Rebooking The WWF: Week 29, 1994

This week in the rebooking of the WWF, British Bulldog’s life is continues to be ruined thanks to Ted DiBiase. This is the go-home show before the third IYH pay per view. What will happen just six days away?

WWF RAW 7/18/1994
1. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Norton defeated Men on a Mission in 7:56 when Jarrett pinned Mo after a jumping DDT. After the match, Ric Flair entered the ring and cut a promo telling the fans that Norton and Jarrett will take out Hogan and Savage this Sunday at In Your House and that the Dynasty will be on top of the WWF.
2. Marty Jannetty defeated Eric Escobar in 2:33 following the Rocker Dropper. During the match, Bob Backlund appeared with Hunter Hearst Helmsley to watch Jannetty in action.
3. Shawn Michaels & Diesel Interview: Jim Ross interviewed WWF World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels and Diesel regarding their title match against the Headshrinkers this Sunday at In Your House. Michaels isn’t afraid of the “freaks who hit themselves in the head” because when it comes to competing in the squared circle, no one can touch them. Diesel chimes in and says that the WWF World Tag Team Championships aren’t going to go anywhere and when the titles are on the line that’s when they are at their best. “We took out the Steiner Brothers and we’ll take out the Headshrinkers this Sunday.”
4. Jerry Lawler defeated Greg Robson in 2:44 following a piledriver.
5. The British Bulldog defeated Ludvig Borga by disqualification in 5:04 when Ted DiBiase came out and attacked the Bulldog. DiBiase brought Diana into the ring while Borga held Bulldog and proposes to Diana to marry him! Bulldog is irate as this is happening right in-front of his face. Diana grins at Bulldog and says YES! DiBiase lets out an evil laugh before continuing his attack on Bulldog until officials run down.
6. John Bradshaw Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with John Bradshaw. Bradshaw talks about the bar fights he has been in and says that from what he has seen in the WWF, there isn’t anyone that he is afraid of. That comment brings out Crush, who tells Bradshaw to watch how he speaks around here because he has been dominating the WWF for a year now. Bradshaw tells Crush that he especially is intimdated by Crush. Crush chuckles and decks Bradshaw with a right hand, which leads to a brawl between the two of them until officials break them up.
7. Carlos Vega defeated Tom Wilson in 2:59 following a spinning heel kick.
8. King Yokozuna defeated Frank Thomas & Jeremy Howard in 2:11 following a Bonzai Drop on Howard.
9. Razor Ramon defeated George Scott in 2:09 following the Razors Edge
10. Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with the Mega Powers, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage regarding their match this Sunday against the Dynasty members Jeff Jarrett and Scott Norton. Hogan tells McMahon that they are ready to go to war against the Dynasty and they want to shut Jarrett up. Hogan admits that Norton is one strong man, but he fought men stronger than Norton and he will power slam Norton straight down to the mat, brother. Savage chimes in and says that he has a lot of aggression bottled up and he is going to let some out on Jarrett and Norton, but he will save all of it for SummerSlam when they take on Flair and the masked man once and for all! Hogan and Savage shake hands to end the segment.
11. Doink the Clown defeated Tim Johnson in 2:33 following the Whoopee Cushion. During the bout, a pre-tape promo from Sparky Plugg Bob Holly at home aired. Holly tells us that he is going to come back and get the last laugh on Doink.
12. Tatanka defeated Jimmy Del Ray in 4:55 following a Samoan Drop.
13. Lex Luger & Bam-Bam Bigelow Brawl: Lex Luger makes his way out for an interview, but Bam-Bam Bigelow attacks Luger from behind and sends Lex chest first into the guard railing. Bigelow is fired up and grabs a chair, and swings it at officials so they back off. Bigelow proceeds to whack Luger over the back a few times and holds the chair in the air. Bigelow is ready for In Your House to compete in singles action against Luger.
14. Scott Steiner defeated Crush in 8:16 following the Frankensteiner. After the match, Tamara came down to ringside and distracted Steiner long enough for Crush to attack Steiner. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel and Jerry Lawler come down as well to attack Steiner. Bret Hart runs out to make the save along with Bradshaw, who brawled with Crush again, to end the program.

WWF Superstars 7/23/1994
1. The Smoking Gunns defeated Eric Estrada & Hank Hansome in 3:16 when Billy pinned Estrada.
2. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Norton Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Jeff Jarrett and Scott Norton regarding their match with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage this Sunday. Jarrett says that ever since he came to the WWF he has been wanting to prove that he is great, and Ric Flair sees it in him. Tomorrow night, Jarrett and Norton are going to put Hogan and Savage out to pasture and there will not be a mega tag team match at SummerSlam. The Mega Powers will be no more. There will be a mega power outage. Norton chimes in and says that Hulkamania will die this Sunday and he can’t wait to hear the fans begging for him to stop, but he won’t. He won’t stop until Hogan and Savage are lifeless in the ring.
3. Marty Jannetty & Ron Simmons defeated the Heavenly Bodies in 8:45 when Simmons pinned Pritchard after a spine buster.
4. In Your House #2 Hype Video: A video hyping up the pay per view is aired. The matches hyped up are Scott Steiner/Jerry Lawler, Bam-Bam Bigelow/Lex Luger and the main event the Mega Powers/Jeff Jarrett & Scott Norton. In Your House #2 is LIVE this Sunday!
5. Chris Benoit defeated William Richardson in 2:55 with the Crossface.
6. WWF World Champion The Undertaker defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley by disqualification in 7:38 when King Yokozuna attacked Undertaker. Yokozuna was able to hit a leg drop and a Bonzai Drop, twice. Yoko posed with the WWF World Championship to end the show.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/24/1994
1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated Rich Sterling in 2:11 when Martel made Sterling submit to the Boston Crab.
2. Sionne defeated Damien Wolfe in 2:06 following a middle rope shoulder block.
3. the Kamikaze Kid defeated Chris Kanyon in 3:47 following a top rope moonsault.
4. IRS defeated Fred Van in 2:06 following a lariat.

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