Rebooking The WWF: Week 36, 1994

WWF RAW was pre-emptied this week. RAW returns on September 12th.

WWF Superstars 9/10/1994
1. Arn Anderson defeated Bob Wade in 2:33 following a spine buster.
2. Arn Anderson Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Arn Anderson following his victory. Anderson talks about SummerSlam and how he was revealed as being the masked man, but he doesn’t care about not being under the mask anymore. He would prefer for Hogan and Savage to see the man that is going to help rid them of the WWF and end their careers. Anderson is focused on Randy Savage and issues a challenge to the Macho Man for In Your House on September 25th.
3. The British Bulldog defeated Paul Anderson in 2:10 following a running power slam. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Bulldog featured him talking about retiring Ted DiBiase and his goal of winning the WWF World Championship.
4. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Chris Jones in 2:45 following the Pedigree.
5. Razor Ramon Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Razor Ramon regarding his feud with Carlos Vega. Ramon has a strap with him, similar to one that Vega used on him last week on Superstars. Ramon says that while he won at SummerSlam, the issue with Vega is over because Vega is still a thorn in his side. Razor tells McMahon that if Vega wants to use a strap, then they are going to make it legal at In Your House on September 25th because he wants Carlos Vega in a strap match! “Carlos, you and the Bad Guy tied at the wrist with nowhere to run. You want more of this? You’ve got it.”
6. Ron Simmons defeated Mike Williams in 1:34 following a spear. During the match, Marty Jannetty cut a promo saying that Simmons is going to regret turning on him.
7. John Bradshaw defeated Ludvig Borga in 8:15 following a lariat. After the match, Crush came down to ringside but backed away saying “not right now.” It’s clear that the issue between Crush and Bradshaw isn’t over with.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 9/11/1994
1. Tatanka defeated Barry Horowitz in 2:05 following a Samoan Drop. It was evident that Tatanka had a much more aggressive attitude.
2. The Kamikaze Kid defeated Greg Wallace in 2:50 following a top rope moonsault.
3. The Headshrinkers defeated Mark Starr & Mike Miller in 2:33 when Fatu pinned Miller after a splash off the top.
4. Diesel defeated Seth Garrett in 2:33 following a power bomb.

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