WWF Heat 1/24/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 1/24/1999
From: Anaheim, CA

1.) Scorpio & Bob Holly defeated Too Much (Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor)
2.) WWF World Champion Mankind defeated Mabel by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) A truck shows up to the arena and a guy tries to stop Austin, but then notices it’s Austin and allows him through. Austin does a burnout in the parking lot before driving off.

2.) Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe make their way down to the ring to cut a promo. Vince would like there to be a little bit a respect from the fans. McMahon says that Mankind will not have any excuses tonight in his match with the Rock. Mankind will have a tuneup match on Heat. McMahon doesn’t reveal the opponent for Mankind before heading backstage.

3.) Outside the arena, a large masked man steps out of a limo and walks into the arena with Patterson and Briscoe.

4.) There’s a figure in the crowd that the announcers can’t seemingly tell who it is, though.

5.) Taylor and Christopher attack Holly and Scorpio before the bell. Holly is sent to the floor, but Scorpio hits a double clothesline after avoiding a backdrop. Scorpio powerbombs Taylor, but gets knocked off the top by Christopher. Scorpio is crotched on the top rope and Too Much hit a double superplex. Taylor gets sent to the floor on accident by Christopher. Scorpio spin kicks Christopher. Holly works over Christopher but runs into a boot in the corner. Christopher clotheslines Holly to the mat and Taylor enters to deliver a few strikes. Holly clotheslines Taylor and tags in Scorpio. Scorpio hits a twisting splash on Taylor and knees Christopher into the corner. Taylor tags in Christopher, who hits a missile dropkick off the top rope. Scorpio hits a nice wheelbarrow kick and Holly tags in to clean house with strikes. Holly connects with a standing dropkick. Holly hits a Falcon Arrow on Christopher and that’s good enough for a three count at Scorpio took out Taylor. After the match, the Acolytes and Mideon storm the ring and attack the wrestlers. Acolytes destroy the guys with power moves. Christopher is drilled with a lariat before rolling to the floor. (**. I enjoyed the contest and both teams could provide some entertaining matches moving forward. Holly and Scorpio are an interesting combo and work well together while Too Much may be an underrated heel duo.)

6.) The Undertaker’s music hits and makes his way down to the ring to join his followers. Taker says the lambs will be lead to the slaughter. Undertaker will be choosing his next victim and it will be made clear. Taker tells the 30 men to worry about accepting him as their savior.

7.) Backstage, Mankind is pacing around and tells Shane McMahon that he will not be quitting tonight. Mankind says that tonight Rock will be screaming “I Quit, I Quit, I Quitttt!”

8.) WWF Women’s Champion Sable makes her way down to the ring to be interviewed regarding her strap match with Luna Vachon on the pay per view. Michael Cole is there to chat with the champion. Sable knows that Luna deserves a shot, but Luna has made this personal. Luna just needed to ask for a shot instead of attacking her. Luna enters the ring and attacks Sable by hitting a backbreaker. Luna focuses her attack on Sable’s lower back to leave the champion laying.

9.) Backstage, Sable is getting checked on by an EMT and complaining of pain in the lower back area.

10.) Vince McMahon makes his way down to the ring and says that Steve Austin isn’t returning to the arena. Austin is seen in the parking lot with a monster truck and he drives over four wrecked cars in the parking lot. Austin exits the truck and struts his way towards the arena. McMahon slaps Austin and runs from the ring. Austin destroys Patterson and Briscoe as McMahon hurried up the aisle way. Austin isn’t chasing after McMahon and points at his watch. Austin will meet McMahon in the Royal Rumble match.

11.) The Rock has arrived to the arena with a guy bringing his bag into the arena. Rock tosses a dollar at the guy before walking off.

12.) The fans for sure know who Mankind is wrestling and you can tell it’s Mabel by his eyes. Mabel still has a mask on as he shoves Mankind into the corner. Mankind delivers a few strikes and rams Mabel face first into the corner followed by more right hands. Mankind hits a running knee strike. Mabel clotheslines Mankind followed by a few strikes and a running shoulder block. Mankind punches Mabel on the floor and rams Mabel into the ring steps face first a few times. Mabel splashes Mankind in the corner. Mabel clotheslines Mankind to the mat a Shane McMahon enjoys this. Mabel chokes Mankind over the middle rope. Mankind bites Mabel’s forehead in the corner to break free. Mabel kicks Mankind to avoid a backdrop attempt. Mabel chokes Mankind over the middle rope to keep control of the contest. Mankind ducks a clothesline to plant Mabel with a double arm DDT. Mankind grabs Mr. Socko and shoves the sock down Mabel’s throat. The mask is lifted up and it’s indeed Mabel. The Rock runs into the ring and plants Mankind with a Rock Bottom. Mabel comes off the ropes to splash Mankind. Rock tells Mankind that he will be the next WWF World Champion. Rock and Shane kick Mankind to the floor.

13.) Backstage, Vince McMahon is posing in front of a mirror and having oil applied to him by Pat Patterson to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
I’d say that was a strong lead in for Royal Rumble. They hyped up some feuds and did a few things to get the crowd pumped for Austin/McMahon showdown later in the night. A good episode of Heat here.

Thanks for reading.