NWA Power 11/5/2019

Colt Cabana gets a rematch against NWA National Champion James Storm. Aron Stevens challenges Ricky Starks to a best two out of three falls match. Thunder Rosa makes her debut and makes an immediate impact. Plus much more!

National Wrestling Alliance presents Power
Date: 11/5/2019
From: Atlanta, GA

A video package highlighting Eli Drake and his recent comments over the last few weeks. Drake seems to be focused on getting some gold NWA National Championship or the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Eventually, it led to a six man tag match and Colt Cabana ended up getting a shot at the NWA National Championship.

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette welcome everyone to the program. Thunder Rosa will be making her debut. NWA National Champion James Storm defends against Colt Cabana.

Dave Marquez brings out Colt Cabana for an interview. Cabana explains winning the six man tag last week and now getting a title shot this week against James Storm. Cabana proclaims that he is a main event guy and is completely healthy.

Dave Marquez brings out Aron Stevens after seeing highlights of Ricky Starks beating him last week. Stevens reminds us that there is no eye contact rule. Stevens says it was a fluke and there was some ring rust for him. Stevens knows he is better than Starks and can prove it. Stevens tells the NWA they better hurry and make things right or he’ll go back to Hollywood.

Opening Contest: The Dawsons vs. Matthew Mims & Jordan Kinsley
Mims and Kinsley get the early advantage on the Dawsons using their speed, but Kinsley gets stopped with a right hand. Zane and Dave hit a big boot/side slam combo but pull Kinsley up on the cover to continue the match. Dave dropkicks Mims followed by a double powerbomb for the win.
Your Winners: The Dawsons
Thoughts: Simple and effect squash for the Dawsons.

The Dawsons talk to Dave Marquez and they think they deserve a tag title shot since they beat the number one contenders already. Eddie Kingston and Homicide come out to confront the Dawsons. Kingston says they aren’t here to bitch and moan. Kingston gives them props for beating them in a no disqualification match. Kingston wants to wrestle them one more time if they want to be number one contenders. Kingston says they still have a title shot. They are willing to put the title shot on the line to get their hands on the Dawsons again. The Dawsons are going to think about it.

Joe Galli interviewed Tim Storm earlier in the day. Galli notes that Storm had his ups and his downs in NWA. Galli says that Storm has had downs recently on television. Gali asks if Storm is going to hang up the boots. Storm has been thinking about a lot about different things. Storm admits that you can’t be on the top of the mountain forever. Storm doesn’t regret accepting the challenge by Aldis. Galli mentions the other championships, but Storm feels heartache knowing he can’t go for the NWA Worlds Championship. Storm says he’d be honored to hold any championship but doesn’t know what he can do. Galli wonders if Storm could find a way to get back in the Worlds Championship scene. Storm doesn’t know. Nick Aldis comes into the scene and pulls Storm away to talk him and there is a “hot microphone.” Aldis tells Storm that they built this and doesn’t want Storm to say anything he’d regret because of what Eli Drake has said. Aldis tells Storm that he knows who he is and walks off. Storm looks at the ring to end the segment.

Second Contest: Ashley Vox vs. Thunder Rosa
This is Thunder Rosa’s in-ring debut for NWA. Rosa puts a sleeper on Vox to start the match until Vox reaches the ropes. Rosa keeps control with a chop against the ropes. Vox hammers away on Rosa with strikes. Rosa drives Vox down with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Rosa kicks Vox on the back for a two count. Rosa keeps Vox on the mat with a body scissors. Rosa drives Vox face first down to the mat. Vox locks in the Real Catch, but Rosa breaks free to dropkick Vox. Rosa heads to the top and hits a double stomp to the back for the win. After the match, Rosa attacks Vox some more until Marti Belle slides in and has a confrontation. Rosa slowly leaves the ring while starting her down.
Your Winner: Thunder Rosa
Thoughts: I thought they presented Thunder Rosa very well here and she showed great intensity. I’d like to see Rosa involved in the title picture.

Dave Marquez interviews Marti Belle at ringside. Belle doesn’t know Rosa but she knows Allysin Kay. Belle is hurt that her friend, Kay, would say something like that about her. Allysin makes her way out to confront her best friend. Kay asks Belle what this is about. Kay tells Belle this isn’t Dr. Phil. Thunder Rosa comes out from behind and sends Kay into the ring post! Rosa sends Kay into the ring and Kay tries to fight back with right hands but Rosa beats on Kay. Belle enters the ring and kicks Kay! Belle yells at Kay as their friendship appears to be over with. I really enjoyed that segment.

A vignette promoting the Mark is shown.

Aron Stevens chats with Dave Marquez and says that Starks can’t beat him in a best two out of three falls match.

