Rebooking The WWF: SummerSlam 1994

World Wrestling Federation presents Summer Slam
From: Chicago, IL
Arena: United Center
Attendance: 23,000
Commentators: Jim Ross & Bobby Heenan

SummerSlam 1994 kicks off with a video promoting the multiple main event quality matches. The video highlights the road to redemption for Bret Hart as he takes on Lex Luger in a submission match, which is a rematch from SummerSlam last year when Lex Luger won the WWF World Championship. The video continues by promoting the Mega Powers vs. Dynasty bout. Will we find out who the masked wrestler is tonight in Chicago? Lastly, tonight the Undertaker takes on the biggest challenger he has ever faced before, King Yokozuna with the WWF World Championship on the line. It’s going to be night filled with hot action… it’s time for SUMMERSLAM!

Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan welcome everyone to the biggest event of the summer! Ross quickly promotes the show and mentions the Dynasty vs. Mega Powers match. Heenan obviously sides with his friend Ric Flair saying that tonight Hulkamania will be done once and for all and his buddy Randy Savage will be sent packing too, it’s going to be a great night! They continue with promoting Hart vs. Luger which Heenan says will see Hart fail at his redemption quest and he will tap out in the middle of the ring like the baby he truly is. “Bret Hart lacks on thing that Lex Luger has and that’s an actual heart, the will to win!” They lastly promote the main event with Heenan commentating that Yokozuna is going to Bonzai Drop The Undertaker through the ring and a new champion will be crowned! But, first, Jim Ross sends us to the ring for the WWF Intercontinental Championship to kick off the pay per view!

Opening Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel vs. Scott Steiner: Tamara tried to distract Steiner in the opening moments, but Scott avoided Martel from behind and opened the match with a flurry of offense that included a tilt a whirl slam for a near fall. Steiner followed up with a double under hook suplex but Martel bailed to the floor. Martel got control when he dropped Scott throat first across the top from the apron and focused his attack on the lower back of Steiner. Martel delivered several back breakers but Steiner just wouldn’t stay down. Late in the match, Martel attempted the Boston Crab, but Steiner used his leg strength to send Martel into the corner chest first. Steiner sent Martel into the ropes and hit the Frankensteiner to win the title! (Scott Steiner over Rick Martel, ***, 11:05)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is with Dynasty members Jeff Jarrett and Scott Norton. Jarrett takes the lead of the promo saying that Perfect’s triumph return will be wasted as Scott Norton is too strong and great like the Dynasty to lose to a guy like Mr. Perfect. Jarrett promises a clean sweep for the Dynasty tonight!

Second Contest: Scott Norton vs. Mr. Perfect: Norton used his size and strength early on to pummel Perfect in the corner. However, Perfect fought back by ducking under a clothesline and dropkicking Norton. Perfect managed to take Norton down with a neck breaker and nearly won after a middle rope knee drop. Late in the match, Perfect went for the Perfect Plex, but Norton powered out of it and drove Perfect down to the canvas with a shoulder breaker. Perfect got up holding his shoulder and was met with a middle rope body strike from Norton, which was good enough for the win. (Scott Norton over Mr. Perfect, 7:33, *1/2)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is with Ron Simmons and Marty Jannetty. Jannetty realizes that they are an odd pairing to be teamed together but they have the same goal of getting revenge on Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Bob Backlund. Simmons says tonight it’s about getting respect and he knows tonight everyone will respect Ron Simmons.

