IWA-MS We’re No Joke 4/1/2006

IWA-MS presents We’re No Joke
From: Midlothian, IL

With WrestleMania 22 taking place the next day in Chicago, IWA-MS drew a good house to showcase what they have to offer for fans.

Opening Contest: Brian Damage & Deranged vs. Team Underground (Chandler McClure & Eric Priest): Priest and Deranged start the match with Deranged punching himself and yelling a lot towards Priest. Priest tries for a shoulder block, but Deranged doesn’t budge. Priest hits a standing dropkick and backdrops Damage. Priest continues with forearms and tags in McClure. McClure delivers a swinging neckbreaker to Damage but is stopped by a knee strike on the apron by Deranged. Damage decks McClure with a right hand and Deranged delivers a stiff forearm to the face. Deranged hits a butterfly suplex for a two count. Deranged nails McClure with a running knee strike in the corner. McClure is tossed into the corner with a fallaway slam. McClure is driven down to the mat but first and is met with a double kick to the back and chest. Damage leg drops McClure, but is stopped with a drop toe hold over the middle rope. Priest delivers a strike and McClure hits a German suplex!

McClure kicks Damage and Priest tags in to clean house with strikes and sends Deranged into the corner. Deranged knee lifts Priest and plants Priest with a pump handle slam. Deranged goes to the middle rope and misses a moonsault. Damage sits McClure on the top rope, but Priest comes over and they completely mistime a spike piledriver leading to the win. (*1/2. The finish was messed up and that’s too bad because they worked a decent match and kept a fine pace to hold interest. Damage and Deranged don’t normally wrestle regular matches but seemed to do fine keeping to the basics. Priest looked the best out of the group.)

Second Contest: IWA-MS Women’s Champion Mickie Knuckles & MsChif vs. NWA Midwest Champion Daizee Haze & Vanessa Kraven in an elimination match: Knuckles and Haze start with Haze kicking Knuckles below the belt. Knuckles headbutts Haze after a forearm. MsChif tags in, but Haze escapes and tags in Kraven. MsChif forearms Kraven, but Kraven tries for a shoulder block with no luck. MsChif gets a submission on Kraven but Kraven counters with a slam for a two count. Kraven comes off the ropes to deliver a leg drop and elbow drop for a near fall. MsChif reaches the ropes to get out of an arm bar. Haze tags into the bout and clubs MsChif over the back a few times. Haze pulls back on MsChif’s arms while her knee is pressed into her back. Knuckles tries to get involved, but the referee stops her from getting involved. MsChif drops Haze on the top of her head with a swinging neckbreaker. Knuckles stops Haze from tagging out and catches Haze on a crossbody attempt. Knuckles hits a swinging slam and MsChif nearly wins a standing moonsault. Haze ducks a clothesline to hit a German suplex on MsChif and they both had their shoulders down leading to a double pin. They are both eliminated from the match.

Kraven and Knuckles trade forearm strikes in the middle of the ring. They drop to their knees and continue to trade strikes. They trade headbutts and chops with the crowd eating it up. They deliver stereo forearms and they fall backward. Knuckles tries for a German suplex, but Kraven counters and is sent over the middle rope. MsChif spits mist at Kraven allowing the shining wizard by Knuckles for the win. (*1/2. The crowd was digging the match, but the finish was lackluster as was the double pin spot to get two girls out of the match. There wasn’t much going on here and it felt like it was a little rushed.)

The only way to be eliminated in the next match is to be pinned, submitted or put through a table. The ladder will only be allowed to be used once all nine men have entered the match.

Third Contest: Trik Davis vs. Marek Brave vs. Darin Corbin vs. Jake Crist vs. Dave Crist vs. Tyler Black vs. Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Billy Roc in a TLC gauntlet match: Marek Brave and Tyler Black start off the match. They begin the match trading wrist locks and headlocks. They’ve done really nothing when the third man comes out.

Trik Davis runs into the ring as they are trading arm drags. Davis forearms Black and elbows Brave in the corner. Black decks Davis from behind to stop his momentum. Brave drops Davis over the middle rope with a drop toe hold and Brave connects with a clothesline. Black works over Davis with a chop in the corner. Davis kicks both men away in the corner and hits a missile dropkick. Davis takes them out with a suicide dive.

