Rebooking 2CW: Show #6, 2006

Rebooking 2CW returns with comments from Steve Corino for Brodie Lee. 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen defends against Eddie Edwards. Slyck Wagner Brown battles Antonio Thomas and much more!

Squared Circle Wrestling presents By Any Means Necessary
From: Syracuse, NY
Attendance: 275

A pre-tape promo by Steve Corino opens the show with Corino competing for Zero-One in Japan. Corino taunts Brodie Lee over costing Brodie the 2CW Heavyweight Championship last month and allowing Jimmy Olsen to become the first champion. Corino tells Lee that he’s not champion material, which Olsen is. Corino sees himself in Olsen and made it a priority to make sure that Olsen wasn’t shafted like he had been early in his career. Corino doesn’t want Lee or any of the fans to think that he’s running scared because he’s in Japan. Corino insists that he’s an International star and stars travel outside of recreational basketball venues. Corino assures us that he’s going to get Jimmy Olsen and Colin Olsen out of the hell hole that is 2CW, but before he does that he’s going to leave a path of destruction in the process. Corino promises that he’ll be back in 2CW noting that he’ll be in the area later this summer and he’ll have no problem spitting right in Lee’s face and flipping off all the 2CW fans.

Opening Contest: Josh Daniels vs. Jason Axe:
Daniels controlled the early portion with chops and various suplexs, but Axe stopped Daniels with a jawbreaker and double under hook backbreaker. Daniels attempted a top rope diving headbutt, but Axe was able to roll out of the way. Axe ducked a clothesline to plant Daniels with a DDT. Axe wasted no time lifting Daniels up and hitting a Death Valley Driver to earn the win after seven minutes of action.

A pre-tape promo by Eddie Edwards is shown regarding his championship match against Jimmy Olsen tonight. Edwards knows that he hasn’t been in the business long, but he’s hungry for gold and he’s on the hunt for the 2CW Heavyweight Championship. Edwards hopes that Olsen has his boots tied tightly because there’s going to be a war tonight.

Second Contest: Up In Smoke vs. All Money Is Legal:
A high flying tag match took place next with AMIL taking Cheech and Cloudy out with stereo somersault dives to the floor early into the match. Cheech got control by crotching Pusha on the top turnbuckle and hitting a springboard cutter off the middle rope for a two count. Cheech and Cloudy kept control for a few moments on Pusha until he hit a spinning heel kick and a scissors kick on both men. Murda tagged in to hit a leaping clothesline off the top for a near fall. Late in the match, Pusha is sent into the ring steps shoulder first and Murda is taken out with a back suplex/neckbreaker combo to give Up in Smoke the victory after eleven minutes of action.

Third Contest: John McChesney vs. Brian Fury:
Early on, they traded some mat wrestling holds until Fury delivered several forearm shots and an arm breaker for the early advantage. Fury is stopped on the top rope and McChesney hit a superplex followed by a springboard twisting leg drop for a two count. Fury battled back with an overhead belly to belly suplex, but after missing a running yakuza kick, McChesney managed to win the match after a TKO following eight minutes of action.

Fourth Contest: Frankie Arion vs. Colin Olsen:
Arion started the match with some quick offense hitting an arm drag, dropkick and a spinning heel kick. Arion also took Olsen out with a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Olsen gained control on the floor by sending Arion face first into the ring steps with a drop toe hold. Olsen continued with a snap suplex on the floor before hitting a slingshot splash into the ring for a near fall. Arion fought back with a jawbreaker and a neckbreaker for a two count. Late in the match, Olsen avoids a middle rope cutter by Arion and is able to hit a Lung Blower to win the contest after nine minutes of action.

A pre-tape promo by 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen is shown next. Olsen tells us that he won the 2CW Heavyweight Championship all on his own and Brodie Lee never stood a chance against him. Jimmy knows that Edwards has a lot of heart and determination, but Olsen is the smartest wrestler alive and intelligence will overcome determination. Edwards heart and spirit will be put out and Olsen is going to walk out with the 2CW Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder and all the fans better be prepared to bow down to him as their champion.

Fifth Contest: Brodie Lee vs. Max Bauer:
Brodie wastes no time going after Bauer on the aisle way during his entrance and they brawled into the crowd. Brodie hit Bauer over the head with a trash can. Bauer blocked a scoop slam and slammed Lee on the wooden floor. Bauer brings the action into the ring hitting an impressive spinebuster for a two count. Bauer continued his offense with a powerslam, but can’t keep Lee down on the mat. Lee fought back with a superkick and a chokeslam for a two count. Lee followed up with a slingshot senton for another near fall. Late in the match, Bauer hit a splash in the corner and took time to taunt the fans. Lee shook off the splash and nailed Bauer with a running big boot. Lee sent Bauer into the ropes and connected with a swinging side slam for the win after ten minutes of action.

Sixth Contest: Antonio Thomas vs. Slyck Wagner Brown:
They start off with some mat wrestling based offense, with Brown frustrating Thomas in the process. Thomas eye raked Brown and sent Brown shoulder first into the ring post to get the advantage. Thomas continued his offense with an arm breaker and a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Brown fought back with a springboard moonsault and a leg lariat for a two count. Thomas tried for a slingshot attack, but Brown kicked Thomas and planted Thomas with a brainbuster. Brown delivered a few knee strikes and tried for the Appreciation Bomb, but Thomas countered with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Thomas hit a middle rope leg drop another near fall. Brown catapulted Thomas into the corner, but Thomas jumped to the middle rope and went for a crossbody, but was caught and Brown hit a swinging side slam. Brown grabbed Thomas and hit the Appreciation Bomb for the win after sixteen minutes of action.

Main Event: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen vs. Eddie Edwards:
Edwards wastes no time blistering Olsen with chops in the corner. Edwards continues with a running clothesline and an overhead suplex to send Olsen rolling to the floor. Edwards doesn’t let up and takes both Jimmy and Colin out with a suicide dive to the floor. Edwards rolls Olsen back into the ring and connects with a missile dropkick from the top rope for a two count. Edwards delivers a few kicks to Olsen’s chest, until Olsen catches a kick and takes Edwards down with a dragon screw leg whip. Olsen focuses his attack on the left knee locking in a half Boston Crab, but doesn’t get a submission. Jimmy takes Edwards over with a vertical suplex and a rolling neck snap for a two count. Olsen continued his offense with a backbreaker and a middle rope knee drop. Olsen tries to go to the top, but Edwards stops Jimmy and hits a top rope hurricanrana. Edwards heads to the top and nails Olsen with a double stomp for a two count. Olsen stops Edwards with an eye rake and a northern lights suplex for a near fall.

Olsen tried for a middle rope axe handle, but Edwards side steps the attempt and hit the Chin Checker. Olsen stumbled around the ring and Edwards connected with a Tiger Driver for a near fall. Late in the match, Edwards signals for the Die Hard Driver, but Colin distracts the referee allowing Jimmy to low blow Edwards and hit a jumping piledriver. Jimmy has the cover and manages to get the three count after seventeen minutes of action.

After the match, Jimmy and Colin beat on Edwards until Brodie Lee runs into the ring and attacks the Olsen Twins. Max Bauer comes running out as well and drops Lee with a swinging side slam. The crowd erupts when Spike Dudley comes marching down to the ring with a chair and whacks Bauer over the head before hitting the Acid Drop! Spike runs Jimmy and Colin from the ring by swinging the chair to end the show!

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