Third Contest: Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Bob Backlund vs. Ron Simmons & Marty Jannetty:
Hunter and Marty worked the majority of the match with both men putting forth a great effort. Hunter nearly won with a spinning spine buster but Jannetty wouldn’t go away as he hit a tornado DDT and missile dropkick. Hunter planted Jannetty with a DDT and tagged in Backlund who figured he would be able to pick up the pieces. Jannetty proved otherwise by hitting a head scissors and made his way to the corner. Marty tagged in Simmons who was anxious to enter the match. Simmons waited for Backlund to get up, but instead he speared Jannetty into the corner and hit a thunderous inverted front power slam! Simmons blew snot on Jannetty and left the ring while Hunter was left confused as to what happened. Hunter would tag in, hit the Pedigree and pin Jannetty. (Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Bob Backlund over Marty Jannetty & Ron Simmons, 6:07, **)

A video promoting the street fight between Razor Ramon and Carlos Vega is aired. Their feud has been going on for several months now and tonight it’s settled without any restrictions. Viewer discretion is advised.

Backstage, Todd Pettengill tries to get a word with Simmons, but Ron has no interest and shoves Pettengill to the ground telling him to get out of his way. Simmons leaves the arena with Todd shocked on the floor.

Fourth Contest: Razor Ramon vs. Carlos Vega in a Street Fight: Ramon leaves the ring and tackles Vega on the aisle way and pummels his former leader. Ramon sends Carlos back first into the corner and drops Vega face first across the ring steps. Ramon grabs a steel chair but gets the chair kicked back into his face and Vega shoves Ramon shoulder first into the ring post. They enter the ring where Vega nearly won after a spin kick in the corner. Vega grabbed a chain from his boot and used that to maintain control over Ramon by choking and whipping the Bad Guy. Vega used the chain to clothesline Ramon across the throat and nearly got a three count for doing so. Vega brought a trash can into the mix but Razor used it against Carlos by hitting a fall away slam onto the trash can. Ramon nearly won after a middle rope back suplex. Late in the match, Vega attempted a piledriver on a chair, but Razor got out of the move and hit a discus clothesline. Razor quickly set up and hit the Razors Edge onto the trash can to win the battle. (Razor Ramon over Carlos Vega, 12:58, ***) After the match, Ramon played to the crowd while Vega was heard on the aisle way saying that he wasn’t through with Ramon.

A video promoting the last several weeks involving the British Bulldog and Ted DiBiase is aired. The video highlights on the recent marriage episode of RAW which saw DiBiase reveal it was all a ruse to breakup the relationship with Bulldog and Diana.

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is with Ted DiBiase who is full of smilies and says that for the past year he has been creating havoc over the Hart Family and he has loved every minute of it. Tonight, he finishes off his plan by embarrassing the British Bulldog in front of everyone in Chicago and the millions watching on pay per view.

Backstage, the British Bulldog is seen walking towards the curtain when Diana Smith comes over and tries to pled her case to Bulldog, but he simply ignores and it’s clear she has been an emotional wreck as of late.

Fifth Contest: Ted DiBiase vs. The British Bulldog: Bulldog runs over DiBiase several times with clotheslines and follows up with a military press slam. DiBiase tries to fight back with chops but Bulldog doesn’t even pudge. Bulldog sends DiBiase into the ropes and hit a snap power slam for a near fall. IRS ran down to try and get involved but Bulldog knocked him off the apron. DiBiase kneed Bulldog from behind and briefly had control with a neck breaker and a series of falling fist drops. Ted attempted a middle rope backward elbow drop, but Bulldog moved out of the way. Bulldog put DiBiase over his shoulder and hit a big running power slam, but proceeded to hit the move two more times. Bulldog covered and beat DiBiase in a dominating fashion. (The British Bulldog over Ted DiBiase, 6:14, *1/2)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill chats with the Smoking Gunns regarding their upcoming tag team title match. Bart says that for months now they have been under the radar and tonight is their chance to make a splash in the WWF and be recognized as one of the best teams in the world. Billy chimes in and says that they are going to give it their all and they won’t settle for anything less than WWF championship gold around their waist!

