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WWF Heat 5/14/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 5/14/2000
From: New Haven, CT

1.) Val Venis defeated Matt Hardy
2.) Hardcore Holly defeated D’Lo Brown
3.) Al Snow & Steve Blackman defeated Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko
4.) Jeff Hardy defeated Essa Rios
5.) Too Cool defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Venis backs Hardy against the ropes and they end up in the corner where Venis delivers a cheap shot with a kick to the midsection. Venis pummels Hardy with stomps and chokes Hardy for a moment. Hardy battles back with right hands and backdrops Venis. Hardy gets backdropped to the apron but Hardy goes for a suplex to the floor. Venis hangs onto the ropes and drops Hardy face first onto the apron. Venis drops Hardy chest first over the guard railing. Hardy manages to send Venis shoulder first into the ring steps. Hardy rolls Venis into the ring and scoop slams Venis. Hardy comes off the middle rope to deliver a leg drop for a two count. Hardy chokes Venis over the middle rope. Venis kicks Hardy and hammers away on Hardy before delivering a running clothesline in the corner a couple of times. Venis hits a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Venis puts Hardy on the top turnbuckle. Hardy tries to fight Venis off but fails. Venis goes for a superplex but is shoved off by Hardy. Hardy connects with a tornado DDT off the middle rope for a two count. Hardy signals for the Twist of Fate but Venis rams Hardy into the corner. Venis plants Hardy with a back suplex. We see Trish Stratus backstage with T&A putting over Val Venis. Hardy hits a sleeper hold slam. Hardy yanks Venis down by his hair a few times. Venis is sent hard back first into the corner and Hardy hits a snap suplex for a two count. Here comes Albert on the apron distracting the referee. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, but Test comes in and nails Hardy with a big boot. Venis goes to the top rope and hits the Money Shot for the win. (**1/4. It’s a good match, but the interference seems to be unnecessary. Venis is a more successful singles star and should have just beaten Hardy clean here. Venis has had a more intense style, so he’ll likely be turning heel soon.)

2.) Backstage, WWF Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian are talking about Abe Lincoln being their favorite wrestler. Kurt Angle comes over and says it was a great time working with them on Smackdown. Angle thinks that they should work together. Angle randomly says “I was in the Olympics” and the segment ends.

3.) Brown takes Holly off the middle rope with an electric chair slam. Brown gets a two count following a power slam and continues to hammer away on Holly. Brown chops Holly to the mat and taunts Holly. Holly kicks Brown but is met with a heel kick. Brown continues with a leg drop. Brown takes Holly down with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Brown works over Holly in the corner with stomps and taunts the crowd. Brown scoop slams Holly and goes to the apron managing to hit a springboard moonsault for a two count. Brown runs into a big boot in the corner and Holly battles back with a few clotheslines. Brown backdrops Holly over the top to the floor. Brown baseball slides Holly on the floor and taunts the crowd. The Godfather comes out and hits the Pimp Drop while the referee is counting out Holly. How he didn’t hear the slam is beyond me. Holly gets back in the ring and hits the Falcon Arrow for the win. (*1/2. Brown looked really good with his offense in the match. Holly gets the win, but he didn’t have much offense and needed help. That doesn’t really help him out.)

4.) Backstage, Kurt Angle thinks the five-second pose that Edge and Christian do are great. They show Angle some new poses and he digs them. Angle thinks that Too Cool is in trouble tonight.

5.) WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero and Chyna make their way down to the ring prior to the Radicals tag team match. They join the commentary team.

6.) Saturn and Blackman start the tag match with Saturn hammering away on Blackman. Saturn avoids a heel kick to deliver a side Russian leg sweep. Blackman dropkicks Saturn and connects with a backbreaker. Snow and Blackman double team Saturn. Snow hip tosses Saturn but Saturn gets control and tags in Malenko. Snow blocks a kick from Malenko and delivers a few strikes. Malenko kicks Snow and tags in Saturn, but Snow takes him down with a drop toe hold. Blackman tags back in and continues to work over Saturn. Saturn plants Blackman with a back suplex to counter a leapfrog. Saturn chokes Blackman over the middle rope and taunts Guerrero on commentary. Saturn elbows Blackman but runs into a clothesline. Snow tags in and kicks Saturn to the mat. Snow sends Malenko into the ropes and hits a backdrop. All four men are in the ring brawling. Blackman and Malenko are sent into each other. Malenko goes to the floor where Guerrero sends Malenko into Chyna for a clothesline. Back int he ring, Saturn gets kicked by Blackman and Snow goes to the top rope. Snow leg drops Saturn over the knee of Blackman for the win. (*1/2. Another match with interference, but it was a decent match. A rather big win for the team of Snow and Blackman, too.)

