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Rebooking The WWF: Week 28, 1994

This week in the rebooking of the WWF features an MSG televised event! We find out who caused Sparky Plugg to crash his car!

WWF RAW 7/11/1994

1. John Bradshaw defeated Barry Horowitz in 1:34 following a running clothesline. This is the debut of John Bradshaw in the WWF. The crowd was behind him in a positive way.
2. Scott Norton defeated Greg Harvin in 2:39 following a shoulder breaker. After the match, Norton issued a challenge to Randy Savage for this Saturday’s MSG event airing on the MSG Network.
3. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Bret Hart. McMahon wants to know why Hart came out and made the save for Bigelow last week. Hart smirks and tells Vince that he doesn’t like Bigelow but he respects the guy. He recalls their battles last year and how Bret had to reach down deep to defeat the beast from the east. Bret says he doesn’t respect nor like Luger or Lawler. So, when he saw Bigelow doing something right, he joined forces with Bigelow. Bret notes that he is on a mission to get redemption and he wants Lex Luger. “I’m going to get my redemption and make Luger tap out in the middle of the ring.”
4. The Quebecers defeated Mike Davis & Danny Williams in 3:55 when Pierre pinned Davis.
5. Marty Jannetty defeated Timothy Ferguson in 2:15 following the Rocker Dropper.
6. Sparky Plugg Update: Jim Ross tells us that he has watched the footage and it reveals who caused the accident that put Plugg in the hospital. The footage is clearer and in color this week. This week, we see Plugg in the pit getting work done on his car. The video focuses on a man going under the car. The man comes sliding back from under the car and when he stands up the camera zoom ins on his face… which is covered in clown paint. “That’s correct ladies and gentleman, that’s Doink the Clown. This evil clown has put Plugg’s career in jeopardy. We’ll try to get a word from him later on in the show.”
7. Owen Hart defeated Corey Smith in 2:43 following a missile dropkick.
8. Kings Court w/ Jerry Lawler: Jerry Lawler is the guest on his own show and cuts promo on Bigelow, Bret Hart and Scott Steiner. Lawler use to like Bigelow but now he has changed into a guy fighting for the good. When someone associates themselves with a guy like Bret Hart, it makes Lawler sick. This Saturday at MSG he will be wrestling Bam-Bam Bigelow and Lawler is going to make Bigelow regret his new attitude. On July 24th at the next In Your House, Lawler is going to show Scott Steiner that he will never be a champion and he will never be a person of royalty like himself.
9. Crush defeated the Kamikaze Kid in 4:55 with the Kona Vice.
10. Sionne defeated Steve Matthews in 2:26 following a middle rope shoulder block.
11. Doink the Clown Interview: Jim Ross calls out Doink the Clown to conduct an interview and Doink makes his way down to the ring with something in his hand. Ross asks Doink what he is holding. “(chuckle) Well, Ross what I hold here is the reason why Sparky Plugg spun out and crashed into the wall. My greatest prank of all-time. These right here are the brakes in which I snipped and I hold them up with pride!” Ross is sick and asks why Doink did it. Doink responds by telling Ross that he was sick of Plugg putting smiles on fans faces. He wants tears and sadness and he has been getting that with fans writing into the WWF for Plugg to get better. Doink assures us that Plugg’s career is over!
12. WWF World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels & Diesel defeated Men on a Mission in 9:07 when Diesel pinned Mo after a powerbomb.
13. Scott Steiner defeated Lance Harrison in 2:11 following the Frankensteiner.
14. Razor Ramon defeated King Yokozuna by count-out in 8:14 when the Undertaker came down to the ring and Yokozuna confronted Taker on the floor leading to officials coming out to keep the two apart. Carlos Vega came out through the crowd to attack Ramon with a strap and whipped Ramon several times before choking Ramon with the strap. Vega taunted the fans and Ramon with the strap.

WWF Superstars 7/16/1994

1. The British Bulldog & Jim Neidhart defeated The Quebecers in 9:04 when Bulldog pinned Pierre after a running powerslam. After the match, Bulldog and Neidhart sent the Quebecers to the floor.
2. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Paul Schilling in 2:33 following a Pedigree. After the match, Hunter went for a second but Simmons and Jannetty ran down to run Hunter and Backlund out of the ring.
3. Ron Simmons & Marty Jannetty Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Simmons and Jannetty who have been having issues with Hunter and Backlund since they returned or debuted in the company. Simmons tells us that he hasn’t beaten Hunter and he is tired of having to look at the snob. He wants to beat some sense into both of them. Ron notes that Jannetty has been insulted for being a rocker and Hunter thinks he is better than both them. Jannetty chimes in and says that they want a tag match against Hunter AND Backlund! They want the snobs to find some guts and accept their challenge!
4. Tatanka defeated Scotty Anton in 2:43 following a Samoan Drop.
5. Backstage Tamara, Rick Martel & Scott Steiner: Backstage, Rick Martel is talking to Tamara and appears to be telling her to get into a locker room and flirt with Steiner to possibly get Steiner out of his way. Tamara agrees and enters the room. Martel waits for a few moments thinking this will work. Instead, Tamara comes out crying saying that Steiner called her an ugly piece of trash. Martel acts like he is going to go into the room, but instead comforts Tamara and leaves. The door opens and Steiner appears laughing at the poor attempt by the champion.
6. Chris Benoit defeated Fred Jackson in 2:51 with the Crossface.
7. Carlos Vega defeated Bart Gunn in 6:58 following a spinning heel kick. After the match, Vega used a whip on Bart until Billy Gunn ran down for the save.

