WWF Heat 2/3/2002

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Norfolk, VA

1.) The Godfather defeated Funaki
2.) Lance Storm defeated The Hurricane
3.) Val Venis defeated Perry Saturn
4.) Big Bossman defeated Crash Holly
5.) WWF Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri defeated Scotty 2 Hotty to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Funaki seems to want to hangout with the hoes instead of wrestling Godfather. Funaki breaks the pimp card and is met with a shoulder block by Godfather. Godfather chokes Funaki over the top rope before sending Funaki backwards to the mat. Godfather scoop slams Funaki and comes off the ropes to deliver a spinning leg drop. Funaki eye rakes Godfather and stomps away on Godfather. Godfather stops Funaki with a short arm clothesline. Godfather signals for a splash in the corner and hits it. Godfather finishes Funaki off with the Pimp Drop (Samoan Drop) for the win. (*. The Godfather character has zero steam attached to it and was likely killed off from the RTC character change. This was mostly just an extended squash that nobody cared about.)

2.) Hurricane takes Storm to the mat with a fireman’s carry in the opening moment of the match. Hurricane sends Storm through the ropes to the floor. Storm tries for a back suplex, but Hurricane hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Hurricane ducks a clothesline and almost wins with a rollup. Storm takes Hurricane over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Storm rams Hurricane into the turnbuckle face first. Storm decks Hurricane with a clothesline coming out of the corner for a two count. Hurricane fights back with right hands and head scissors Storm to the floor. Hurricane hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor! Storm shoulder rams Hurricane from the apron and misses a sunset flip. Hurricane hits a middle rope blockbuster for a near fall. Storm stops Hurricane with a jawbreaker and blocks a superkick to hit his own superkick for the win. (*1/2. The majority of the match went to Hurricane and he did a fine job showcasing his offense to hold interest. Storm going over is the right call, though. Storm has a lot to offer WWF and it’s surprising that he’s not been a more focal point considering his success in ECW and WCW.)

3.) Before his match, Val Venis brings a woman from the crowd into the ring and says he doesn’t want to know her name so she’s not attached. Venis allows her to remove his towel and she clutches the towel. Venis proceeds to make out with her similar to what Rick Rude would do in the 80s.

4.) Saturn starts off with a knee lift and several strikes in the corner followed by stomps. Saturn chokes Venis in the corner. Venis decks Saturn with a few clotheslines out of the corner and right hands. Venis forearms Saturn to the mat and a knee drop for a two count. Saturn sends Venis chest first into the corner and connects with a leg sweep. Saturn pummels Venis with right hands on the mat. Saturn delivers a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Saturn kicks Venis to the mat and taunts the fans. Venis runs into a boot, but dropkicks Saturn on the knee. Saturn misses a kick and Venis drives Saturn’s knee to the mat. Venis comes off the ropes to deliver a chop block. Venis tries for a knee breaker, but Saturn breaks free to hit a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Venis drop toe holds Saturn and wrenches on his knee. Venis locks in an Indian death lock forcing Saturn to submit. (*1/2. It’s a little bizarre for Venis to win with a submission hold as it was a flat finish. It’s a shame that Saturn doesn’t get a bigger role as he’s a lot of fun to watch and has a unique look. Venis is similar to Godfather for me and is a character that doesn’t have much substance behind it at this point.)

5.) The crowd makes it known how they feel about Bossman with a “Bossman sucks” chant to start. Crash uses his speed to avoid Bossman in the corner and follows up with a few strikes. Bossman knee lifts Crash in the midsection followed by right hands. Crash boots Bossman in the corner and clubs Bossman over the back. Crash taunts Bossman by grabbing Bossman from behind. Bossman decks Crash while Crash was playing to the crowd. Bossman delivers a big boot and sends Crash into the corner back first. Bossman slides to the floor to punch Crash on the apron. Bossman throat thrusts Crash into the corner and steps on his chest. Bossman chokes Crash on the mat to keep control of the contest. Bossman sits down onto Crash for a near fall. Crash counters with a rollup for a two count. Crash forearms Bossman a few times, but runs into the Bossman Slam and that’s good for the three. (*. An extended squash for Bossman, but I truly doubt there will be any sort of push for Bossman in a singles role. Crash is mostly just a body on the roster and there’s no heat attached to the character.)

6.) Tajiri takes Hotty over with a suplex to start the match, but Hotty drives Tajiri down to the mat butt first. Hotty comes off the ropes with a dropkick followed by elbow drops for a two count. Tajiri delivers a few kicks and a dropkick to a seated Hotty. Tajiri hits a standing moonsault a dropkick to Hotty’s back. Tajiri backs Hotty against the ropes and they begin to trade strikes. Tajiri kicks Hotty in the corner, but Hotty hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Tajiri misses a clotheslines and tries for a handspring, but Hotty blocks it. They drop following a double clothesline. Tajiri kicks Hotty from the apron and misses a moonsault. Hotty misses a bulldog attempt, but counters a tarantula attempt. Tajiri counters a tilt a whirl attempt with a rollup to win the match. (*1/2. A quick main event to finish the show this week, but I’m glad there was a clean finish and there wasn’t any crap involved. Scotty didn’t come across as a viable contender and thus it was more of a filler main event.)

Final Thoughts:
There’s nothing standout on the show as there was not a lot of interesting matchups this week. Heat needs to have some star power to justify watching it. I’d say this was a skippable show.

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