NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #82 2/18/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #82
From: Nashville, TN

Scott Hudson is on commentary with Don West talking about how Mike Tenay was among the men fired from the promotion last week. Don West says that they are having meetings regarding the new director of authority.

Opening Contest: Jimmy Rave, Roderick Strong, Shark Boy & Jason Cross vs. NWA X-Division Champion Chris Sabin, Jerry Lynn, Sonjay Dutt & Elix Skipper: Cross and Skipper start the contest. Cross dropkicks Skipper on the knee and delivers a flipping Un-Prettier followed by a somersault leg drop for a two count. Skipper takes Cross down to the mat followed by a clothesline. Lynn tags into the match and kicks Cross in the ribs. Lynn shoulder blocks Cross and is selling his left arm. Boy tags in and delivers an elbow strike to Lynn’s arm. Boy bites Lynn’s ass after avoiding a leapfrog. Lynn bites the referee allowing Boy to deliver an arm breaker for a near fall. Rave tags into the match, but Lynn delivers a clothesline. Sabin tags into the match and takes Rave over with a hurricanrana. Rave stops Sabin with a backbreaker and a side Russian leg sweep. Rave gets a rollup on Sabin for a two count. Sabin drops Rave with a swinging backbreaker and tags in Dutt. Dutt hits an assisted moonsault with Sabin on Rave for a near fall. Strong enters the match and is met with a head scissors by Dutt.

Dutt kicks Strong from the apron, but Strong stops Dutt with a backbreaker for a near fall. Dutt tries for an arm drag, but Strong counters. They trade a few rollups leading to a standoff. Lynn and Cross tag into the match trading right hands. Dutt and Strong get involved as Strong kicks Lynn to the floor and Dutt sends Cross to the floor. Dutt and Strong hit stereo dives to the floor. Sabin missile dropkicks Rave. Boy stops Sabin in the corner to hit the Dead Sea Drop. Skipper plants Boy with a slam. Strong plants Skipper with a neckbreaker, but Dutt nearly wins with a top rope hurricanrana on Strong. Rave nails Dutt with a shining wizard. Sabin hits a somersault dive to the floor, but the camera misses it. Lynn plants Rave with a TKO. Cross spikes Lynn with a brainbuster for a near fall. Lynn counters a suplex and tries for a cradle piledriver, but Cross breaks free to clothesline Lynn. Cross goes to the top and is crotched by Lynn. Lynn takes Cross off the ropes to hit the cradle piledriver for the win. (**. It’s cool to see various indie guys get a shot on the PPV, but the crowd just didn’t care about this. Lynn’s team lost last week to the AAA team, so I’m thinking the fans aren’t invested in them because they failed to win the tournament. The action was solid, but it’s the same formula multi-man match format I’ve seen countless times.)

NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett arrives with his men smashing his guitar over Lynn’s head. Jarrett cuts a promo saying that if Lynn didn’t get the job done he’d be fired. Jarrett reveals they are dropping Lynn from TNA. Jarrett announces that Elix Skipper is the new captain for the team. Jarrett talks about the director of authority. Jarrett says that he’s the only boss. Jarrett brings up Chris Harris for being the spokesperson two weeks ago. Jarrett is going to give Harris an opportunity tonight to lead by example. Jarrett says there’s nobody that can beat him or outsmart him. Jarrett is giving Harris a chance tonight, but it’s not for the title. Instead, Harris will have to earn his title shot.

A video package promoting the 3LK vs. Shane Douglas and Michael Shane feud is shown. Douglas cost them the tag titles by hitting BG with a chain. 3LK are going to get their revenge.

Backstage, Terry Taylor interviews Shane Douglas, Michael Shane and Traci Brooks. Douglas gets annoyed by Taylor’s line of questioning. Douglas says that every family has rifts and they are no different. Douglas says people know what he’s capable of doing. Douglas says it’s time for Shane to prove the critics wrong. Douglas says that Michael Shane is going to the ring by himself. Shane chimes in and says that Ron Killings is going to have his ass franchised. Chris Harris storms into the scene and grabs the microphone. Harris accepts the challenge tonight. Harris says tonight is about pride and he’s going to prove that he’s the better man.

