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Rebooking 2CW: Show #4 2006

The third show in the rebooking series of 2CW features a six man street fight main event!

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Shakedown
Date: 3/19/2006
From: Syracuse, NY
Attendance: 220

Jimmy Olsen and Colin Olsen make their way out to begin the show and they are in a good mood. Jimmy is wrestling for the 2CW Heavyweight Championship on April 8th against Brodie Lee, but tonight they are in a six man tag street fight in the main event. Jimmy is proud to have his brother by his side to take on Eddie Edwards and Spike Dudley. Jimmy is reminded that Brodie is in the match and Jimmy makes note that they have a mystery partner to join them. Jimmy tells the fans to look at the smile on his face because tonight they are all going to witness the end of Brodie Lee before the championship match to begin with. Get ready to proclaim Jimmy Olsen as your first ever 2CW Heavyweight Champion!

Opening Contest: Jason Axe vs. Frankie Arion: Axe is still not a happy camper about being overlooked for the title tournament. Axe lost to Arion last night and is looking to get on the right footing. Axe had more intensity and aggression as he pummeled Arion early on with strikes over and overhand strikes in the corner. Axe countered a hurricanrana attempt wit a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Arion managed to plant Axe with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Late in the match, Axe is able to counter a tilt a whirl head scissors with a Death Valley Driver and managed to get the three count after seven minutes of action. After the match, Axe gets on the microphone and says that this is the beginning of his rise and that people will Frankie Arion won’t forget his name.

Second Contest: All Money Is Legal vs. Killer Steves: The Killer Steves attacked AMIL during their entrance and lead to brawling around ringside. Pusha ended up taking out the Steves with a somersault dive to get the advantage. Steves are able to get control of the match once order is restored and they double team Murda for several moments. Kruz and McKenzie display great tag team wrestling hitting many combinations, but aren’t able to put Murda away. Murda is able to tag in Pusha, who hits a missile dropkick in a turning point of the match. McKenzie ends up missing a heel kick and hits Kruz leading to an ace crusher by Murda and a frog splash by Pusha to win the match after twelve minutes of action.

Third Contest: John Walters vs. Jerry Lynn: Two of the most under appreciated workers currently competing squared off this time around. Early on, they traded mat wrestling holds with neither man getting a clear cut advantage. Walters shocked fans by hitting Lynn with a cheap shot elbow in the corner and that led to momentum in his corner. Walters nearly won the match following a trifecta of snap suplexs and a double under hook backbreaker. Lynn fought back with a springboard leg drop over the middle rope and a tornado DDT. Late in the match, Lynn was able to counter a vertical suplex attempt and spiked Walters with the cradle piledriver to win the match after fifteen minutes of action. After the match, Lynn shook hands with Walters noting that Walters was doing what he had to do to try and win the match, which he respected. Lynn promised to do this again with Walters.

Fourth Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Josh Daniels: They started off with a hard hitting approach trading chops and uppercuts in the opening minutes. Brown nailed Daniels with a solid dropkick and Daniels came back with one of his own. Daniels avoided Brown in the corner with a leapfrog, but Brown landed on the middle rope and proceeded to hit a spinning leg lariat for a near fall. Daniels battles back with a series of German suplexs and almost wins following a northern lights suplex. Late in the match, Daniels attempts a top rope diving headbutt, but Brown manages to run up the ropes and hits an overhead suplex. Daniels stumbles around and Brown is able to finish Daniels off with the Appreciation Bomb after eleven minutes of action.

Fifth Contest: Loca Vida vs. Dizzie: Vida takes some time to dance for the crowd, and Dizzie doesn’t appear to be in the mood for that. Dizzie pummels Vida in the corner with right hands and overhand slaps showing complete disrespect. Dizzie controlled the match following a swinging neckbreaker and a scissors kick. However, Vida catches Dizzie off guard with a tilt a whirl tornado DDT and a middle rope senton for a near fall. Dizzie is able to regain control and finishes Vida off with a front slam.

Prior to the main event, Jimmy Olsen and Colin Olsen have to reveal their mystery partner. Colin notes that they are at the size disadvantage when it comes to Brodie Lee, but they have the smarts to defeat him. They found a man bigger, stronger and badder than Brodie. Bauer comes out and he’s 6’4’’, 240lbs man from the New England area with a full beard. Bauer and the Olsen Twins are waiting for their opponents to begin the no disqualification street fight main event.

Main Event: Jimmy Olsen, Colin Olsen & Max Bauer vs. Brodie Lee, Eddie Edwards & Spike Dudley in a no disqualification match street fight: Lee, Edwards and Spike ran into the ring and quickly began a brawl with the Olsen’s and Bauer, which quickly spilled to the floor and into the crowd. Brodie traded shots with Bauer in the crowd that included chair shots and trash can blows. Jimmy remained in the ring with Edwards and was drilled with a running yakuza kick in the corner. Spike dropped Colin over the railing with an Acid Drop on the floor. Late in the match, Edwards and Jimmy are brawling on the floor while Spike has Colin in the crowd. In the ring, Bauer tries to hit a chokeslam on Brodie, but Brodie breaks free and ducks under a running clothesline to hit a swinging side slam onto a trash can to win the match. After the match, Jimmy has thrown powder into Eddie’s face and Colin has managed to tie Spike to the guard railing. Brodie is celebrating the win on the middle rope when Jimmy enters the ring and whacks Brodie over the back with a steel chair. Colin whacks Brodie over the head with a trash can. Jimmy tells Bauer to get up and Jimmy ends up hitting a spike piledriver onto the steel chair leaving Brodie bloodied in the ring. Jimmy, Colin and Bauer taunt the fans until Spike is able to break free from being tied up and runs them off with a chair to end the show.

Next show, Living on the Edge! The show will feature..
– Brodie Lee taking on Jimmy Olsen to crown the first 2CW Heavyweight Champion
– Spike Dudley squares off against Colin Olsen
– Two ECW legends square off when Jerry Lynn battles the debuting 2 Cold Scorpio
– John McChesney, a staple in PA wrestling, makes his debut!
– Slyck Wagner Brown battles Eddie Edwards in singles action!
– All this and much more! You never know what will happen… or who will show up!

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