Billy Roc comes out next and takes everyone out with a crossbody over the top to the floor. Roc and Black brawl while Davis hits Brave with a chair on the knee. Davis slides the chair into the ring allowing Black to jab Roc several times.

Dave Crist makes his way out as the fifth entrant. Davis is put between two chairs as Black held him upside down leading to the chairs being dropkicked into his head. Dave dropkicks Roc followed by a scoop slam. Dave hits a springboard moonsault onto Dave.

Chuck Taylor comes out as Dave was put through a chair back first with a backbreaker. Roc and Taylor double team Black in the corner. Roc drops Taylor with a kick to the head. Rock hits a running crossbody onto Black, who had a chair over his chest. Brave puts a chair in front of Dave’s face, but the chair falls off. Taylor dropkicks Roc and Brave kicks a chair into Dave’s face.

Jake Crist runs into the ring and clotheslines Taylor. Crist Brothers slam Taylor to the mat and Dave hits a springboard dropkick to Taylor. Brave whacks Rave over the back with a chair.

Ricochet is the next entrant as Black drops Davis over the top rope throat first. Brave hammers away on Ricochet outside the ring. Ricochet sends Brave into the ring post face first. Roc is trying to suplex Black from the ring through a table on the floor. Black plants Roc with a package suplex for an elimination.

Darin Corbin is the final entrant. Brave almost pins black with a rollup. Taylor tosses Jake with an overhead suplex. Corbin dances in the ring for his entrance and it’s ridiculous. Corbin notices that he’s cornered and is attacked by everyone. Taylor drops Ricochet with Eat Defeat. Talyor elbows Dave in the corner and gets decked from the apron. Davis is sent into the wall. Jake almost pins Taylor with a moonsault. Black beats on Ricochet while Brave hit a crossbody onto Dave onto a ladder laid over the apron.

Taylor sets the ladder up in the corner and drags Black into the ring. Black backdrops Taylor onto the ladder for a near fall. Ricochet and Corbin are trading strikes on the floor. Dave hits a springboard moonsault off the ladder onto Black for a near fall. Black grabs Dave off the ladder on his shoulders, but Jake comes over to hit the Tower of Doom and that leads to a few near falls.

Ricochet is sent into the ladder by Jake, and Jake takes everyone out with a suicide dive to the floor. Dave takes everyone out with a somersault dive to the floor. Taylor springboards off the top to hit a somersault dive to the floor! Black backdrops Taylor off a chair onto the floor. Ricochet climbs a ladder and hits an insane double moonsault to the floor to take everyone out on the floor!

Black clotheslines Davis off of Corbin’s shoulders and Davis landed on his neck. Brave superkicks Taylor onto a table on the floor. Brave slips on the ropes and Taylor gets up onlt to be knocked back down onto the table. Brave misses a shooting star press as he landed on the top rope and crashes through the table leading to his elimination!

Jake and Dave hit a double team death valley driver/double stomp onto Ricochet and Davis hit a double stomp for fun. Jake throws a chair at Dave and Corbin kicks Taylor leading to a three count. Black whacks Corbin over the head with a steel chair. Black slams a ladder onto Corbin and follows up with a senton. Dave tries to keep Jake on the mat, but fails to do so and Black delivers a few kicks to Dave.

Jake dropkicks Dave into the corner after jumping off the middle rope. Black tries to get the envelope, but is stopped by Jake with a back suplex off the ladder. Dave smashes Black with a chair shot on the floor. Dave sets a table up on the floor and sends Black into the front row. Dave puts Jake onto the table and heads to the top rope. Dave is stopped by Davis from behind and Davis heads to the top rope. Davis takes Dave off the top with a hurricanrana onto Jake, but the table doesn’t break. Black goes to the top and puts both men through the table with a splash!

Corbin, Black and Davis are the final three men in the match. Davis gets out of a suplex and hits a Codebreaker followed by a reverse hurricanrana! Corbin tries to climb the ladder on the wrong side, but Davis meets him on the top. Davis headbutts Corbin off the ladder to the mat. Davis is alone at the top, but Chris Hero comes out and drops Davis over the top rope and tosses Davis to the floor. Hero sends Davis into the chairs in the front row. Corbin climbs the ladder and grabs the contract to win the match. (***1/2. As you’d expect there was some crazy spots going on here and the match flew by. Brave messing up pretty bad a couple of times hurt the flow of the match, but I enjoyed the match as a whole. I’m a fan of Corbin winning since he appeared to have the most charisma and comes across like a guy people will love to hate in a bigger role for IWA-MS.)