Second Contest: Ron Killings vs. Michael Shane: Shane attacks Killings from behind and rams Killings into the corner. Killings pulls himself to the top rope and missile dropkicks Shane. Killings hip tosses Shane and plays to the crowd. Killings ducks a clothesline to heel kicks Shane for a near fall. Killings plants Shane with a powerslam. Shane dropkicks Killings on the knee to maintain control of the contest. Shane drives Killings knee down to the mat. Shane splashes down onto Killings knee to maintain control of the match. Traci Brooks gets involved while the referee is distracted, but BG James scares her off. Killings fights back with right hands, but his knee gives out. Shane locks in a figure four in the middle of the ring. Killings rolls over and counters the hold leading to Shane reaching the ropes. They begin to trade right hands in the middle of the ring with Killings hitting a backdrop. Killings connects with a forearm smash and a scissors kick. We see Shane Douglas attacking Konnan at the Spanish announce table causing BG James to leave ringside. Killings is distracted by this and Shane almost wins with a rollup. Killings hits a vertical suplex stunner. Traci is caught coming off the top rope and is powerbombed by Killings. Shane drop toe holds Killings onto Traci’s cast and delivers a superkick for the win. (*1/2. The crowd was dead for this aside from Traci getting powerbombed. I’m fine with Shane getting a win as he’s a good talent and a heel singles push outside of the X-Division would be welcomed.) After the match, Shane Douglas celebrate the win.

Backstage, Kid Kash talks to the Red Shirt Security saying they better take out El Leon and Dustin Rhodes. Kevin Northcutt promises to dispose Kash tonight, too. Glen Gilbertti says that the other week was a fluke and a street fight is his speciality. David Young doesn’t want to do the match with the clowns. Kash decides he’ll team with Gilbertti. Gilbertti reveals he’ll tell the world who signed the loyalty contract.

Third Contest: El Leon & Dustin Rhodes vs. Kevin Northcutt & Joe Legend: Legend and Rhodes start off trading right hands. Rhodes connects with a leaping clothesline and decks Northcutt on the apron. Leon tags into the match and Legend stops Leon with forearms. Northcutt tags in and works over Leon in the corner with chops. Leon plants Northcutt with a powerslam for a near fall. Legend avoids Leon in the corner, but is met with a kick and clothesline for a two count. Rhodes tags into the match and kicks Legend in the ribs. Rhodes atomic drops Legend followed by a right hand. Rhodes punches Northcutt and tosses Legend over the top to the floor. Leon sends Legend and Northcutt into each other on the floor. Rhodes hammers away on Legend before nailing Northcutt with a strike, but Legend kicks Rhodes from behind. Rhodes is stopped by Legend with an overhead suplex for a two count. Northcutt hits a middle rope elbow drop for a near fall on Rhodes. Legend tags into the contest and hammers away on Rhodes. Legend puts a front face lock on Rhodes, but Rhodes breaks free with a backdrop. However, the referee was distracted. Northcutt drops Rhodes with an elbow strike.

Rhodes nearly wins with a backslide, but Legend caused a distraction. Northcutt drops Rhodes with a clothesline and a sit out spinebuster. Legend leaps off the top to leg drop Rhodes for a near fall. Rhodes tries to fight back, but Legend keeps control with right hands. Rhodes takes Legend over with a snap suplex. Rhodes avoids a dropkick and almost pins Northcutt with a rollup. Rhodes slams Northcutt causing both men to be laid out. Leon and Legend are tagged in with Leon cleaning house with clotheslines. Leon backdrops Legend and clotheslines Northcutt. Leon plants Northcutt with a spinebuster. Leon superkicks Northcutt for a two count. All four men are in the ring as Rhodes sends Legend to the floor. Leon spears Legend and Northcutt sends Rhodes into the ring post. Leon is held by Northcutt on the apron, but Legend hits Northcutt. Leon delivers a slam to Legend and wins the match. (*. This was not good. The crowd is completely dead for what is being presented to them.) After the match, the Naturals slide into the ring and attack Leon and Rhodes. Douglas throws powder into Rhodes face and Stevens stomps on Rhodes. Leon returns with a chair and misses two chair shots to chase the Naturals out of the ring.

