Rebooking The WWF: Week 24, 1994

The final week before the 1994 King of the Ring pay per view!

WWF RAW 6/13/1994
1. Doink the Clown defeated Tracy Smothers in 2:36 following the Whoopee Cushion.
2. Kings Court w/ Crush: Jerry Lawler introduces his guest this week, the man who attacked the British Bulldog last week, Crush! Crush comes down and shakes hands with Lawler before talking about what he did last week. Crush says that he was approached by Ted DiBiase with a “significant amount of money” to make sure that everything went the way he wanted. Crush goes on to say that when given the money he was given, he decided why not. “Why not, King? Get money for beating someone up you don’t like anyway?” Crush continues by noting that the British Bulldog wants a piece of DiBiase, but sadly, Crush says that’s not going happen. Instead, Crush issues a challenge to Bulldog for this Sunday at King of the Ring. Crush wants to collect all the money and take Bulldog out so DiBiase and Diana can live peacefully and he can have a secure bank account. Crush tells King that it’s all about the money and being able to take one of the WWF’s heroes out at the same time.
3. Ron Simmons defeated Glen Ruth in 1:44 following a spine buster. During the match, Bob Backlund shared some pre-tape comments saying that Simmons is nothing but a loser and the fans need to wake up and admire Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Simmons couldn’t beat Helmsley last month, and there will never be a month where Simmons will be able to beat Helmsley.
4. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Chris Carver in 2:08 following a diving headbutt. During the match, Randy Savage cut a promo regarding the KOTR this Sunday. Savage says that Bigelow is the first man to stand in his way of the ultimate goal in getting the WWF World Championship back. Randy says he will drop an elbow on Bigelow to extinguish his fire!
5. Ric Flair Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Ric Flair. Flair and the masked man make their way down to the ring to be interviewed. McMahon talks about how Savage has mentioned the possibility of the Mega Powers making a return to take on Flair and the masked man in the future. Ric asks Vince why he should be afraid of the idea of wrestling Savage and Hogan in the ring. Flair recalls having beaten Savage and Hogan in singles matches. With a partner like the masked man by his side, they will be able to unplug the Mega Powers. “Hogan, Savage, the Nature Boy accepts your challenge. The Mega Powers are not a force in wrestling. Ric Flair is!” Flair and the masked man proceed to leave the ring as McMahon wonders when we will see the huge tag team match!
6. IRS defeated Scott Taylor in 2:12 following a lariat.
7. Scott Steiner defeated Ludvig Borga in 9:09 following a double underhook powerbomb. During the match, WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel attempted to interfere but backfired as he was knocked off the apron by Steiner.

WWF Superstars 6/18/1994
1. Lex Luger defeated Tom Carlson in 2:16 with the Torture Rack. After the match, the lights went out and when they came back on, a casket appeared at ringside, causing Luger to leave through the crowd. Will Luger be able to overcome this obvious fear of caskets this Sunday?!
2. British Bulldog Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the British Bulldog. Ross notes that is has been made official earlier in the week that Bulldog will wrestle Crush at KOTR. Bulldog tells Ross that what happened to him last week on RAW was the most embarrassing moment, ever. Having divorce papers shoved into his mouth after being beaten up from behind is something he will never forget about. Now, the fury he feels inside will be first let out on Crush, the man who delivered the violent attack. Once he gets done with Crush, he will get Ted DiBiase in the ring and move on forever. “I don’t want Diana back, I want to break DiBiase’s back. He ruined my life. I want to end his career.”
3. Razor Ramon defeated Greg Stevens in 2:56 following the Razors Edge. During the match, Carlos Vega appeared on the big screen and tells Ramon to watch his back. Vega is out for revenge.
4. The Kamikaze Kid & Marty Jannetty defeated Larry Johnson & Mike Sharpe in 2:33 when Jannetty pinned Sharpe. During the match, WWF World Tag Team Champions Diesel and Shawn Michaels say that they aren’t worried about these two “kids”. The WWF World Tag Team Championships will stay around their waist.
5. Yokozuna Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Johnny Polo, Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna. McMahon promotes the KOTR, which Yokozuna is competing in. Polo says that at King of the Ring one of his guys is finally going to be getting what they deserve. He says Yokozuna has been beating people up for two years and never got a WWF World Championship shot while doing so. Now, he has to go through three matches before getting a title shot that he has long deserved. Polo feels sorry for Tatanka, because he is going to be the first victim as Yokozuna will become the WWF World Champion at SummerSlam! Polo finishes off the promo saying that he is the greatest manager of all-time and all of his men will be champions!
6. Scott Norton defeated Tim Williams in 2:18 following a shoulder breaker. After the match, Jeff Jarrett gets a microphone and tells everyone that in just two days, on RAW, himself and Norton are going to be on everyone’s mind and they will not be forgotten about again!
7. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Mo in 4:32 after hitting the Pedigree. After the match, Hunter tried to hit a second Pedigree, but Mabel came out to make the save. As Hunter walked up the ramp way, Ron Simmons appeared and attacked Hunter. Hunter and Bob Backlund ran away with Simmons chasing after them to close the show.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 6/19/1994
1. Tatanka defeated Frank Jensen in 2:14 following a Samoan Drop. During the match, Tatanka recorded pre-tape comments saying that he is going to make Native Americans proud when he wins the King of the Ring tournament and wins the WWF World Championship at SummerSlam!
2. Chris Benoit Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Chris Benoit regarding the KOTR. Benoit talks about how his record against Owen Hart is 1-1 and says he has been beating himself up for having lost to a second rate wrestler like Owen Hart. At KOTR, Benoit is going to right the wrong and take all his frustration out by making Owen tap out until his hand falls off. Benoit mentions that he has beaten Owen, which will be two times after Sunday, and he has beaten Jim Neidhart. Benoit hints at wanting a piece of the best of them all, Bret Hart, to prove what he is all about.
3. The Heavenly Bodies defeated Matt Hardy & Vito Lograsso in 2:45 when Del Ray pinned Hardy.
4. Sionne defeated PJ Walker in 2:39 following a middle rope shoulder block.
5. The Undertaker Interview: A video of the WWF World Champion and Paul Bearer finishing up the casket is aired. Bearer says in just a few hours Lex Luger will be resting peacefully inside the casket and the Undertaker will remain the WWF World Champion. Bearer knows that Luger is afraid of the dark and will not be able to dethrone the Undertaker. The Undertaker looks up from the casket and simply says “Lex Luger…. your time to rest in peace….has arrived.”
6. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated Bart Gunn in 8:19 with the Boston Crab. After the match, Scott Steiner appears on the aisle way and taunts Rick Martel as they will meet each other at KOTR!

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