7.) Rios hammers away on Hardy against the ropes to start the match. Hardy backdrops Rios to the apron but Rios recovers and hits a nice head scissors off the top! Hardy drop toe holds Rios face first into the middle turnbuckle. Hardy drops Rios gut first over the top rope and comes off the top with a leg drop to knock Rios off the top rope. Hardy goes for a cover but Rios kicks out at two. Hardy takes Rios over with a snap suplex. Hardy misses the Whisper in the Wind. Rios goes for a cover but Hardy kicks out at two. Rios nails Hardy with a spinning heel kick. Hardy does a flip in the corner and Rios dropkicks Jeff into a tree of woe. Rios nails Hardy with a baseball slide dropkick. Rios continues to work over Jeff with stomps. Hardy is stuck upside down until Rios pulls him down and puts a sleeper hold on. Hardy stops Rios with a jaw breaker. Rios continues to work over Hardy in the corner with basic strikes. Jeff blocks a springboard cross body with a dropkick in midair. Hardy baseball slides Rios on the floor and attempted a springboard moonsault, but Rios moved. Rios takes Hardy out with a springboard moonsault of his own. Lita attempts a springboard moonsault but she hits Rios on accident as Hardy moved! Jeff goes to the top and hits the Swanton Bomb for the win. After the match, Rios isn’t happy with Lita and she walks off. (**. An enjoyable match and it looks like this could be the beginning of the end for the Rios/Lita relationship.)

8.) Backstage, Edge and Christian hints at Kurt Angle that it wouldn’t be necessary for Angle to come out for a run-in even if they are in trouble. Christian flat out tells him to help them. Angle thinks they are being sarcastic.

9.) Sexay and Edge start the match with Sexay hammering away on Edge but misses a splash in the corner. Edge misses a clothesline and Sexay attempts a back suplex. Edge misses a cross body after coming off the ropes. Sexay takes Edge over with a snap suplex and tags in Hotty. Too Cool take Edge down by his hair and connect with a double elbow drop. Hotty takes Edge over with a snap suplex for a two count. Edge eye rakes Hotty and tags in Christian. Christian takes Hotty down to the mat but Hotty gets up and shoulder blocks Christian. Hotty counters a hip toss managing to kick Christian and hit a vertical suplex. Hotty does a moonwalk and plays to the crowd. Edge knee lifts Hotty not eh apron and that allows Christian to hit a spinning heel kick. Christian hammers away on Hotty with right hands. Sexay tries to get in the ring but Hotty gets worked over in the corner as a result. Christian enters and kicks Hotty in the ribs. Hotty boots Christian in the corner to get some momentum. Edge gets the tag and so does Sexay. Sexay cleans house with right hands and a scoop slam on both champs. Edge stops Sexay but they miss a clothesline and Sexay plants them with a double DDT for a two count. Hotty and Sexay drop toe hold Christian into Edge’s groin. Hotty hits a bulldog on Christian! Hotty goes for the Worm! Hotty hits the Worm! Sexay dropkicks Christian on the floor but Edge spears Hotty in the ring! The referee is trying to break up Sexay and Christian. Sexay leg drops Edge from the top rope, but the referee isn’t in the ring. Kurt Angle runs into the ring and makes the save attacking Too Cool to cause a disqualification. After the match, Too Cool is beaten down by the trio but Rikishi runs into the ring and makes the save. Angle gets splashed by Too Cool in the corner ending with Rikishi hitting a back splash. Rikishi attempts the Stink Face, but Angle escapes. (**. A fine title match and the finish was expected since it was teased throughout the night. I like the secondary titles getting defended on Heat.)

Final Thoughts:
A solid edition of Heat with most of the matches having some entertainment, but they have to cutdown on the interference when it’s really not needed.

Thanks for reading.


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