Backstage, Terry Taylor is with the Gathering. James Mitchell says that Raven has been in hiding for the past five weeks and doubts that he’ll be back tonight. Mitchell promises to give Raven a lesson in ultraviolence tonight. Julio Dinero chimes in and says they will take Raven out tonight and Funk’s career is going down the tubes. CM Punk has been waiting five weeks to get his hands on Raven. Tonight, he’s going to choke out Raven .

Backstage, Kid Kash is arguing with the Red Shirt Security until Jeff Jarrett breaks a guitar over Legend’s head. Jarrett tells Northcutt he has a decision to make.

In the ring, Johnny Fairplay is introduced for a segment. Johnny talks about promising to deliver Chyna, but that didn’t happen. Apparently, Chyna backed out of the deal according to Scott Hudson. Johnny insults Chyna by saying that she wanted a framed picture of Triple H and that her Adams apple is bigger than Triple H’s nose. Johnny promises to sue Chyna. He’s also going to sue Simon Diamond, Brian Urlacher and AJ Styles. AJ Styles music plays to cut off Fairplay. Styles says he’d break Johnny’s neck at another time. Styles notes that he’s wrestling Abyss tonight. Styles scares Fairplay to the floor. Styles attacks Johnny on the floor, but Abyss attacks from behind to lead into the match.

Fourth Contest: Abyss vs. AJ Styles: Abyss hammers away on Styles around ringside to start the contest. Abyss jabs Styles with a plant on the shoulder. Abyss sends Styles face first into the ring steps. Styles fights back with strikes, but Abyss tosses Styles back first into the railing. Abyss continues to work over Styles in the ring with strikes against the ropes. Styles avoids Abyss looking for a sunset flip, but fails. Styles heel kicks Abyss followed by a standing dropkick. Styles takes Abyss over with a hurricanrana. Styles clotheslines Abyss over the top to the floor and hit a crossbody to the floor. Styles tries for a cover, but Abyss powers Styles to the apron. Abyss counters a tornado DDT by dropping Styles gut first to the mat. Abyss sits on the top turnbuckle and lifts Styles up with a choke before dropping Styles to the mat. Abyss goes under the ring to grab a table. Abyss sets the table on the floor as Styles struggles to his feet. Abyss attempts a chokeslam to the floor, but Styles breaks free. Abyss tries to powerbomb Styles, but Styles counters with a kick to the head. Styles clotheslines Abyss a few times followed by a dropkick and a sloppy springboard reverse DDT.

Abyss elbows Styles in the corner and is kicked on the middle rope by Styles. Styles takes Abyss off the top turnbuckle with a hurricanrana for a near fall. Styles slides a table into the ring. Styles counters a chokeslam with a rollup for a two count. Styles clotheslines Abyss in the corner. Styles punches Abyss onto the table. Styles goes to the apron and the top rope, but Abyss crotches Styles. Abyss tries for a superplex off the top, but Styles counters and tries to powerbomb Abyss. However, Jeff Jarrett runs into the ring and low blows Styles causing a disqualification. Jarrett rams Styles into the corner a few times and hits the Stroke. Abyss slams Styles onto the table, but it doesn’t break. Abyss leaps off the middle rope and the table barely breaks. Chris Harris runs into the ring to chase Jarrett and Abyss off. (**1/2. A solid match between these two, as expected. It felt like it was never out of first gear and they held back on the action. The finish makes that quite clear as I’m sure this will lead to a tables match between Styles and Abyss.)

Backstage, Terry Taylor is with Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger. Diamond says that he’s going to get the clipboard and find out who signed because Diamond didn’t sign it. Swinger assures Diamond that he didn’t sign the contract.