Sixth Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. The Smoking Gunns: Shawn and Bart started the match with Bart overpowering Michaels and hitting various slams and a couple of dropkicks. Bart also delivered an impressive delayed vertical suplex. Bart missed a splash in the corner and Michaels hit a side suplex before tagging in Diesel. Diesel enters and runs over Bart with a huge big boot and followed up with a side slam. Bart ducks enter a clothesline and chop blocked Diesel’s knee to allow Billy to tag in and hit a top rope cross body for a near fall. Billy jabbed Diesel several times in the corner and attempted a splash but was caught and promptly dropped face first across the top turnbuckle. Diesel tagged Michaels back in and Shawn hit a top rope elbow drop but played to the fans before going for a cover, which allowed Billy to kick out at two. Michaels attempted a super kick, but Billy avoided it and hit a leaping leg drop bulldog! Billy slowly crawled over and tagged in Bart as Diesel was tagged back in as well. Bart overwhelmed Diesel with a series of strikes and hit an impressive snap power slam for a near fall. Bart worked over Diesel in the corner and Michaels snuck in a tag. Diesel attempted a big boot on Bart, but missed and was crotched over the top rope. Billy came off the top rope and clotheslined Diesel to the floor! Michaels attempted a back suplex, but Bart landed on his feet and delivered an atomic drop while Billy went up top. Bart grabbed a stunned Michaels for a side slam and Billy hit a leg drop from the top! Bart covers and pins Michaels to win the tag titles! (The Smoking Gunns over Shawn Michaels & Diesel, 15:29, ***1/2) After the match, Diesel gets to his feet and flips out about the loss while Michaels asks where he was. They head to the back while the Gunns celebrate the win.

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is with Bob Holly. Holly talks about the near career-ending crash he had due to Doink the Clown being in a disguise to cut the brakes on his car. Holly doesn’t think anything about it was funny and is going to turn that smile upside down. Holly finishes off saying that tonight he will snap Doink in half.

Seventh Contest: Doink the Clown vs. Bob Holly: Doink had control for most of the contest as it was evident that Holly was not at 100%. Holly tried his best to get revenge on Doink for his horrific actions, and nearly won after a top rope cross body. However, Doink was able to hit a German duplex and followed up with the Whoopee Cushion from the top to get the three count. (Doink the Clown defeated Bob Holly, 6:08, **)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill interviews Lex Luger. Luger is relaxed and tells Pettengill that Bret has never beaten him and has never come close to doing so. Luger sees this as a minor detour to him regaining the WWF World Championship. Luger suggests that it will be a quick and painless night.

Eighth Contest: Lex Luger vs. Bret Hart in a Submission Match: Luger and Hart open the match hammering away on each other with Hart getting the better of the change. Hart sends Lex to the floor with a clothesline and followed where he rammed Luger into the apron back first a few times. Back in the ring, Hart followed up with a hooking clothesline and stomped away on Luger’s face. Lex fought back with a series of forearms and a snap power slam. Luger continued his offense with a vertical suplex and a running clothesline to the back of Bret’s head. Lex attempted a middle rope superplex but Hart shoved Luger off and hit a middle rope bulldog! Bret tried for the Sharpshooter but Luger kicked Hart away and Bret went shoulder first into the ring post. Luger grabbed a hurting Bret and delivered a shoulder breaker to the injured shoulder. Lex continued to drive knees onto the shoulder but Hart wouldn’t give up. Luger attempted the Torture Rack, but Hart slid out of the hold and quickly hit a back breaker. Bret comes off the middle rope to hit a forearm drop and drags Luger to the middle of the ring where he locks in the Sharpshooter. Luger tries to reach the ropes, but is forced to submit. Bret Harts road to redemption is complete. (Bret Hart over Lex Luger, 14:42, ***)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill interviews the recently returned Jim Cornette, who is managing Yokozuna due to the recent disappearance of Johnny Polo. Cornette says that tonight the mighty Yokozuna will add more gold to his attire as the WWF World Championship will finally be in his camp and he couldn’t be more excited about it.