Chris Hero wishes Darin Corbin luck in his match with Arik Cannon for the IWA-MS Heavyweight Championship. Hero reminds Corbin he wouldn’t have done it without his help. Corbin shoves Hero telling him that he doesn’t need his help. Corbin tells Hero that he’s going to beat Arik Cannon.

Fourth Contest: Eddie Kingston, Larry Sweeney & Spike Dudley vs. The Iron Saints (Brandon, Sal and Vito): Kingston goes after the Saints after calling them out and is beaten up by all three men. Larry Sweeney comes out to make the save decking the Saints with right hands. Sweeney is overwhelmed and taken down to the mat. Kingston covers Sweeney to protect his friend. Spike Dudley sneaks through the crowd with a chair and whacks all three Saints with a chair over the back. Sweeney starts the match with Vito with Vito getting arm control. Sweeney counters with a headlock and arm drags Vito followed by a hip toss. Vito bails to the corner to regroup. Kingston and Sal trade slaps with Kingston staggering Sal. They trade a few chops with Kingston getting the better of that exchange. Sal hammers away on Kingston into the corner followed by strikes in the corner. Kingston fights out of the corner with right hands. Kingston is pulled into the ring post groin first and is driven knee first onto a chair.

Dudley runs over with a chair to chase the Saints off. Spike beats on Sal in the ring with several strikes and bites Sal’s forehead. Spike decks Sal with a clothesline and he’s fired up. Spike is screaming “fuck ROH” and is putting over IWA towards a fan in the crowd. Spike rams Sal in the midsection with a headbutt and connects with the Acid Drop, but Vito pulls Spike to the floor. Vito whacks Dudley over the head with a steel chair. Vito rolls Dudley into the ring and Sal gets a few more strikes in. Dudley has been busted wide open. Brandon clotheslines Dudley in the corner and Vito tags into the match. Dudley is worked over by the Saints with several strikes. Dudley is rammed into the ring post face first. Vito decks Dudley with brass knuckles and Sal does the same. Brandon splashes Spike over the middle rope. Brandon hits a clothesline in the corner and a bulldog onto the knee allowing Sal to hit a standing shooting star press.

Sal is confident as Dudley can’t standup on his own. Sal sits Dudley on the top rope and has brass knuckles again hitting Dudley on the top turnbuckle. Spike blocks a shot with the knuckles and bites Sal’s forehead. Sal drops to the mat and Dudley hits the double stomp! Dudley tags in Sweeney, and Sweeney cleans house with strikes and back elbows. Sweeney nails Brandon with a discus strike. Kingston is back on the apron hobbling around and goes after Sal. Kingston hits an overhead suplex on Brandon. Kingston tosses Sal overhead with a suplex. Vito gets caught and Kingston hits an overhead suplex. Kingston chops Sal several times in the corner. Sal kicks Kingston in the corner and delivers a back elbow. Kingston decks Sal with a clothesline. Kingston signals for the end. Vito chop blocks Kingston’s bad knee. Dudley pummels Sal with strikes. Brandon hits the SAT Bomb (powerbomb into backbreaker) on Dudley to prevent the Acid Drop on Sal and picks up the win. (**1/4. I like that the Iron Saints won the match and did so in clean fashion over Spike out of the three. Giving a heel group wins like this will only help them get more and more heat. The action wasn’t overly entertaining, but they told a fine story and it all served a purpose.)

Fifth Contest: Josh Abercrombie vs. Ruckus: Early on, neither man gets a long lasting momentum as they counter each other quickly and that leads to a standoff. Ruckus head scissors Abercrombie to the floor and comes off the ropes missing a dive and crashes to the floor. Ruckus stops Abercrombie with a strike to the face and a few forearms. Ruckus headbutts Abercrombie in the crowd and they head towards the door. Ruckus sets a table up and sends Abercrombie into the wall. Ruckus does a flip off the wall and snapmares Abercrombie before delivering a double stomp. Ruckus hits a handspring moonsault on the floor in the crowd! Ruckus tries for a cover, but Abercrombie kicks out at two. Ruckus slams Abercrombie and hits a moonsault leg drop for a near fall. Ruckus tries for a tornado DDT, but Abercrombie counters and puts Ruckus on the top rope. Abercrombie rams Ruckus back first onto the top turnbuckle and hit a slingshot double stomp followed by a moonsault. Abercrombie locks in Crossface, but doesn’t get a submission. Abercrombie drives Ruckus down with a neckbreaker for a two count.

