Rebooking The WWF: Week 22, 1994

On RAW, Ted DiBiase continues to ruin the lives of the Hart Family. Scott Steiner battles Diesel in a KOTR qualifying match. On Superstars, The Undertaker has a message for Lex Luger. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel takes on Ron Simmons in a KOTR qualifying match. On Wrestling Challenge, number one contenders are crowned for the WWF Tag Team Championships in a battle royal!

WWF RAW 5/30/1994
1. Tatanka defeated Eric Estrada in 2:35 following a Samoan Drop. During the bout, Mr. Fuji cut a promo on Tatanka mentioning that Tatanka meets Yokozuna at KOTR and that Tatanka’s dream of winning the tournament will be squashed in the first round.
2. Kings Court w/ Ted DiBiase & Diana Smith: Jerry Lawler is happy to have a guest this week who he respects and holds in high regard. Lawler goes on to say that DiBiase should be the WWF World Champion right now if it wasn’t for the jealous British Bulldog. Lawler introduces his guest, Ted DiBiase and Diana Smith, who is wearing a gorgeous gold dress. DiBiase hold the ropes for her as she enters the ring and greets Lawler with a handshake. DiBiase tells Lawler that at In Your House #2 the biggest crime in WWF history happened when he was screwed out of the WWF World Championship. He notes that this is the second time he was screwed out of the championship, the first time being in 1988. DiBiase says that he is comforted by his gorgeous Queen, Diana, though. DiBiase isn’t going to let Bulldog get under his skin. If he really wanted to he would get in the ring with Bulldog, but he doesn’t think Bulldog deserves him in the ring. Besides, DiBiase got his woman. That’s all he really needs. DiBiase goes on to tell Lawler that he has a surprise for Lawler and everyone. Next week on RAW.. Diana will sign divorce papers on RAW! “Then we will be step closer to being the richest couple in history when she gets half of what Bulldog owns!”
3. The Quebecers defeated Tim Sally & Greg Johnson when Pierre pinned Johnson after a senton splash.
4. Yokozuna defeated Hank Fredickson in 1:09 following a Bonzai Drop.
5. Ric Flair Interview: Vince McMahon introduces Ric Flair for an interview. Flair comes down and fakes out McMahon on a handshake, which McMahon looked annoyed about. Vince mentions the masked man attacking Randy Savage last week. Flair doesn’t deny involvement and instead openly admits that he set it all up. Flair considers it a message to Hulk Hogan. Flair knows that Hogan wants a piece of him again, and Flair is going to get inside his head at every chance he can. Flair considers Savage to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. We see Randy Savage appear on the entrance way making his way down to the ring but security is holding him back. Savage tries to get in the ring but is attacked again by the masked man. Flair takes this opportunity to leave the ring and while the masked man keeps the officials away, Flair locks in the figure four on the entrance way! Savage is beaten down by the masked man some more. After a few moments, Flair lets go of the hold and begins to scream “Hogan!” over and over again.
6. Sparky Plugg defeated Dan Timmons in 2:45 following a top rope cross body. During the match, Plugg talked about finishing fourth in his last race. His next race is happening this weekend and hopes for a better result.
7. Scott Steiner defeated WWF World Tag Team Champion Diesel in 8:44 following a double under-hook slam to advance in the 1994 King of the Ring Tournament. During the match, Shawn Michaels tried to get involved but failed to help Diesel.

WWF Superstars 6/4/1994

1. Carlos Vega defeated Barry Horowitz in 2:42 following a spinning heel kick. During the match, Razor Ramon shared a pre-tape comments saying that Ramon wants Vega to bring the best he has because the Bad Guy is ready to fight.
2. The Undertaker Builds A Casket: A video of the Undertaker building a casket for his opponent, Lex Luger at King of the Ring is aired. Undertaker is heard saying that on June 19th Luger will rest in peace and that the insects will feed off his self proclaimed perfect body six feet under.
3. The Smoking Gunns defeated Duane Gill & Vince Young in 2:44 when Bart pinned Young.
4. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Steve Madison in 2:18 following a pedigree.
5. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Bret Hart. McMahon asks Hart what is on his mind, which Hart responds with by saying “A lot, Vince. A lot is on my mind.” Hart proceeds to talk about how he lost the WWF World Championships nearly a year ago to Lex Luger and never got a rematch for it. Instead, he had to deal with the mind games and evil ways of Ted DiBiase for several months but he was able to overcome those odds and put his family back on track. Now, he finds himself lost in the WWF. “Why wasn’t I invited to compete in the King of the Ring?” Hart says that his ultimate goal will always be to regain the WWF World Championship. Bret says he will take the month off and recharge his batteries. When he comes back, he will make sure he isn’t lost in the shuffle. McMahon tries to talk to Hart, but Bret simply walks away.
6. Owen Hart defeated Larry Santo in 2:54 following a missile dropkick.
7. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated Ron Simmons in 9:13 after Hunter Hearst Helmsley hit Simmons over the back with a chair and Martel rolled Simmons up for the win. Martel advances in the 1994 King of the Ring Tournament.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 6/5/1994

1. The British Bulldog defeated Mike Sharpe in 2:46 following a running powerslam.
2. Lex Luger Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with the number one contender. McMahon asks Luger if he is afraid at all about meeting the Undertaker at King of the Ring in a casket match. Luger says that he isn’t afraid of caskets, but he has been living in fear. He has been living in fear knowing that the Undertaker has his WWF World Championship around his cold waist. Luger is disgusted that Taker is seen as the WWF World Champion. Luger wants the nightmare to come to and end and he never wants to have to see Taker ever again. So, on June 19th Luger is going to take on the the scary “monster” known as the Undertaker and beat him at his own game. Lex will prove that he is not only the perfect body, but also the best wrestler to ever live on June 19th.
3. Ted DiBiase defeated Frank Stevens in 2:57 with the Million Dollar Dream.
4. Scott Norton defeated Greg Davidson in 2:33 following a shoulder breaker. During the match, Norton said that people are afraid of him for taking out Mr. Perfect and says he is the one man that the Undertaker fears and he knows it.
5. Scott Steiner Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Scott Steiner. Ross mentions how the past couple of months have been rough for Steiner. At WrestleMania X, along with his brother Rick, they lost the WWF World Tag Team Championships and then a month later Rick Steiner blew out his knee and will be out of action for several months. Scott admits it has been a rough last few months, but it’s time to get back on track. Scott says that his involvement in the King of the Ring tournament is the beginning of everything turning around. Scott is confident that he will win the tournament and fulfill a long-time dream of winning the WWF World Championship.
6. The Kamikaze Kid and Marty Jannetty won a battle royal to become number one contenders to the WWF World Tag Team Championships in 14:09 when Jannetty last eliminated Quebecer Jacques. As a result, Kid and Jannetty will get a title shot at the King of the Ring.

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