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WWF Heat 3/17/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Toronto, Ontario

1.) Rikishi, Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Test, Lance Storm & Mr. Perfect

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tonight is WrestleMania X8, thus Heat will largely be a hype show for a lead into the PPV.

2.) Lilian Garcia interviewed WWF Hardcore Champion Maven. Garcia talks about the wild year that Maven has had. He’s defending against Goldust tonight and it has been an unbelievable year. Maven has to be smart regarding the 24/7 rule and keep his eyes open.

3.) Storm and Albert start the match with Storm attacking from behind. Albert is met with boots in the corner and press slams Storm for a two count as Test breaks the cover. Hotty tags in and is decked by Perfect. Storm heel kicks Hotty before tagging in Test. Test works over Hotty in the corner with several strikes. Jacqueline is getting in Test’s face. Test clotheslines Hotty in the corner and holds Hotty for Storm to deliver a kick. Hotty fires back with right hands, but a knee lift stops him. Storm slams Hotty but misses an elbow drop off the middle rope. Perfect and Rikishi tag in with Rikishi hammering away on Perfect followed by a Samoan Drop. Rikishi savant kicks Perfect to the floor. Storm superkicks Rikishi, but Hotty hits a bulldog followed by the Worm. Test hits the big boot, but Albert plants Test with the Baldo Bomb. Perfect sends Albert to the floor. Rikishi splashes Perfect in the corner and goes for the Stink Face, which he does, but Perfect got his towel on his face. Rikishi superkicks Perfect and hits the Bonzai Drop for the win. (*1/2. They did as much as they could with the limited time. The crowd was deflated with the victory as I think they were more invested in Perfect’s team. This was a fine warmup match for Mania, though.) After the match, Jacqueline dances with the winners.

Final Thoughts:
A fine hype show for the big event.

Thanks for reading.

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