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WWF Superstars 11/11/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Regina, Saskatchewan

1.) Owen Hart defeated Angel DeGuera
2.) Rad Radford defeated Barry Horowitz
3.) Isaac Yankem DDS defeated Dave Dalton
4.) WWF Tag Team Champions Smoking Gunns defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Earlier in the day, Rad Radford was doing push-ups with Bertha Faye on his back to prepare for the upcoming match against Barry Horowitz.

2.) Radford decides to do some push-ups and Horowitz responds with some of his own. Horowitz shoves Radford into the ropes and delivers a shoulder block followed by a hip toss. Horowitz keeps arm control on the mat, but Radford fights back with several chops. Horowitz fakes a crossbody and instead hits a middle rope Thez Press followed by a dropkick to send Radford to the floor. Skip and Sunny have come down to ringside to support Radford. Radford drinks some water and jumping jacks before getting on the apron. Horowitz slingshots Radford back into the ring and delivers a rolling neck snap for a two count. Radford misses a splash in the corner and Horowitz delivers several right hands in the corner. Rad stops Horowitz by dropping Barry face first over the top turnbuckle as the show goes to commercial.

Radford has kept control on Horowitz with several stomps on the mat. Radford nails Horowitz with a clothesline managing a two count. Radford chokes Horowitz on the mat before hitting a snap suplex for a two count. Jim Ross notes that Waylon Mercy has retired from the WWF. Radford dropkicks Horowitz for a two count. Radford continues with a gut wrench suplex for a near fall. Horowitz elbows out of a sleeper, but Radford keeps control. Horowitz delivers several strikes in the corner. Rad hammers away on Horowitz, but Horowitz comes back with a right hand and a knee lift. Horowitz backdrops Radford followed by another high knee strike. Horowitz leg drops Radford for a two count. Radford begs off from Horowitz, but Horowitz hits a suplex for a two count. Skip is on the apron as Horowitz had a rollup. Skip squirts water into Horowitz’s eyes allowing Radford to get the win. (**. Imagine booking a match where you feel the need to protect Barry Horowitz. The match is alright and I’m glad that Radford won, but a clean win would have been better for him. Radford showcased some actual wrestling skill, as did Horowitz.)

3.) Backstage, WWF Tag Team Champions Smoking Gunns say it will be a pleasure to beat Ramon and Kid again tonight.

4.) The Undertaker cut a pre-tape promo towards Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS saying he will become a statistic.

5.) Jim Ross is in the ring to interview Jim Cornette, British Bulldog, Ted DiBiase and Psycho Sid. Ross explains the Wild Card match taking place next Sunday. Cornette dismisses Ahmed Johnson slamming Yokozuna claiming that Yoko slipped. Bulldog is not afraid of Johnson. Bulldog promises to drop anyone that gets in his way at the PPV. DiBiase says that Sid was his from the very beginning. DiBiase notes that Sid almost ended Michaels career on two occasions. Sid says the wild card match is the match that’s perfect for them. Cornette is likely going to be preparing Owen and Yoko for the same match. DiBiase has already thought of that happening. DiBiase says he’s not a man to be crossed and asks what will Cornette do if Bulldog were to be eliminated. Cornette doesn’t want DiBiase to think there are any reasons to not trust him. Cornette thinks that Gorilla Monsoon wants them to fight and they have to stay together. DiBiase warns Cornette to not cross them and Cornette says he wouldn’t dream of doing that.

6.) Bart and Kid kickoff the tag team main event with Bart shoving Kid to the mat. Bart backs Kid into a corner and is slapped by Kid. Bart shoulder blocks Kid and avoids a spinning heel kick. Bart press slams Kid to the mat and they have a standoff. Ramon tags into the match as does Billy. Ramon hip tosses Billy and delivers a right hand after avoiding a hip toss attempt. Billy gains control with a right hand until Ramon hits a fallaway slam for a two count. Ramon delivers a few short arm shoulder blocks but misses a clothesline. Billy sunset flips Ramon, but Bart had tagged in and plants Ramon with a bulldog for a near fall. Billy tags back into the match and delivers a leg drop to Ramon’s arm. Bart tags back in and keeps control with a strike to Ramon’s midsection. Ramon fires back with a few right hands and tries for a backdrop, but Bart counters by driving Ramon face first to the mat. Thew show goes to commercial following a pin attempt.

Ramon and Billy are laid out due to double facebuster. Kid gets the tag and cleans house with kicks to the champs. Gunns hit a back suplex/neckbreaker combo for a two count as Ramon breaks the cover. Bart scoop slams Kid followed by a backbreaker. Ramon breaks another cover as the Gunns drove Kid down to the mat. Bart tags into the match and knee lifts Kid to maintain control of the contest. Gunns hit a double slam on Kid and Bart manages a two count because Ramon breaks the cover. Ramon and Billy trade right hands causing the referee to call for the bell. (*1/2. Well, that was an incredibly lame finish to the match. Ramon broke the cover three times and that caused the disqualification. The action was okay for the most part, but a disappointing finish.) After the match, Ramon checks on Kid and helps him up. Kid brushes Ramon off and leaves the ring on his own.

7.) Backstage, 1-2-3 Kid is throwing a tantrum while talking to Ramon and slams the door when he sees the camera.

Final Thoughts:
At least one of the featured matches delivered some decent action. I liked the promo with the heels promoting the Wild Card match at Survivor Series to continue to make Superstars a relevant show for angles.

Thanks for reading.


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