Rebooking The WWF: Week 27, 1994

It’s the week of July 4th and WWF TV features several major segments and a WWF World Title defense on RAW! Ted DiBiase continues to make British Bulldog’s life miserable!

WWF RAW 7/4/1994

1. Ron Simmons defeated Eric Stevens in 2:15 following a spine buster. During the match, it was obvious that Simmons had much more of a mean streak in the match.
2. The Smoking Gunns defeated Dave Stewart & Greg Simpson in 2:45 when Billy pinned Stewart.
3. Sparky Plugg Update: The video this week shows a man sneaking up to Plugg’s car while it was in the pit getting worked on. Upon zooming in on the man, it is seen that he has a pair of cutters with him and is seen clipping away on the car while everyone scrambles to work on the car. Moments later, Plugg’s car spun out of control and crashed. The video is in black and white but Jim Ross notes that footage shot in color will be released in time for next weeks program.
4. Crush defeated Larry Owens in 1:33 with the Kona Vice.
5. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Bruce Calling in 2:13 following a top rope diving headbutt. During the match, Bigelow cut a pre-tape promo noting that Luger is back on the show and he will be paying attention to what Lex has to say.
6. John Bradshaw Vignette: Bradshaw is leaving the bar and tosses a couple of drunk guys into a wall while laughing. Bradshaw looks into the camera and says that he is on his way to the WWF ring and is going to be making his debut next week to knock these “WWF wrasslers on their butts.”
7. WWF World Tag Team Champion Diesel defeated Samu in 6:56 following a big boot. After the match, Fatu and Shawn Michaels came out to brawl. Officials ran out to break up the tag teams!
8. Kings Court w/Lex Luger: Jerry Lawler is happy to announce the return of former WWF World Champion Lex Luger to the WWF. Luger hasn’t been seen since the KOTR when he was stuffed into a casket. Luger notes that the past several weeks saw him have to regroup and while the Undertaker got the better of him at KOTR, Luger says his day will come and in the meantime people have to respect him and his body of perfection because he will be WWF World Champion once again. Lawler mentions both Bigelow and Bret Hart waiting for Luger. Lex starts off with Bigelow first. Luger says that he accidentally cost Bigelow his title match with Taker a couple of months ago and suggests bigelow get over it before he regrets getting in the ring with him. As for Bret Hart, there will be no chance for redemption because Luger isn’t interested in wrestling someone he defeated so easily. “Bret, you’re going to forever have to live with the fact that I’m truly the best there was and there ever will be.” Bigelow makes his way down to the ring and mentions how he will not regret getting in the ring with Luger and proceeds to deck Luger! A brawl takes place until Lawler helps Luger in attacking Bigelow. Bret Hart runs down out of nowhere and helps Bigelow fight both men out of the ring! There is a moment of tension between Bret and Bigelow as they just worked together to end the segment.
9. Marty Jannetty defeated Lance Harris in 2:45 following the Rocker Dropper. During the match, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Bob Backlund appeared on the aisle way. Hunter watching the match in disgust.
10. King Yokozuna defeated Owen Hart in 4:18 after the Bonzai Drop. During the match, Chris Benoit came out to ringside and caused a distraction to allow Yoko to hit a splash in the corner.
11. Hulk Hogan Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Hulk Hogan this week regarding the recent happenings involving the Dynasty. Hogan can’t wait for SummerSlam next month and says that the years of frustration and the revenge for WrestleMania X is building up inside of him. Having his best friend, Randy Savage, with him will make it even more rewarding to beat Flair and the masked man. Hulk notes that when they win the match they are going to unmask the masked man and find out who the man really is! Hulk has a challenge for the Dynasty for this coming up IYH. Hogan wants to have a piece of Jeff Jarrett and Scott Norton in what would be their tune up match for SummerSlam. “If you want to make a name for yourself in this business, you’re going to have to come through the Mega Powers, brother!”
12. Razor Ramon & Scott Steiner defeated Carlos Vega & WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel by count-out in 9:15 when Vega and Martel decided to leave the match after Ramon hit Martel with a Razor’s Edge.
13. The Quebecers defeated Mike Sharpe & Scott Taylor when Pierre pinned Taylor.
14. WWF World Champion the Undertaker defeated IRS in 7:09 following a tombstone. During the match, Mr. Fuji cut a promo saying that he will have many men coming after the Undertaker leading his title defense against King Yokozuna at SummerSlam next month.

WWF Superstars 7/9/1994
1. Chris Benoit defeated Sebastian Gormat in 2:54 with the Crossface.
2. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated Fred Stevenson in 2:13 with the Boston Crab.
3. Owen Hart Interview: Jim Ross interviewed Owen Hart earlier in the day to talk about Chris Benoit. Owen talks about being aggravated with not himself but with the actions of Benoit lately. Owen recalls losing to Carlos Vega by count-out and Benoit costing him his match against King Yokozuna. Owen confirms the reports that he will wrestle Benoit at the July 16th MSG Show in a best two out of three falls match so that Owen can prove he is the best of the two and move on to bigger and better things.
4. the Headshrinkers defeated Barry Horowitz & Bret Centro in 2:44 when Fatu pinned Centro after a big splash off the top.
5. Doink the Clown defeated Jim Neidhart in 3:06 following the Whoopee Cushion.
6. Ted DiBiase Interview: Vince McMahon spoke with Ted DiBiase this week on Superstars. DiBiase knows that Bulldog has a match up next and says that no matter what the Bulldog does, there isn’t anything he can do to get Diane back. She is with the million dollar man, getting whatever she wants and being treated as his queen. DiBiase teases that bigger things are in his mind and believes Bulldog will not make it to SummerSlam mentally.
7. The British Bulldog defeated Quebecer Jacques in 6:19 following a running powerslam. After the match. Ted DiBiase appeared on the aisle way with Diana and proceeded to kiss her. This caused Bulldog to run down towards them but was met with an attack by Quebcer Pierre and Johnny Polo with hockey sticks. The trio of men laughed at the fallen Bulldog.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/10/1994

1. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Norton defeated Greg Davis & Scott Taylor in 3:16 when Jarrett pinned Davis after a jumping DDT.
2. Razor Ramon defeated Steve King in 2:11 following the Razors Edge.
3. Bret Hart Update: We were suppose to hear from Bret Hart regarding his future on the 6/27 RAW but Bret decided not to reveal his plans. WWF officials tried to get Bret to speak this past Monday, but there was no luck. With his return on the 7/3 RAW to help Bigelow fight off Lawler and Luger, will we find out what Bret is thinking? Tune into RAW this Monday to find out!
4.WWF World Tag Team Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Virgil in 3:44 following a superkick.
5. Sionne defeated Tom Pritchard in 4:17 following a middle rope shoulder block.
6. Crush defeated Mabel in 4:13 after avoiding a splash in the corner and rolling Mabel up.

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