in the first place to rest?

Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan welcome everyone to the second In Your House pay per view! Ross hypes up the show and talks about the main event involving WWF World Champion Undertaker and Ted DiBiase. Heenan believes that tonight the Million Dollar Man will win the championship for not only himself but for his gorgeous new lady, Diana! Plus, Bob Backlund reveals his mystery man to take on Ron Simmons. Heenan thinks that the man will be someone that American fans can truly get behind and be proud of instead of Ron Simmons. Lets go to the ring to start the show!

Opening Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. Men on a Mission:
Michaels and Mo kick off the match with Mo getting the better of Michaels by hitting a series of hip tosses and a backdrop. Michaels backs off into a corner where he pokes Mo in the eyes. Michaels hits a knee lift and followed up with a swinging neck breaker Michaels leaps off the middle rope to stomp Mo in the face. Michaels drives Mo down to the canvas with a back suplex for a near fall. Shawn heads to the top rope and leaps off to hit a double axe handle for a near fall. Shawn sends Mo back first into a corner and tags in Diesel who delivers a series of back elbows and knee lifts. Diesel sends Mo into the ropes and hits a side walk slam. Diesel attempted a big boot moments later, but Mo ducks under it and dropkicks Diesel on the knee. Mo grabs the kneeling Diesel and hit a DDT! Mabel is hoping for a tag on the apron and Mo is able to crawl over and make the tag! Mabel enters and clotheslines Diesel. Michaels enters but is quickly slammed down to the canvas by Mabel. Michaels gets up but is clotheslined over the top to the floor by Mabel. Mabel turns around and Diesel nails him with a running big boot! Mabel staggers but Diesel grabs him and is able to hit a choke slam. Mo leaps off the middle rope but is met with a strike to the face and is dropped with a power bomb Diesel covers Mabel and gets the win! (Shawn Michaels & Diesel over Men on a Mission to retain the titles, 8:25, **1/2)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is with Tatanka. Pettengill asks Tatanka about his upcoming match with Yokozuna. Tatanka tells Todd that tonight he will fight for everyone that Yokozuna has taken advantage of since he entered the WWF. Tonight, the domination of Yokozuna on the WWF comes to an end!

Second Contest: Tatanka vs. Yokozuna: Tatanka quickly opens the match with a series of chops and overhand strikes to work over Yoko. Tatanka backs Yoko into a corner to work on him until Yoko shoves Tatanka away and charges out with a clothesline. Tatanka quickly gets up but Yoko grabs Tatanka with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Yoko tosses Tatanka into a corner and goes for a splash but Tatanka avoids it. Tatanka gets Yoko and manages to hit an arm breaker! Tatanka comes off the ropes to hit a leg drop for a one count. Tatanka goes for a scoop slam but Yoko clubs Tatanka over the back to avoid the scoop slam. Yoko manages to hit a scoop slam of his own before coming off the ropes and delivering a leg drop! Yoko thinks that it’s over and bows down to Fuji before going for the Bonzai Drop. Tatanka recovers as Yoko is on the second rope and hits a back suplex off the middle rope but both men are down! Tatanka gets up and heads to the top rope to try and hit an overhand chop but Mr. Fuji distracts him and that allows Yoko to crotch Tatanka on the top rope. Yoko gets Tatanka on his shoulder to hit a power slam Yoko ends up going for and hitting the Bonzai Drop to win the match! (Yokozuna defeated Tatanka, 8:19, **1/2)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is standing with Chris Benoit. Benoit doesn’t allow Pettengill to ask him a question. Benoit simply tells Pettengill that tonight he ends Owen tonight and prove to everyone that he is better than not only Owen, but anyone from the Hart Family!

Third Contest: Owen Hart vs. Chris Benoit: They start off with mat wrestling with both men getting the advantage before having a standoff. Benoit backs Owen into a corner and works over Owen with a series of chops and stomps in the corner. Benoit delivers several forearm shots and takes Owen out of the corner with a Northern lights suplex for a one count. Benoit taunts the crowd before dropping Hart with a big clothesline. Benoit continued his offense with a snap suplex and signaled that he was heading to the top rope. However, he took too much time and Owen was able to crotch Benoit on the top turnbuckle and hit a superplex for a near fall! Owen gets to his feet first and knocks Benoit silly with a spinning heel kick and goes for the cover, but Benoit manages to get his foot on the bottom rope. Benoit counters a hurricanrana attempt by Owen by hitting a power bomb but can’t keep Owen down! Benoit attempts a German suplex but Owen is able to elbow out and hits a German suplex of his own to get the win! (Owen Hart over Chris Benoit, 11:53, ***1/4)

A video promoting the feud between Crush and Bret Hart is shown. Crush attacking Bret from behind over the last few weeks is aired. Bret saying that he will make Crush tap out like a little boy is also aired.