Fifth Contest: Insane Clown Posse vs. Glen Gilbertti & Kid Kash in a street fight: All four men are brawling around ringside to start the match. Posse control the match early on by slamming Kash on the floor and Gilbertti being sent into the guard railing. Kash sends Dope into the railing while J plants Gilbertti with an arm breaker. Gilbertti elbows J in the corner followed by a clothesline. Kash smashes Dope with a chair shot. J connects with a Death Valley Driver for a two count on Gilbertti as Kash breaks the cover. Kashj kicks Dope off the apron and leg drops J. Gilbertti delivers a side Russian leg sweep to J and assists Kash on a standing moonsault. J fights back with strikes to both Kash and Gilbertti. J is met with a spear and clothesline by Kash and Gilbertti. Dope hits a missile dropkick off the top rope. Posse hit a Hart Attack for a near fall. Posse drive Kash down with a double brainbuster. J heads to the top rope hitting a moonsault onto Kash. Dope goes to the top rope and misses a leg drop as Gilbertti shoved J to the floor. David Young gives Kash a chair, but Dope kicks the chair into Kash’s face. 2 Tuff Tony is brawling with Young at ringside. Dope tries for a sunset flip and the referee shoves Kash to prevent Kash from holding on. That allows Dope to get a rollup and wins the match. (1/2*. That was hardly a street fight and they did quite a bit to give the Posse a win while protecting Kash and Gilbertti. I’m not a fan of this kind of stuff especially if the Posse aren’t going to be around on a regular basis.) After the match, the referee is attacked as Young delivers a spinebuster. Kash chops the referee a few times. Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger make the save. Diamond has the clipboard. Diamond looks at the clipboard and looks at Swinger. Swinger attacks Diamond to reveal that he did sign the loyalty contract. Diamond is tripled teamed and Kash hits Diamond with the clipboard. Black Shirt Security run into the ring to make the save.

Backstage, Terry Taylor is with Goldylocks. Taylor asks what Goldy why she did what she did to Erik Watts. Goldy says she tried to make it work with Watts. Goldy knows what all the men are about. Mike Tenay enters the scene and walks off with Taylor leaving Goldy confused mid interview.

Sixth Contest: Julio Dinero & CM Punk vs. Raven & Terry Funk: Dinero nails Funk with a chair shot to start the match and Raven clotheslines Punk. Raven superkicks Dinero and drives Punk into the corner. Raven is wearing jean shorts and not a skirt anymore. Funk is busted wide open. Raven clotheslines Dinero over the top to the floor. Raven pulls on Punk’s arm as Punk is trapped in the ropes. Dinero stomps on Raven to help his partner. Punk forearms Raven several times. Dinero delivers a leaping forearm smash. Raven is superkicked through the ropes to the floor. Punk rolls a bloodied Funk back into the ring to maintain control of the contest. Punk decks Funk off the apron to the floor. Dinero is hammering away on Raven on the floor, as well. Punk is slapping a bloody Funk in the corner and is taunting him. Funk fights back with a stunner on Punk and drops Dinero after several strikes. Funk puts a spinning toe hold on Dinero, but Punk shoves Funk down nearly giving Dinero the win with an inside cradle. Punk drives Funk down with a backbreaker.

Dinero plants Funk with a fisherman suplex. Dinero tries for a senton splash off the top rope but Funk got his knees up. Funk staggers to his corner and tags in Raven. Raven jabs Punk several times followed by a clothesline to both Punk and Dinero. Raven knee lifts Dinero gets his snot rag. Raven puts the rag into Punk’s face. Raven splashes Punk and clotheslines Dinero while hitting a bulldog on Punk. Raven and Punk go to the floor after a clothesline by Raven. Funk hits a stunner on Dinero and takes Dinero down with a rolling cradle leading to a near fall as Punk broke the cover. Raven kicks Punk to the floor and plants Dinero with a DDT for the clean win. After the match, Punk attacks Raven as James Mitchell comes to the ring with something in his hand. Mitchell has a stun gun. Raven is held but Funk steps in the way and takes the stun gun shot. (*1/2. The match isn’t entertaining as it was slow and plodding. I’m not a fan of Raven going back to his jean short look. I thought the skirt look was a better fit for this era Raven. I hope he changes back.)