Abercrombie keeps control with a camel clutch. Abercrombie tries for a rollup and only gets a two count. Abercrombie knee drops Ruckus and stands on him to taunt the crowd. Abercrombie forearms Ruckus into the corner and sends Ruckus into the crowd. Ruckus hits a handspring kick and a handspring elbow in the corner. Ruckus comes off the ropes to hit a scissors kick for a near fall. Abercrombie ducks a clothesline with a side suplex for a near fall. Abercrombie decks Ruckus over the back and ties him into the ropes to continue to work over his back. Abercrombie dropkicks Ruckus while in ropes leading to a near fall. Abercrombie forearms Ruckus several times, but Ruckus ducks a clothesline and hits a modified Gory Special driving Abercrombie down to the mat face first. They begin to trade forearms strikes in the middle of the ring. Ruckus hits a bridging northern lights suplex for a near fall. Ruckus double stomps Abercrombie a few times and a standing twisting moonsault for a near fall. Abercrombie hits a middle rope backstabber and hits a Phoenix Splash, but mostly hit Ruckus in the head for the win. (***1/4. The finish didn’t hit the best, but I enjoyed the match as they kept a fast pace and worked all over the arena. Abercrombie does well with his sleazy persona and seems like a guy that should have had a bigger part on the independents. Ruckus was solid tonight and hit his moves well. A fun undercard match.)

Kevin Steen cuts a promo talking about how many shows are going on this weekend and says that the match between Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon is the match that everyone wants to see. Steen notes that his match with Ian Rotten is similar to that. Steen is going to beat Rotten just like Michaels is going to beat Vince McMahon. Rotten responds by saying that Steen lives with his mom just like Michaels does. Rotten says he’s not similar to McMahon, but he’s always wanted to beat up Michaels so that’s fine with him.

Sixth Contest: Kevin Steen vs. Ian Rotten: They collide on a shoulder block and both go down to the mat where they stare at each other. Steen takes Rotten down to the mat and keeps control of the leg before switching to a headlock. Rotten palm strikes Steen, but Steen doesn’t let go of the headlock. Rotten leg sweeps Steen to the mat, but Steen kicks free from Rotten. Rotten does a handstand to kick free of a wrist lock sending Steen to the floor. Steen shows Rotten how to properly walk like Vince McMahon as there is some comedy attached to the match. Steen chops Rotten in the corner and does a mocking strut. Rotten chops Steen in the corner to send Steen running to the ropes. Steen eye rakes Rotten followed by more chops against the ropes and a mule kick to the midsection. Rotten uppercuts Steen in the corner followed by a palm strike to the face. Steen boots a charging Rotten and dropkicks Rotten to the floor. Steen takes Rotten out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor.

Steen sends Rotten into the ring post arm first and wraps his arm around the post. Rotten misses a headbutt and hits the post. Steen chokes Rotten over the ropes to keep control of the contest. Rotten forearms Steen a few times, but Steen fights back with strikes. Rotten sends Steen into the corner with a double knee strike. Rotten hits a running dropkick to a seated Steen in the corner. Steen arm drags Rotten to the mat and keeps control of Rotten. Steen hits a standing somersault leg drop for a near fall. Steen comes off the ropes to hit a flying forearm. Steen is trying to kip up and pulls it off. Steen slams Rotten and delivers a boot to the face. Steen climbs to the top rope hitting an elbow drop. Steen signals for the superkick. Rotten blocks the superkick, but Steen tries for the Package Piledriver. Rotten counters and nearly gets a rollup. Steen breaks free and elbow drops Rotten. Rotten misses a splash in the corner and is met with a superkick, but Rotten got his foot on the rope. Steen goes to the top rope again and tries for a swanton, but Rotten got his knees up. Rotten gets a rollup on Steen and wins the match. After the match, Rotten escapes Eric Priest and Chandler McClure. Priest thinks Rotten should get back in the ring to fight them like a man. Priest challenges Rotten to a match next month. Rotten says he’s going to give Priest a taste of death match wrestling on April 22nd. They give the referee a spike piledriver to show they can pull off the move correctly. (**. It could have been a lot worse considering it is Ian Rotten. It’s a bit annoying that Rotten got a pin on Steen, but there was some comedy thrown in there.)