Fourth Contest: Crush vs. Bret Hart: Crush attacks Bret as he enters the ring and delivers a series of overhand strikes. Crush sends Bret into the ropes and deliver a big boot for a two count in the opening moments of the contest. Crush drives Hart down to the canvas with a series of back breakers and a side slam for a near fall. Crush keeps Bret on the canvas and drives his knee into Bret’s lower back before locking in a chin lock but can’t get a submission. Crush sends Hart to a corner and delivers a clothesline. Crush backs up to the middle of the ring and charges but Bret is able to avoid Crush and takes Crush down to the mat with a back suplex. Bret goes to the middle rope and leaps off to knock Crush off his feet with a clothesline. Bret delivers a leg drop as well for a two count. Bret comes off the ropes and looks for a cross body but Crush catches Bret and power slams Hart to the canvas. Crush goes to the middle rope and misses a knee drop. Bret quickly gets to his feet to hit a side Russian leg sweep! Hart goes for the Sharpshooter but Crush kicks Hart away. Hart comes out of the corner and Crush looks to go for the Kona Vice but Hart fights it off and turns around to take Crush down with an inside cradle and gets the win! (Bret Hart over Crush, 12:02, ***)

Bob Backlund makes his way down to the ring with the fans booing him non-stop. Backlund grabs the microphone and tells everyone to shut up and show respect for the greatest WWF World Champion in the history of the company. Backlund says that tonight he will finally present someone that America can truly support instead of the loser Ron Simmons. Without any further delay, Backlund introduces his man…. Hunter Hearst Helmsley! Helmsley makes his way down to the ring and has a disgusted look on his face as the fans try to touch him as he gets to the ring. Backlund is rambling and says that Hunter will never disappoint him nor the fans! This brings on Ron Simmons who is welcomed with a good ovation from the crowd.

Fifth Contest: Ron Simmons vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley: Simmons gets the early advantage on Hunter with a series of right hands and a leaping shoulder block after sending Hunter into the ropes. Simmons grabs Hunter and sends him into the ropes to connect with a snap power slam for a two count. Hunter stumbles around into a corner and is backing off. Hunter pokes Ron in the eyes and runs out of the corner to hit a swinging neck breaker Backlund is applauding Hunter as he drops a knee across Ron’s face. Hunter mounts Simmons and hammers away on him before spitting in his face. Simmons pops up and is furious with that. Simmons chases Hunter to the floor and Backlund gets in Simmons way. Ron goes after Bob but that allows Hunter to chop block Ron’s left leg on the floor! Hunter sends Ron head first into the ring steps and back first into the guard railing. Hunter rolls in a hurting Ron back into the ring. Hunter thinks he has the match all in his favor and comes off the ropes only to be met with a huge spine buster from Simmons! Ron goes for the cover but Backlund gets on the apron to distract the referee. Ron gets up and grabs Bob. Hunter goes from behind to hit a knee lift to Simmons back and turns him around to kick Simmons in the gut, put his head between his legs before hooking his arms and drives Ron face first into the canvas! Hunter covers Ron and gets the huge win! (Hunter Hearst Helmsley over Ron Simmons, 9:44, ***)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is with Ted DiBiase and Diana Smith. DiBiase tells Pettengill that for the past seven years he has been close to winning the WWF World Championship and even bought the damn thing, but tonight he will finally regain the championship he should have never lost in the first place. DiBiase turns to Diana and says tonight he will reward Diana with the most precious gift he could get her and that is for her to be call her man a champion!

Find out what happens on this pay per view event!

A video promoting the feud between Undertaker and DiBiase is aired including the event where Taker made his debut thanks to DiBiase. Will Taker take out the man who brought him into the company? We shall see soon!

Main Event: WWF World Champion The Undertaker vs. Ted DiBiase: DiBiase is standing in the corner as Taker turns the lights on by lifting his arms up. DiBiase acts like he is going to attack Taker but Taker turns his head and stops DiBiase dead in his tracks. Taker blocks a few punches and throat thrusts DiBiase into a corner where the champ begins to unload with a series of body shots. Taker sends Ted into the ropes and hits a leaping clothesline for a two count. DiBiase rolls to the floor and is met by Diana. Taker reaches over the roped and grabs Ted, but DiBiase is able to drop Taker throat first across the top rope and quickly rolls back into the ring to work on the champ with body shots. DiBiase knees Taker in the midsection a couple of times before connecting with a swinging neck breaker Ted goes for a cover but Taker kicks out at one. DiBiase leaps off the middle rope and connects with a double axe handle, causing Taker to stumble. DiBiase is able to drop the champ with a short arm clothesline and follows up with a series of falling fist drops. Ted goes for the cover again but can’t get the three count. Late in the match, DiBiase tries to get the Million $ Dream on Taker, but the champ is able to easily shove Ted away and hits a choke slam! DiBiase rolls to the floor and decides to head to the backstage area. However, as he and Diana get to the halfway point, the British Bulldog appears from behind and tosses DiBiase back into the ring! Ted turns around in the ring and yells at Bulldog who walks away and points for Ted to turn around. That’s when the challenger realizes what is behind him. Ted turns around and is picked up by Taker who drives DiBiase down to the canvas with a tombstone piledriver to win the match! (The Undertaker over Ted DiBiase, 11:33, **1/4) After the match, Diana gets in the ring and comforts her man while the Undertaker poses next to them and Bulldog is seen on the aisle way with a look of determination to close the show!


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