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WWF Heat 1/17/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 1/17/1999
From: Beaumont, TX

1.) Tiger Ali Singh defeated WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg in a non-title
2.) Scorpio defeated Mark Henry
3.) Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett defeated Edge & Gangrel
4.) The Godfather defeated Goldust
5.) Chyna defeated Vince McMahon in an arm wrestling match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon makes his way down to the ring with The Corporation by his side. McMahon is out here to apologize and the fans aren’t really wanting to hear about it. McMahon admits he made a mistake and has attempted to apologize for it. McMahon knows the person he is going to introduce right now will accept his apology. The Rock is introduced and greeted with boos. McMahon apologizes for making Kane vs. Mankind for the WWF World Championship on RAW. Rock insults Kane by calling him retarded and a goof. Big Bossman will be making sure Mankind will serve hard time. Ken Shamrock has a week off to train, but Billy Gunn will have to wrestle Test on RAW. Vince mentions Chyna and says that anything can happen in the WWF as Chyna won the 30th entrant for the Royal Rumble. Vince says he could have taken liberties with Chyna, but didn’t do that. Shane McMahon enters the ring to talk to his father. Vince challenges Chyna to an arm wrestling match tonight on Heat. Vince will cover his muscles with a sweatshirt so that Chyna will not be intimidated. Shane tells Vince that on RAW there will be a match between the Rock and Kane. Vince isn’t a fan of that decision.

2.) Backstage, Vince McMahon and Rock are talking about Kane and how much of a retard he is. Vince says that Kane will do what he says or he’ll go back to the looney bin. Vince wants Rock to allow him to take care of business.

3.) Tiger Ali Singh issues an open challenge to anyone in the WWF. That challenge is accepted by Gillberg.

4.) Gillberg tries to spear Singh, but that doesn’t work very well. Singh works over Gillberg with strikes to hit a powerbomb. Singh taunts the crowd following the move. Singh tries for a suplex, but Gillberg nearly counters with a Jackhammer, but Singh lands on top and pins Gillberg. (NR. I’m shocked Singh actually won, but the Gillberg character is rather humorous to me.)

5.) Backstage, Michael Cole interviews Mark Henry regarding what happened with him and Chyna. Henry denies anything that happened and walks away insisting that.

6.) Backstage, Shane McMahon is shaking hands with Luna Vachon.

7.) Henry shoves Scorpio and doesn’t seem interested in the match. Scorpio forearms Henry and tries for a clothesline, but Henry tosses Scorpio to the mat. Henry decks Scorpio with a clothesline. Scorpio kicks Henry a few times and hits a running leg sweep to knock Henry down to the mat. Scorpio delivers a few kicks and right hands. Henry clotheslines Scorpio, but Scorpio hits a spinning kick for a two count. Scorpio shoulder blocks Henry in the corner and tries for a handspring, but Henry catches Scorpio with a back suplex. Henry press slams Scorpio to the mat chest first. Chyna makes her way out and smiles at Henry on the aisle way. Chyna is giving Henry 24-hours to make a decision but Henry is saying no. Scorpio gets a rollup on Henry and wins the match. (*. Clearly this is more of just a way to advance Henry and Chyna’s angle rather than Scorpio winning a big match for his career.)

8.) Edge and Jarrett start off the tag match with Jarrett hitting a single arm jumping DDT. Jarrett hammers away on Edge, but Edge hits a bulldog. Edge nearly wins with a powerbomb to counter a hurricanrana. Gangrel tags in to hip toss Jarrett. Jarrett elbows Gangrel and tags in Owen. Owen pummels Gangrel with strikes in the corner but Gangrel backdrops Owen followed by more right hands. Gangrel slams Owen for a two count. Owen connects with a spinning heel kick after Jarrett knee lifted Gangrel from the apron. Jarrett tags in but Gangrel clotheslines both men. Edge tags in and cleans house with right hands and scoop slams Jarrett. Road Dogg comes out and attacks Gangrel. Edge nearly pins Jarrett and dropkicks Owen to the floor. Owen hits a missile dropkick on Edge allowing Jarrett to win the match. (*1/2. Not too bad of a match and Road Dogg’s involvement popped the crowd with his brawl with Gangrel.)

9.) Backstage, Vince McMahon is training for the arm wrestling match taking on Pat Patterson. Vince ends up winning the competition. Gerald Briscoe also tries and fails.

10.) Backstage, Michael Cole interviews Goldust who has Head. Goldust thinks Head is beautiful. Goldust felt the need for a little Head.

11.) Goldust works over Godfather with right hands as one of Godfather’s hoes got pulled under the ring. Al Snow appears in drag at ringside. Goldust uppercuts Godfather followed by a reverse DDT for a two count. Snow steals Head and distracts Goldust allowing Godfather to win the match. After the match, Goldust decks Snow and steals Head again and runs backstage. (NR. Well, that was disappointing.)

12.) Backstage, Briscoe and Patterson are facing off and neither man is accomplishing anything.

13.) Vince McMahon training for the Royal Rumble is shown.

14.) Shane McMahon wants to sub Vince McMahon out of the arm wrestling match and subs Luna Vachon into the match. However, Sable runs down and attacks Luna from behind so that’s not going to happen. Vince is taunting Chyna telling her that he’s going to beat her in the arm wrestling contest. Chyna just stares at Vince, which seems to spook him a little bit. Vince stalls a little bit claiming that Chyna has excessive oil on her hands. They finally get locked together and Vince appears to be doing fairly well, but Chyna powers back and Vince has a look of shock and panic. Vince makes a comeback, and is on the verge of losing, but battles back. Briscoe shoves Patterson into McMahon and that allows Chyna to win the match!

15.) Pat Patterson gets on the microphone and challenges Chyna to a wrestling match on RAW. Gerald Briscoe suggests he fight Chyna to a match because he’s a real man. Chyna accepts a challenge from both of them tomorrow night on RAW!

Final Thoughts:
The undercard wasn’t very good, but they did a fine job promoting the main event and the segment I thought was done fairly well. I would have liked the matches being less angle heavy, though.

Thanks for reading.


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