Seventh Contest: El Generico vs. Delirious: They shake hands before the match starts. Delirious controls Generico with a headlock to start, but gets sent into the ropes. Delirious yells at Generico, but Generico gets up and puts a headlock on. Delirious thinks a shoulder block works, but Generico goes back to the headlock on the mat. Delirious counters with a headlock of his own and acts like the hold is still on, but Generico had escaped the hold. Delirious boots Generico in the midsection, but Generico takes Delirious down again. Delirious arm drags Generico a few times and Generico misses a standing moonsault to arm drag Delirious. Delirious doesn’t leap over Generico saying he’s going to trip him. Generico promises not to trip him and the comedy continues. Delirious explains to the referee what is going to happen and the referee holds Generico down, but Delirious nails Generico with a dropkick! Generico goes under the ring to avoid a dive and Delirious says that’s his spot.

Delirious avoids a baseball slide and runs after Generico on the floor until Generico runs into the ring post! Delirious delivers a vicious chop before returning to the ring for a near fall. Delirious drives Generico down to the mat with a back suplex. Delirious forearms Generico followed by a chop. Delirious delivers a few more headbutts, but is met with a heel kick and nearly pinned. Generico slams Delirious and delivers an elbow drop for a near fall. Generico chops Delirious a few times against the ropes. Generico delivers a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. Generico waits in the corner and misses a yakuza kick running into a boot. Delirious dropkicks Generico into the middle turnbuckle and hits the Panic Attack. Delirious chops Generico against the ropes to keep control and delivers a forearm. Delirious ducks a clothesline and delivers one of his own. Delirious is met with a boot to the midsection. Generico hammers away on Delirious. Delirious decks Generico with a leaping forearm. Generico sends Delirious over the top to the floor.

Generico runs the ropes and takes Delirious out with a somersault dive to the floor. Generico hits a top rope crossbody for a near fall. Delirious fights out of a hold and Generico counters a back suplex hitting a sit out spinning powerbomb for a near fall. Delirious elbows free from Generico and drops Generico with a backbreaker out of a cobra clutch position. Delirious heads to the top rope, but is stopped by Generico. Generico tries for a top rope brainbuster, but Delirious blocks it. Delirious knocks Generico to the mat and hits the Shadows Over Hell for a near fall. Generico elbows Delirious in the corner a few times to stop his momentum. Delirious ducks a kick, but Generico hits a running yakuza kick in the corner followed by an overhead suplex for a two count. Delirious drops Generico on his head after pulling his arms through his legs to earn the win. (***. There was some decent comedy in there and the action was solid, too. The crowd dug what they did here and it broke away from the other matches well. If they had just done big spots I’m not sure if would have connected as well.)

Eighth Contest: Tank vs. Toby Klein: Early on, Tank backs Klein into the corner but cleanly backs away. Tank chops Klein a few times to keep him down to the mat. Klein taunts Tank and they trade forearm strikes. Tank decks Klein to the floor with a forearm and Tank continues to chop Klein. Klein headbutts Tank several times around ringside. They continue to trade strikes and headbutts. Tank chops Klein over the back and continues with a series of headbutts. Tank keeps control in the ring with a kick to the midsection for a near fall. Tank knee strikes Klein in the corner and hits a baseball slide dropkick to Klein in a tree of woe. Klein fights back with a series of strikes. Tank forearms Klein and they both go down. They continue to trade strikes around ringside with Klein getting the better of the exchange. Tank headbutts Klein again. Tank grabs a chair from a fan and gets knocked off the apron. Klein dives over the top onto Tank. Klein headbutts Tank several times. Tank misses a chair shot in the corner. Klein destroys Tank with a chair shot over the head. Klein sets a chair up in the corner in front of Tank and jumps off the top to hit a Coast to Coast dropkick into the chair. Tank has been busted wide open, but kicks out on the cover. Klein clotheslines Tank, but he doesn’t go down. Klein hits a Samoan Drop, but just barely. Klein leaps off the top to hit a twisting splash for the three count. (*1/4. I was bored by this because of the constant strikes and relying on the stiff exchanges. These two are death match wrestlers and they didn’t work that style, so it wasn’t interesting or entertaining.) After the match, they show respect for each other.

