Rebooking The WWF: Week 37, 1994

WWF RAW 9/12/1994
1. The Kamikaze Kid defeated Steve King in 2:03 following a top rope moonsault
2. Crush defeated Bob Holly in 5:17 following the Kona Vice. After the match, Crush is interviewed regarding an upcoming title match against The Undertaker this weekend at Madison Square Garden. Crush tells Jim Ross that in five days he will be the champion and that the Undertaker will be rolled out of Garden and never seen again. Crush also tells us that he hasn’t finished his beef with John Bradshaw.
3. Mr. Perfect Interview: Jim Ross interviewed Mr. Perfect in the ring regarding his loss at SummerSlam to Scott Norton and where does he go now. Perfect tells Ross that he had high expectations since his return but he isn’t going to allow the loss to Scott Norton bother him. Perfect still believes that he is one of the best wrestlers today and Norton was just the better man on that night. As Perfect continues to talk, Hunter Hearst Helmsley comes down and cuts off the interview. Helmsley tells Perfect that he needs to wake up and realize that his career in professional wrestling is over with. Hunter believes it is time for guys like himself to be seen as the top players in the WWF. Hunter gently slaps Perfect on the cheek and tells him that it had been a good run and he needs to step aside. Perfect acts like he is going to leave the ring but proceeds to tackle Helmsley and delivers several right hands. Security runs into the ring and breaks up the fight as Perfect is yelling at Hunter that he will show him personally in the ring.
4. Carlos Vega defeated John Walker in 2:44 following a spinning heel kick. After the match, Vega whipped Walker with a strap until Razor Ramon ran down to the ring and ran Vega from the ring.
5. The Quebecers defeated Frank Thomas & Scott Taylor in 3:12 when Pierre pinned Taylor. During the match, pre-tape comments from the Quebecers saw them promise championship victory on 9/25 when they meet the Smoking Gunns for the WWF World Tag Team Championships
6. Rick Steiner Interview: Over the weekend, Jim Ross talked with Rick Steiner who is recovering from knee injury. Ross asks how Rick is doing and Rick says that he is just a few weeks away from returning since suffering the injury in April and looks forward to coming back. Ross turns his attention to Scott Steiner and asks Rick if he was surprised about his brother winning the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Rick puts his brother over and says that Scott is incredibly talented and knew he would achieve great things, just like he can too. Ross talks about how Scott has catapulted into singles competition and looks to be on the rise even further. Rick is starting to get annoyed with the questioning and knows that his brother is talented. Ross thinks that Scott could be champion for a long time and Rick agrees but says that the Steiner Brothers tag team is a priority and that the WWF World Tag Team Championships will be theirs again.
7. The Undertaker & Paul Bearer Interview: Todd Pettengill interviews the WWF World Champion the Undertaker and Paul Bearer regarding next weeks In Your House pay per view. Paul Bearer says that at SummerSlam Yokozuna was able to escape with his life and the ability to breath but now with the disqualification being waived, King Yokozuna will be put out to pasture once and for all. Undertaker chimes in and says that with no rules, he can use whatever he needs to end the career of Yokozuna and that’s what will happen at In Your House. “King Yokozuna, you will rest in peace.”
8. Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Carter in 2:58 following a super kick. After the match, Michaels was interviewed and told Jim Ross that he and Diesel are still a unit but his focus is back to singles gold. Shawn stated that he already has been the Intercontinental Champion and is setting his sights on the WWF World Championship.
9. Ron Simmons Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Ron Simmons regarding his recent actions. Simmons tells McMahon that when he signed with the WWF he was all patriotic and was fighting the good fight against guys like Yokozuna. Then, he got continually screwed over against Rick Martel because he believes the WWF management didn’t want an African American champion. Now, he was stuck tagging with a wannabe rocker. He is a former All-American and should be challenging for championships instead of wrestling a guy in near 50s on pay per view. Simmons singles McMahon out and tells Vince that whether he likes it or not he will hold championship gold and next Sunday he will beat some sense into Marty Jannetty.
10. King Yokozuna defeated Jim Neidhart in 2:14 following the Bonzai Drop.
11. Men on a Mission defeated Victor Worley & Matt Williams in 2:02 when Mabel pinned Victor after a splash.
12. The Dynasty Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with The Dynasty. Ric Flair is fired up as himself and Arn Anderson lost to the Mega Powers at SummerSlam. Flair tells Ross that he is obsessed with sending Hogan back to Hollywood and out of professional wrestling and the Dynasty will reign supreme in this feud. Flair tells Ross that himself, Anderson, Norton and Jarrett are a dominate force and they will destroy Hogan and Savage. Anderson chimes in and says that he will break the back of the Macho Man on September 25th and that will leave Hogan all by himself. Flair tells Ross that their loss at SummerSlam was just a hump in the road and that the Dynasty is stronger than ever and more focused. The WWF will not get rid of the Dynasty as their reign of terror has only just begun!
13. Doink the Clown defeated Chris Kanyon in 3:45 following the Whoopee Cushion. After the match, Doink cut a promo saying he will formally introduce his new friend from last week next week on RAW.
14. WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner defeated Rick Martel in a best two out of three falls match 2-0 in 19:33. Steiner won the first fall following a tilt a whirl back breaker and the second fall after the Frankensteiner. After the match, Tamara and Rick Martel sulked to the backstage area while Steiner celebrated his win until Bam-Bam Bigelow came from behind and attacked Steiner. Bigelow whacked Steiner over the head with the championship and also delivered a top rope diving head butt before standing over the fallen champion.

WWF Superstars 9/17/1994
1. Jerry Lawler defeated Jason Cera in 2:09 following a piledriver.
2. Tatanka defeated Greg Olsen in 2:43 following a Samoan Drop
3. The British Bulldog defeated Tim York in 2:15 following a running power slam.
4. Carlos Vega defeated Owen Hart in 7:11 following a spinning heel kick.

WWF Madison Square Garden
From: New York, NY
Attendance: 17,000
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Bobby Heenan

Opening Contest: Razor Ramon defeated Rick Martel in 10:05 following the Razors Edge

Second Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow by disqualification in 9:08 when Bigelow used a steel chair hitting Steiner over the back.

Third Contest: Scott Norton defeated Jim Neidhart in 4:05 following a shoulder breaker

Fourth Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions The Smoking Gunns defeated The Quebecers in 10:46 when Bart pinned Pierre following the Sidewinder.

Fifth Contest: Carlos Vega defeated Tatanka in 6:14 following a spinning heel kick. After the match, Vega was ran off by Razor Ramon with a strap.

Sixth Contest: Bret Hart wrestled Jeff Jarrett to a no contest in 11:54 when Scott Norton, Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart ran into the ring and had a brawl. Bret was able to put the sharpshooter on Jarrett after the heels were sent out of the ring.

Main Event: WWF World Champion The Undertaker defeated Crush in 7:29 following a tombstone piledriver to retain the title

WWF Wrestling Challenge 9/18/1994
1. Ludvig Borga defeated Mike Bell in 2:40 following a shoulder breaker.
2. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Todd Champion in 2:08 following a Pedigree.
3. John Bradshaw defeated Mike Sharpe in 2:52 following a lariat.
4. Ron Simmons defeated Sionne in 6:10 following a spine buster

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