WWF Madison Square Garden
From: New York, NY
Attendance: 18,000
Announcers: Jim Ross & Bobby Heenan
Aired Only On MSG Network

Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan welcome us to Madison Square Garden for some WWF action! Ross hypes up the show which will feature Randy Savage taking on Dynasty member Scott Norton, Jerry Lawler squaring off against Jerry Lawler and in the main event WWF World Champion the Undertaker teams with Scott Steiner to take on King Yokozuna and WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel!

Opening Contest: Owen Hart vs. Chris Benoit best two out of three falls:
The first fall took place about five minutes in when Benoit was able to avoid a top rope cross body and made Owen submit to the Crossface. Owen would fight back to win the second fall with a rollup out of the corner. The third and final fall saw Owen pin Benoit after a top rope missile dropkick. (Owen Hart defeated Chris Benoit, 14:08, ***1/4)

Second Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champion Shawn Michaels vs. Fatu:
Early on, Fatu worked over Michaels with strikes and a good looking Samoan Drop. Michaels poked Fatu in the eyes and was able to hit a snap suplex and neck breaker. Late in the match, Fatu missed a top rope splash and that allowed Michaels to get the win with a superkick. (Shawn Michaels defeated Fatu, 7:33, **1/2)

Backstage, Jim Ross conducted an interview with Ted DiBiase. Ted cut a promo on the Kamikaze Kid and tells Ross that tonight will be an easy night for him. He is surprised Kid will even be awake since it’s past 8pm. Ted dedicates this win to Diana.

Third Contest: Ted DiBiase vs. the Kamikaze Kid:
Kid surprised DiBiase with a series of kicks and rollups, but Ted was able to take control with a back breaker. Ted hit a fist drop off the middle rope and got the submission win with the Million $ Dream. (Ted DiBiase defeated the Kamikaze Kid, 4:11, *1/2)

Prior to the next match, Scott Norton comes to the ring with Ric Flair, Jeff Jarrett and the masked man. When Randy Savage comes out he waits for a moment and points to the back where Hulk Hogan appears!

Fourth Contest: Scott Norton vs. Randy Savage:
A quick start to the match saw Savage hammer away on Norton and try to knock the big man down, but Norton powerslammed Savage to gain control of the contest. The Dynasty members are ordering Norton what to do while Hogan tries to get the crowd behind Randy. Savage breaks out of a bear hug to hit a running clothesline and a top rope double ac handle. Savage looks to go for the elbow, but the Dynasty enters the ring and Hogan enters with a chair as backup to whack Jarrett and the masked man over the back as the referee calls for the bell. (Randy Savage fought Scott Norton to a no contest, 8:22, **1/4). After the match, Hogan chases Flair and Norton out of the ring and poses with Savage.

Fifth Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow vs. Jerry Lawler:
The crowd explodes as Bigelow destroys Lawler in the corner with right hands and two big splashes in the corner. Bigelow doesn’t even allow Lawler to take off his cape as he slams the King down to the canvas and hits a diving head butt off the top rope to win the match rather quickly. (Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Jerry Lawler, 1:40, *) After the match, Bigelow tosses Lawler to the floor and pounds on his chest as the fans chant for Bam-Bam.

Sixth Contest: Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Marty Jannetty:
Marty got some quick offense in with arm drags and a dropkick. Hunter is staggering when Jannetty hits a head scissors. Jannetty comes off the ropes but is met with a high knee from Hunter. Hunter took control for several moments which saw him hit a gut wrench suplex and a gut buster. Shortly afterward, Hunter hit the Pedigree to win the match. (Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Marty Jannetty, 7:29, **3/4)

Main Event: WWF World Champion the Undertaker & Scott Steiner vs. King Yokozuna & WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel: Martel and Taker started the bout with Taker pummeling Martel in the corner and looking Yoko on the apron, which scared Yoko. Martel sent into the ropes and Taker hit a leaping clothesline. Steiner got tagged in and worked over Martel with an overhead belly to belly suplex and a tilt a whirl side slam. Martel stopped Steiner with a jaw breaker and tagged in Yoko who hit a belly to belly suplex and followed up with a leg drop for a near fall. Steiner avoided a running back splash in the corner and tagged in Taker. Taker gets his hands on Yoko with right hands and goes for a chokeslam, but Martel enters and breaks that up. Steiner and Martel fall over the top to the floor. Taker gets up but Yoko has the salt bucket from Mr. Fuji and whacks Taker over the head to cause the disqualification. Yoko drags Taker to the corner and hits the Bonzai Drop! Yoko and Fuji get the WWF World Championship and nail Steiner in the head with it as he ran into the ring. Yoko, Martel, Fuji and Tamara all stand tall in the ring holding the gold. (Undertaker & Scott Steiner defeated King Yokozuna & Rick Martel by disqualification, 13:00, ***)

WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/17/1994
1. Jeff Jarrett defeated Chris Kanyon in 3:05 following a jumping DDT.
2. the Headshrinkers defeated Bruiser Bob & AJ Fatal in 2:44 when Fatu pinned Bob after a top rope big splash.
3. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Bill Dwyer in 2:44 following a diving headbutt.
4. Randy Savage defeated Jimmy Del Ray in 5:44 following a top rope elbow drop.

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