Ninth Contest: Low Ki vs. Necro Butcher: Ki enters the ring from behind and attacks Butcher and the fans toss in a bunch of streamers. Butcher forearms Ki a few times, but Ki responds with chops. Ki nails Butcher with a jumping kick to the head. Ki continues to beat on Butcher in the corner, but Butcher counters with a chop. They are trading chops in the corner. Butcher kicks Ki a few times in the midsection, but Ki drops Butcher and delivers several strikes. Ki eye gouges Butcher and they head to the floor. Ki delivers several kicks to the chest. Ki sends Butcher into the ring post and delivers a few more kicks to the chest. Ki beats on Butcher with a spinning back fist a somersault kick to stagger Butcher into the crowd. Ki dropkicks Butcher out of a chair in the crowd. Butcher sends Ki into some chairs in the crowd to get the advantage. Butcher headbutts Ki and rolls Ki into the ring. Ki tries for a suplex, but knee strikes Butcher. Ki dropkicks Butcher off the apron to the floor. Ki drops Butcher with a kick to the head.

Ki tries for a cover, but Butcher kicks out two. Ki continues his offense with more kicks to the upper back. Butcher delivers an uppercut, but Ki connects with another kick to the head for a near fall. Ki continues to work over Butcher with chops in the corner and rips Butcher’s shirt off. Ki drops Butcher with an overhand chop and gets a two count. Ki knee lifts Butcher a few times and drives Butcher down to the mat gut first. Ki continues with stiff kicks to the face and slides a table into the ring. Ki chops Butcher in the corner and delivers a few kicks. Butcher stops Ki with a boot in the corner after avoiding the table. Butcher tries for a powerbomb, but Ki fights out to hit a double stomp. Ki has the cover, but Butcher kicks out at two. Ki kicks Butcher again in the chest and tries for a springboard, but is met with a right hand in midair. Butcher punches Ki through the ropes to the floor. Butcher tosses a chair at Ki on the floor several times. Butcher hits a chair assisted scoop slam on the floor.

They return to the ring to continue the match and Butcher gets a two count. Butcher hooks Ki for a Tiger Bomb, but Ki is blocking the move. Butcher forearms Ki a few times and tries again, but Ki breaks free with stomps to the feet. Ki chops Butcher and is met with a side slam for a two count. Butcher tries for a powerbomb, but Ki counters and gets a dragon sleeper locked in. Butcher reaches the ropes to break the hold. Ki will not let go and finally does. Ki comes off the top to double stomp Butcher over the middle rope! Ki has the cover and manages a two count. Ki tries to sit Butcher on the top turnbuckle, but Butcher elbows free. Butcher delivers a knee to the midsection and hits a Tiger Bomb for a near fall. Ki goes to the apron and Butcher follows to deliver a few kicks. Butcher has Ki on his shoulders and sits Ki on the top turnbuckle. Butcher chops Ki and climbs to the top rope. Butcher looks to do a Tiger Bomb off the middle rope, but Ki blocks it. Butcher looks for a piledriver, but Ki holds onto the ropes. Ki elbows Butcher a few times and a headbutt. Ki lays Butcher on the table in the tree of woe to hit a double stomp through the table! Ki goes for the cover, but Butcher kicks out! Ki drags Butcher towards the middle of the ring and locks in the dragon sleeper! Ki rolls over and has a body scissors on Butcher. Butcher passes out and Ki wins the match! (****1/2. Well, that may be one of the best IWA-MS matches to ever happen. That was incredible. They worked with some stiff shots and the crowd went apeshit for pretty much everything. I love the finish of Butcher passing out because he refused to submit. They could probably run this again and have great success. A really enjoyable match and a great match to have in front of a huge crowd for Mania weekend.)