Backstage, Terry Taylor is with Scott D’Amore who announces that TNA will make America’s X-Cup will be a regular event. D’Amore cuts a promo on Team NWA for losing the X-Cup. D’Amore says that Canadians are better wrestlers. On March 10th, AAA will be wrestling Teddy Hart and his team in the America’s X-Cup. Why is it still America’s X-Cup when neither team is American? D’Amore cut a heel promo on Americans calling them chokers, too.

Backstage, Raven cuts a promo about being home for five weeks. At home, Raven thought about what had become of him. Raven looked a drawer and took out the Raven gear he hadn’t seen in years. That Raven was barbaric and didn’t care about anyone including himself. Raven thanks James Mitchell for making him not forget what brought him to the dance. Raven is going to take care of Dinero and Punk and then go after Jarrett. Next week, Raven thought of a partner for a tag match. Raven is bringing in Sabu.

Main Event: NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Harris in a non-title match: Harris comes off the ropes to shoulder block Jarrett, but Jarrett arm drags Harris and taunts the crowd. Jarrett trips Harris and slaps the back of his head. Harris waits for Jarrett coming off the middle rope, but Jarrett eye rakes Harris. Harris recovers to hit a delayed vertical suplex. Harris atomic drops Jarrett and nearly wins with a rollup. Harris gets a rollup out of the corner for a two count. Harris atomic drops Jarrett and clotheslines the champ to the floor. Harris takes Jarrett out with a slingshot crossbody on the floor. Harris drops Jarrett over the railing chest first. Harris rams Jarrett face first onto the steps, but Jarrett sends Harris into the railing. Harris sends Jarrett into the post shoulder first. Harris slams Jarrett face first onto the announcers table. Harris punches Jarrett several times on the announcers table. Jarrett slams Harris face first onto the table and whacks Harris over the back with a steel chair.

Jarrett jabs Harris in the ribs with the chair. Jarrett leg sweeps Harris and locks in a figure four. Harris rolls over and Jarrett quickly lets go. Jarrett puts a sleeper on Harris until Harris hit a back suplex. Harris blocks strikes to punch Jarrett a few times. Harris hits a leaping clothesline and a full nelson slam for a near fall. Harris plants Jarrett with a bulldog off the ropes for a near fall. Harris tries for a springboard crossbody, but takes out the referee on accident. Jarrett delivers the Stroke, but there’s no referee. Kid Kash runs down to wake up the referee. Harris manages to kick out at two. Harris ducks a championship shot and spears Jarrett for a two count. Jarrett drives Harris down with a knee breaker. Harris kicks Jarrett away and delivers a tilt a whirl powerslam for a two count. Harris misses a top rope crossbody. Jarrett tries for the Stroke, but Harris counters and plants Jarrett with the Catatonic, but Kash gets on the apron to stop the referee from counting. Kash is threatening to fire the referee if he counts the three. Harris decks Kash off the apron and goes to the top rope. Harris hits the leg drop and Kash continues to threaten the referee. Jarrett has the championship and decks Harris with it. Jarrett prevents the referee from ringing the bell. Jarrett covers Harris and wins the match. (*1/2. So, basically Chris Harris won the match a couple of times, but the referee was afraid to lose his job and thus didn’t count the fall. Which, would make sense if there wasn’t a new director of authority to be revealed who would likely give him his job back. The angle got a reaction from the crowd, but it really doesn’t make a lot of sense.)

Jeff Jarrett gets on a microphone and says that things are going to be done his way. Mike Tenay makes his way out to the aisle and says that Jarrett embarrassed him last week by firing him and preventing him from making a living. Tenay tells Jarrett he’s wrong and that there is a new director of authority. Tenay reveals he was rehired by the new director of authority. Tenay says the new director is going to turn the company around. Tenay introduces the new director of authority as being… Vince Russo. Jarrett drops to his knees in shock.

Final Thoughts:
I didn’t enjoy the episode this week. The crowd was dead aside from the Insane Clown Posse appearance. I’m thinking the Posse are hindering the program in a negative manner. Russo returning as an on-air talent in a face role is going to be bizarre. He’s an excellent heel with a microphone, but I’m not sure how a face Russo is going to work in TNA. I’m intrigued to see how that plays out.

Thanks for reading.

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