Rebooking The WWF: Week 26, 1994

What’s happening this week in the rebooking of the WWF?

WWF RAW 6/27/1994
1. Crush & Ludvig Borga defeated the Smoking Gunns in 7:36 when Crush pinned Bart after a boot to the side of the head.
2. Scott Steiner defeated Scotty Anton in 3:45 following the Frankensteiner. During the match, WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel cut a promo saying that Steiner won’t ever get his hands on the championship.
3. Randy Savage Interview: Vince McMahon interviewed Randy Savage on the aisleway. Savage is none to happy about what happened last week on the program. Savage doesn’t know what is going on with Flair, Jarrett, Norton and the masked man but what he does know is that he wants the masked man tonight in the main event and wants to unmask the man once and for all. McMahon hypes up the possible match to end the segment.
4. Fatu defeated WWF World Tag Team Champion Shawn Michaels in 7:16 following a big splash. During the match, Diesel and Samu brawled on the floor. The Headshrinkers played to the crowd signaling that the belts would be theirs.
5. John Bradshaw Vignette: The video starts with Bradshaw walking into a bar and getting into a confrontation with a patron. Bradshaw proceeds to nail the guy with a hard clothesline and tosses him on the road. Bradshaw looks at the camera and says “The WWF is going to get ready for a fight.”
6. Doink the Clown defeated Greg Jennings in 2:31 following a Whoopee Cushion.
7. Scott Norton defeated Tim Franklin in 1:44 following a shoulder breaker. After the match, Flair, the masked man and Jeff Jarrett came down to the ring for the next segment.
8. Kings Court w/Ric Flair: Jerry Lawler welcomes Flair and his men into the ring and asks what is going on with these four men. Flair smiles and tells Lawler that for a long time he has had the ability to notice talent and the future of the business. Flair tells Lawler that the future of the business is Jeff Jarrett and Scott Norton. Flair wanted them on his side as he looks to not only end Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage but take over the WWF. Flair tells Lawler that what he is looking at is a group of men that will be known as The Dynasty. “With all four of us together, no one will be able to stop us.” Lawler brings up Savage’s challenge from earlier in the night and Flair says if Randy wants the match he has the match! Because the Dynasty doesn’t back down from anyone! WOO!
9. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated the Kamikaze Kid in 5:12 following the Pedigree. After the match, Hunter attempted a second pedigree but Marty Jannetty ran down and hit a missile dropkick to send Hunter to the floor.
10. Razor Ramon defeated Eric Rivera in 2:45 followin the Razor’s Edge. After the match, Carlos Vega attempted to attack Ramon, but referees prevented him from doing so.
11. Ted DiBiase defeated Scott Taylor in 2:15 with the Million $ Dream. After the match, DiBiase kissed Diana Smith but they were rushed from the ring when the British Bulldog ran down to the ring.
12. Sparky Plugg Update: Jim Ross talks to us about the Sparky Plugg incident. Ross reveals that there has been some video evidence of what has happened. Ross tells us that the video footage will be provided next week on the program.
13. Chris Benoit defeated David Stevens in 2:44 with the Crossface. During the match, Owen Hart cut a promo saying he can’t wait to beat Benoit two times in one night and finally prove he is better than Benoit.
14. Randy Savage defeated the Masked Man in 9:54 following a top rope elbow drop. After the match, Flair, Jarrett and Norton attacked Savage until Hulk Hogan ran down with a steel chair to make the save to close the show!

WWF Superstars 7/2/1994

1. King Yokozuna defeated Jim Neidhart in 2:57 following the Bonzai Drop. During the match, Paul Bearer cut a promo saying that Yokozuna will meet his maker at SummerSlam when he meets the Undertaker!
2. Ron Simmons Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Ron Simmons who talks about his recent struggles in the ring. Simmons wants America to be proud of him, but he is getting really disappointed in himself. Ron says that he has been playing nice and it’s time for the All American football standout to find his edge and start climbing up the ladder of success. Simmons promises that a new and improved Ron Simmons will be making his way to the top of the WWF!
3. Jeff Jarrett defeated Brian Costello in 3:15 with the figure four.
4. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Bret Hart at his home about his future in the World Wrestling Federation. Bret says he is close to coming back to the company and will be back later in the month. He tells McMahon that he is out to get revenge for what has happened to him over the past year. He got his revenge over Ted DiBiase and now he is looking to get revenge on a guy who made his career take a stumble downward. Hart is talking about Lex Luger. Hart knows that Luger is all shook up since losing to the Undertaker at KOTR, but when Luger gets his head on straight, Bret wants to be the guy who knocks it off again. Bret is determined to be the WWF World Champion again and he will be because he is the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be!
5. Marty Jannetty defeated Steve Grossman in 2:19 following the Rocker Dropper
6. Carlos Vega defeated Owen Hart by count-out in 6:25. During the match, Chris Benoit came out and attacked Owen on the floor sending him into the ring steps, which lead to the count-out victory.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/3/1994

1. Sionne defeated Jeff Locke in 2:50 following a middle rope shoulder block.
2. the Heavenly Bodies defeated Mike Sharpe & Hank Hansome in 3:05 after Del Ray hit a moonsault on Hansome.
3. Scott Steiner/Jerry Lawler Confrontation: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Scott Steiner regarding his eventual WWF Intercontinental Championship match. Steiner says that if his brother Rick wasn’t hurt they would be going after the WWF World Tag Team Championships, but for right now Scott is determined to be the WWF Intercontinental Champion. Steiner believes he has what it takes to be the best in the WWF and it all starts with beating Rick Martel with the gold on the line. Jerry Lawler makes his way out to the ramp and begins to laugh at Steiner. Lawler says that while Steiner has a lot to offer with his body and muscle, he lacks that much more in his head. Lawler doesn’t believe Scott is anything more than a tag team wrestler who got lucky at KOTR. Lawler challenges Steiner to meet a true King at the next In Your House pay per view on July 24th! Steiner wastes no time accepting and says he will have no issue with beating Lawler’s butt in twenty one days on pay per view!
4. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated David Davidson in 2:14 with the Boston Crab.
5. British Bulldog/Ted DiBiase Hype Video: A look back at Diana Smith turning on Bulldog and Bulldog costing DiBiase the WWF World Championship against the Undertaker.
6. Quebecer Pierre defeated Mabel in 4:13 after Johnny Polo hit Mabel over the back with a hockey stick.

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