Main Event: Chris Hero vs. Milano Collection AT: Milano gets out of a full nelson in the corner. Milano gets out of a test of strength and keeps a top wrist lock for a moment. Hero rolls through, but Milano keeps wrist control. Hero arm drags Milano and keeps control by kneeling onto Milano’s arm. Hero bounces out of a side headlock, but Milano goes back to the hold. Hero controls Milano with a head scissors on the mat. Milano keeps a leg lock on Hero, but Hero reaches the ropes. Milano takes Hero down with a rollup for a two count. Hero hooks Milano in a full nelson. Hero takes Milano down to the mat and keeps a chin lock on Milano. Milano breaks free of the headlock and gets an STF on Hero, but doesn’t get a submission. Hero forearms Milano, but Milano avoids a back suplex to arm drag Hero several times. Hero avoids an arm drag and taunts the crowd. Milano takes Hero over with an arm drag anyway. Hero is on the apron and Milano ties Hero up in the ropes. Milano runs the ropes and dropkicks Hero to the floor. Hero runs the ropes and misses a dive to the floor. Hero landed on his feet but he might have jammed his leg.

Hero slowly rolls back into the ring and is talking to the referee. The referee is signaling for someone to come out from backstage. Milano checks on Hero. Hero is helped by the doctor and Milano. Hero was faking it and takes Milano down with a side suplex. Hero taunts the crowd by jumping around, but nobody really bought it. Hero continues to chop Milano in the corner. Milano fights back with chops, but an eye rake stops him. Hero gouges Milano’s eyes. Hero slams Milano and hits a senton splash for a two count. Hero tosses Milano through the ropes to the floor. Hero taunts Milano and jabs Milano in the chest. Hero hooks Milano for a suplex on the apron, but Milano blocks it. Milano kicks Hero over the middle rope and drops Hero chest first over the ropes. Milano hits a running dropkick on Hero, who was still hunched over the middle rope. Milano comes off the top and is met with a dropkick in midair. Hero slams Milano hitting a rolling splash for a near fall. Hero continues with several strikes to keep Milano on the mat and chokes him for a few moments.

Hero headbutts Milano a few times as they kneel on the mat. Hero keeps a neck vice on Milano, but Milano quickly gets to his feet and fights back with strikes and a kick to the gut. Hero stops Milano and decks him with a strike to the midsection. Hero delivers a gut buster for a near fall. Hero works over Milano with chops in the corner. Milano begins to no sell the chops and is fired up. Milano wants more from Hero and ducks a yakuza kick. Milano delivers a step up kick to the head. Milano chops Hero against the ropes and Milano hits a leaping forearm smash. Milano comes off the ropes to hit a back senton. Milano heads to the top rope hitting a crossbody for a near fall. Milano chops Hero against the ropes, but Hero counters with a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes for a two count. Hero slaps Milano a few times, but Milano responds with slaps of his own. Milano kicks Hero to avoid a matrix and locks in a submission where Hero is rolled up into a ball and wrenches on his legs, but Hero reaches the ropes. Hero goes for a Death Valley Driver, but the referee gets knocked down.

Milano locks in a modified triangle choke and Hero audibly says he gives up, but there’s no referee to hear it. Milano checks on the referee and Hero delivers a low blow. Hero wakes the referee up and goes for the cover managing a two count. Hero is pissed with the referee and demands a three count. The referee shoves Hero into a superkick by Milano. Milano hits a springboard twisting senton and locks in the AT Lock. Hero is in the middle of the ring, but is fighting towards the ropes. Hero tries for the ropes, but breaks free and delivers a forearm strike. Milano comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Hero kicks Milano on the jaw followed by a powerbomb. Hero locks in a Boston Crab with his knee on Milano’d upper back. Hero switches to a normal Boston Crab and that forces Milano to submit in the middle of the ring. (***1/4. It’s a good match and I think other people will enjoy this more than I do because Hero in this era of IWA-MS doesn’t normally connect with me. I like that Hero won the match clean because he’s clearly getting some major steam as a heel in the company. The crowd loves to hate Hero and that helped the match. A fine way to close the show, but nothing was going to match Ki/Necro.)

The crowd quickly leaves the venue likely to attend other shows, but it was hilarious how quickly they emptied out.

Final Thoughts:
One of the strongest IWA-MS shows I’ve reviewed. A hot crowd and some good wrestling to go along with a stellar Ki/Butcher match. Highly recommend.

Thanks for reading.

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