Ninth Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow vs. Jerry Lawler: Prior to the match, Lawler made fun on Bigelow and his head covered in flames. Lawler didn’t understand how people could cheer for a guy like Bigelow but boo royalty. Lawler claimed he was going to piledrive Bigelow on the concrete floor. Lawler handed the microphone off in the corner and Bigelow decided to splash King chest first into the corner. Bam-Bam slammed Lawler down to the mat and quickly hit a diving head butt from the top for the win and to embarrass Lawler on PPV yet again. (Bam-Bam Bigelow over Jerry Lawler, 1:19, *)

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is with Paul Bearer to talk about the main event. Bearer tells Pettengill that the Undertaker isn’t afraid of any man and tonight he will take care of King Yokozuna, Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette to retain the WWF World Championship.

A video promoting the Mega Powers vs. Dynasty match is shown.

Tenth Contest: Mega Powers vs. Ric Flair & The Masked Man: Savage and the Masked Man start the match with Savage jabbing the masked man in the corner several times until an eye rake stops that. The masked man works over Savage with forearm strikes and knee lifts in the corner. Savage is taken down with a gut wrench slam, which gets a near fall. Masked man scoop slams Savage and delivers a knee drop and tags in Flair after backing Randy into a the corner. Flair takes over with a series of chops and strikes, but Savage fights out with a series of strikes and soon backdrops Flair before following up with a clothesline. Savage tags in Hogan and Flair backs way to the corner as the fans are chanting for the Hulkster. They lockup and Hogan shoves Flair to the ground, but actually goes after Flair instead of playing to the fans. Hogan hammers away on Flair in the corner and hip tosses the Nature Boy out of the corner. Savage came back into the match but was worked over by the heels for quite sometime. The masked man nearly pinned Savage following a spine buster. Late in the match, Savage fought back and had the elbow drop lined up but Flair crotched Macho Man on the top. Hogan tagged in and knocked Flair off the apron. Hogan hit a big boot and the leg drop on the masked man to win the match. (Mega Powers over The Dynasty, 13:47, **1/2) After the match, Hogan plays to the crowd and goes to rip off the mask, but Flair comes back into the ring. Savage sends Flair back over the top and we see Scott Norton and Jeff Jarrett coming down, but Savage grabs a chair and keeps them on the floor. Hogan bites the forehead of the masked man and rips the mask off to reveal that the masked man has been… Arn Anderson! Hogan and Savage are stunned as the Dynasty pull Anderson out of the ring. Mega Powers celebrate with the mask in hand to end the segment.

Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan promote the main event and they also announce the third In Your House pay per view taking place on September 25th from Providence, Rhode Island!

Main Event: WWF World Champion The Undertaker vs. King Yokozuna: Yokozuna works over Taker with a series of strikes in the corner and hit a belly to belly suplex. Yokozuna comes off the ropes and attempted a leg drop, but Taker rolled out of the way and fought back with a series of strikes. Taker tries a few clotheslines to knock Yokozuna off his feet but fails at doing so until the third attempt. Taker followed up with an arm twist and walked the ropes before jumping off across Yoko’s shoulder for a near fall. Yoko stops the champ with a throat thrust and hit a running back splash in the corner. Taker is sent to the floor where Cornette gets a few shots in on the champ before Taker rolls back into the ring. Yoko kept a slow pace with a nerve hold, but Taker fought back and hit a leaping clothesline. Taker went to the top and hit another leaping clothesline for a near fall. Late in the match, Yokozuna attempted the Bonzai Drop but Taker got up and slammed Yokozuna off the middle rope. Taker signaled for a choke slam and hit the move! Taker covered and picked up the win over King Yokozuna! (The Undertaker over King Yokozuna, 8:20, *1/2) After the match, Jim Cornette tried to hit Taker with his tennis racket but Taker blocked it and hit a tombstone piledriver on Cornette. Taker is handed the WWF World Championship and poses with Paul Bearer to end the pay per view.

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