WWF Heat 5/7/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Richmond, VA

1.) Val Venis defeated Perry Saturn
2.) Al Snow & Steve Blackman defeated Funaki & Taka Michinoku
3.) The Godfather defeated D’Lo Brown
4.) Dudley Boys defeated Too Cool

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) We see footage from Smackdown where Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko had an argument when Malenko tried to win the WWF Hardcore Championship from Crash Holly. This led to Saturn and Malenko brawling.

2.) Earlier in the day, Dean Malenko is telling Perry Saturn that he didn’t like the excuse that Saturn liked him. Saturn says that he has been chasing after gold for months and that he’d forgive Malenko if the roles were reversed. Malenko seems to accept that and they shake hands.

3.) Venis starts the match hammering away on Saturn with right hands. Venis misses a splash in the corner and Saturn pummels Venis with strikes and stomps. Venis avoids a backdrop and clotheslines Saturn. Saturn tosses Venis over the top to the floor and takes Val out with a suicide dive! Venis sends Saturn shoulder first into the ring steps. Venis drops Saturn chest first over the guard railing. Venis rolls Saturn into the ring and goes back to kicks. Venis clotheslines Saturn in the corner a couple of times. Saturn tosses Venis with a pump handle suplex. Saturn delivers several knee strikes to Val’s face. Saturn scoop slams Venis and heads to the top rope hitting an elbow drop for a two count. Venis drops Saturn throat first over the top rope and hammers on Saturn some more. Venis drops Saturn with several right hands. Venis backdrops Saturn followed by a hip toss out of the corner. Saturn eye rakes Venis and hits a spinning flapjack for a two count. Venis plants Saturn with a spine buster and heads to the top rope. Venis sees Dean Malenko and doesn’t jump and instead threatens Malenko. Malenko backs off on the floor and Saturn leg sweeps Venis. Saturn delivers a super kick but Malenko trips Saturn running the ropes. Venis gets the win with a fisherman suplex. (***. I thought this was a perfectly solid match with constant action and the finish made sense for the advancement of the issues between Saturn and Malenko.)

4.) Backstage, the WWF Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian look at the white board and they say they will be on commentary for the Too Cool vs. Dudley Boys match. They end up coming out to the aisle way and cut a promo for the live crowd. Edge announces they have decided to do color commentary and then do the five-second pose.

5.) Backstage, Faarooq walks to the APA office, which is getting constructed. Bradshaw apparently took bikes from several people who didn’t have money. Faarooq doesn’t know how they’ll get rid of a truck, too.

6.) Backstage, Al Snow is mediating and Steve Blackman thinks they can reunite their team. Blackman doesn’t want anymore Head Cheese and wants to do it his way. Snow promises to rip anyones head off and spit down their neck. Snow offers Blackman a plain rice cake, which happens to be Blackman’s favorite.

7.) Snow and Funaki kick off the tag match with Snow taking Funaki down. Funaki comes back with a quick hurricanrana and a dropkick. Snow battles back with a few strikes and rams Funaki into the corner. Funaki boots Snow but is met with a kick in midair after jumping off the middle rope. Blackman gets tagged in and works over Funaki with strikes. Funaki dropkicks Blackman and tags in Taka. Taka gets leg swept and Blackman hits a wheelbarrow suplex. Snow nails Taka with a slingshot leg drop from the apron for a two count. Taka plants Snow and Blackman with a double DDT. Funaki gets tagged in and hammers away on Blackman. Snow pulls Funaki to the floor and drops him face first on the aisle way. Taka goes for a springboard moonsault but Blackman and Snow catch him with a slam on the floor! Blackman rolls Funaki into the ring but can’t get a three count on a cover attempt. Blackman drives Funaki down with a tilt a whirl front slam. Funaki atomic drops Blackman and tags in Taka. Taka comes off the top with a missile dropkick and takes out Snow, too. Snow holds Taka and allows Blackman to deliver a kick. Snow rams Funaki into the announcers table. Blackman holds Taka over his knee and Snow hits a leg drop off the top for the win. (***. I enjoyed this one too and the team of Snow and Blackman is really growing on me. The tag team division is just so stacked that it would be hard for them to accomplish much.)

8.) Godfather hammers away on Brown in the corner and hip tosses D’Lo out of the corner. Godfather nails Brown with a back elbow strike and a clothesline. Godfather delivers a few elbow drops and a leg drop. Godfather misses a splash in the corner and Brown clotheslines him. Brown hits a top rope moonsault and taunts the fans. Brown elbow strikes Godfather to drop him to the mat. Brown sends Godfather to the floor and quickly follows. Brown sends Godfather into the ring steps shoulder first. Brown rolls Godfather back into the ring and Godfather drops Brown with a heel kick. Godfather ducks a clothesline and big boots Brown. Brown comes off the ropes and is clotheslined several times. Godfather backdrops Brown several times. Godfather goes for the Ho Train and hits it in the corner. Godfather goes for the Pimp Drop but Brown wiggles free. Brown goes for a cross body, but Godfather rolls through and wins the match. After the match, Brown attacks Godfather delivering a heel kick. Brown goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash. (*1/2. The post-match attack keeps heat on D’Lo and probably means we’ll see more of these two wrestling each other. The action was decent, but not overly great.)

9.) Earlier in the night, Chris Benoit arrived to the arena and had a confrontation with Tazz in the parking lot. Tazz threatens Benoit to have another shiner. Benoit proceeds to kick the car door into the arm of Tazz and casually walks off.

10.) Scotty and D-Von kickoff the main event tag match with Scotty shoulder blocking D-Von. D-Von gets kicked by Scotty on the apron and Scotty hits a hip toss and dropkick. Scotty does a moon walk and drop toe holds D-Von. Sexay tags in and Too Cool knock D-Von down to the mat followed by a double elbow drop. Sexay sends D-Von into the corner but is met with a shoulder block. D-Von tags in Bubba and Sexay hits front ward Russian leg sweep. Sexay hits a missile dropkick off the middle rope. Bubba takes Sexay over with a vertical suplex. Sexay kicks Bubba and attempts a hurricanrana but Bubba hits a power bomb for a two count. Bubba avoids a cross body off the middle rope from Sexay, which looked like it was mistimed. Bubba knocks Scotty off the apron and D-Von hits headbutt off the top to the groin of Sexay. D-Von nails Sexay with a spinning elbow strike. Bubba tags back and works over Sexay in the corner with strikes. Bubba has Sexay on the top rope but Sexay knocks Bubba off with right hands. Sexay hits a middle rope clothesline. Bubba goes to the wrong corner for a tag but still tags in D-Von. Scotty tags in as well and hammers away on D-Von hitting a backdrop. Bubba gets tossed over the top to the floor and Too Cool hits a DDT on D-Von for a near fall. Scotty hits a somersault kick to the back of D-Von for a two count. Sexay hits a sunset flip power bomb on Bubba onto the floor. Scotty plants D-Von with a bulldog. Edge and Christian leave the announcers table and Edge spears Scotty while Christian distracted the referee. Bubba drops Sexay chest first over the guard railing. D-Von sends Scotty into the ropes and the Dudley’s hit the 3D for the win. (**. A solid tag match and the finish should lead to a Too Cool chasing Edge and Christian for the tag titles, I’d assume.)

Final Thoughts:
This was a strong episode for Heat as the action was entertaining and continued some feuds.

Thanks for reading.

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