Third Contest: Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens in a two out of three falls match
Stevens misses a splash in the corner and Starks pins Stevens with a rollup in record time. Stevens rolls to the floor and he’s shocked. Starks almost gets another quick win. Stevens regroups on the floor before getting back into the match. Starks decks Stevens with a right hand and a standing dropkick for a two count. Starks beats on Stevens with chops in the corner. Stevens fights back with strikes, but Starks continues to control the match with right hands in the corner. Stevens eye pokes Starks followed by an axe handle strike. Stevens knee drops Starks a few times. Stevens takes Starks over with a snap suplex for a two count. Stevens keeps Starks on the mat with a sleeper hold. Stevens kicks Starks, but Starks elbows Stevens. Starks hits a running elbow strike and a tornado DDT for a two count. Starks heads to the top and misses a missile dropkick. Stevens taunts the crowd and Starks gets a rollup on Stevens to win the second fall and wins the match!
Your Winner: Ricky Starks
Thoughts: Stevens is playing the heel comedy role extremely well and it doesn’t really mean that he needs to win the match. These wins are only going to add to Starks value with the crowd. I like the approach they are taking. I’d say this was a fine TV match. **

Main Event: NWA National Champion James Storm vs. Colt Cabana
Cabana shoulder blocks Storm and delivers a few right hands out of the corner. Cabana shoulder blocks Storm and taunts the champ. Cabana chops Storm and gets a two count after a takedown. Cabana keeps control with a nerve hold. Cabana gets kicked on the middle rope and Storm plants Colt with a DDT. Cabana rolls to the floor and Storm shoves Mr. Anderson to the side. Storm rolls Cabana back into the ring. Storm stomps on Cabana to keep control of the match. Storm kicks Cabana’s arm on the mat and gets a two count. Storm slams Cabana’s leg down to the mat before going to the middle rope and blocks a boot, but Cabana kicks Storm to the mat. Cabana ducks a clothesline and chops Storm a few times followed by right hands. Cabana head scissors Storm and hits a running back splash and yanks Storm down to the mat by his arm for a two count. Storm misses Cabana in the corner and Colt nearly wins with a rollup. Storm dumps Colt throat first over the top rope. Storm baseball slides Cabana on the floor. Storm hits a top rope elbow drop but Cabana kicks out at two. Storm crotches Cabana on the top turnbuckle, but Colt elbows Storm off and hits a splash for a near fall.

Cabana continues with right hands and an elbow strike. Storm stops Cabana with a backstabber for a two count. Colt hammers away on Storm, but Storm fights back with kicks and the Eye of the Storm for a two count. Eli Drake has gotten on the apron to argue with the referee. Mr. Anderson yanks Drake off and they have a confrontation. Drake decks Anderson with a right hand. Kamille sends Drake into Anderson and Anderson decks Drake. Cabana gets a leaping rollup on Storm to win the match and title.
Your Winner and NEW NWA National Champion: Colt Cabana
Thoughts: The camera work left a lot to be desired because they focused too long on what was happening outside the ring and basically missed the closing sequence to the match. The action was solid, but the finish wasn’t very good, I thought. **1/2.

The Dawsons come out to talk to Dave Marquez. They aren’t waiting any other weeks to have their match with Outlaw Inc. They enter the ring and there’s a referee.

Main Event #2: The Dawsons vs. Outlaw Inc. (Homicide & Eddie Kingston)
Kingston and Homicide enter the ring and go after the Dawsons. Homicide fish hooks Zane against the ropes. Kingston beats on Dave with strikes and chops. Kingston gets splashed by both Dawsons. Dave decks Homicide off the apron before tagging in Zane. Kingston continues to be double teamed. Kingston breaks free with a clothesline on Zane. Kingston is slammed to the mat but Homicide makes the save. Kingston hits a running STO and tags in Homicide. Homicide goes after Dave with strikes and Zane in the corner. Homicide delivers clotheslines in opposite corners. Dave splashes Zane on accident. The Wild Cards come out and Dave lands on the tag champs off the apron. Homicide climbs to the top, but the Wild Cards gets involved. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson come out and go after the Wild Cards! The Wild Cards bail to the backstage area. Zane gets a two count on Homicide after a side slam. Dave enters the match but miss their double splash. Kingston hits a spinning back fist on Dave and Homicide hits the Gringo Cutter for the win. After the match, the Rock N’ Roll Express raise the arms of Outlaw Inc.
Your Winner: Outlaw Inc.
Thoughts: I’m noticing a trend of interference leading to finishes and that’s something you want to avoid. At least it’s not leading to no contest or DQ finishes, I guess. However, something AEW has done great with is providing clean finishes. NWA would be wise to follow that trend. I’m a sucker for Morton and Gibson being in the NWA so I’m onboard for that. **

Final Thoughts:
A productive episode this week as the segment with Thunder Rosa was done very well and I’m interested to see her again. They are spending a lot of time on the tag titles and the seemingly three team feud. I’d imagine that Rock N’ Roll Express could be getting involved too, which I’m fine with. After a couple of average episodes, this was a stronger episode more on the level of week one. Hopefully we start getting PPV matches announced soon.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. This show is unique and I like they are trying something different in the wrestling landscape
    But I cant allow my precious time to a show where none of the match crack up 3 stars…

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