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NWA-TNA Impact 9/7/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

Backstage, Jeremy Borash talks with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett regarding the lie detector test tonight. Eric Young enters the scene with dyed hair and Jarrett wonders if Young knows what’s going on tonight. Young promises to help Jarrett and can help Jarrett pass the lie detector test. Jarrett walks off with Young to figure out how to pass the test.

Opening Contest: NWA Tag Team Champions Homicide & Hernandez vs. TJ & Kirby Mack: The Ultimate X structure is up for the show. LAX dominate the match early on nearly pinning Kirby within the first minute. Hernandez tosses TJ overhead with a suplex. Homicide plants Kirby with the Cop Killa and Hernandez hits the Border Toss leading to stereo pins. (NR. That was an effective showcase for the new tag champs.)

Konnan gets on the microphone and shows the poster for No Surrender. Konnan wants to know where LAX is on the poster and demands respect. Konnan promises to embarrass Daniels and Styles sending Styles back to dark matches and Daniels to Las Vegas to be with the Blue Men. Styles and Daniels run into the ring and brawl with LAX. LAX are sent to the floor. Daniels climbs the structure and puts the titles in the middle to show that they can get the titles easily.

Backstage, Jim Cornette is talking with Slick Johnson, but we don’t hear the conversation.

A vignette promoting Bobby Roode’s search for a new manager is shown. Roode met with Bobby Heenan and Heenan goes over his previous clients.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin as they are watching the new Jackass movie. Jerry Lynn enters the scene and thinks that Sabin should be preparing, but Sabin assures Lynn that he’ll be ready for Senshi at No Surrender.

Second Contest: America’s Most Wanted, Frankie Kazarian & Matt Bentley vs. BG James, Kip James, Norman Smiley & Shark Boy: All eight men brawl to start leading to Kip and Storm starting the match. Kip arm drags Storm a few times and tags in BG. BG dropkicks a seated Storm for a two count. BG ducks a clothesline and jabs Storm several times before missing a forearm. Shark Boy enters and bites Storm’s ass leading to a strike by BG for a two count. Smiley tosses Harris into the ring and taunts Harris by dancing. Smiley slams Harris and tries for the Big Wiggle, but Bentley stops that. Smiley is distracted by Gail Kim and is superkicked by Storm. Harris covers Smiley to win the match. (1/2*. The match felt weird and a little clunky at the end.) After the match, Storm is frustrated with Harris stealing the win. Harris walks off.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is all ready for the lie detector test. Jarrett is drinking some booze and a cigar. The first question is if Jeff Jarrett is his name. Is Jarrett the NWA World Champion. Young is trying to intervene after each question.

A pre-tape promo of the Naturals and Shane Douglas is shown. Douglas says he’s not pushing them hard because it’s easy or fun, but because it needs to be done. Douglas says being a champion isn’t an easy task. Douglas notes that if the Naturals lose at No Surrender then he’ll end the experiment. Chase Stevens is annoyed by that comment. Andy Douglas says they’ve done everything Douglas has asked. Douglas tells them they haven’t won.

A vignette promoting Austin Starr for October 22nd at Bound For Glory

A Raven video is shown where Raven talks about starting his own dysfunctional family in 1995. Raven promotes a Hangman’s Horror match against Abyss next week on Impact.

Main Event: Ron Killings vs. Christian Cage: They trade right hands to start the match. Cage yanks Killings down to the mat a few times, but Killings comes back with right hands. Killings nails Cage with a forearm smash and a slam. Killings chokes Cage briefly, but Cage sends Killings over the top to the apron. Killings climbs to the top, but leaps off to do a split and heel kicks Cage. Killings springboards off the middle rope to dropkick Cage off the apron to the floor. Killings hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor as the show goes to commercial.

Cage has control stomping on Killings. During the break, Cage got control with an eye rake and a reverse tornado DDT. Cage drives Killings down with a neckbreaker. Cage drives Killings down with a backbreaker for a two count. Cage chokes Killings over the middle rope and taunts the fans. Cage keeps Killings on the mat with a neck vice. Killings elbows free and is met with an elbow strike for a two count. Killings uppercuts Cage in the corner, but is stopped on the middle rope. Killings shoves Cage off the middle rope hitting a leg drop. Killings nearly wins the match. They begin to trade strikes until Killings decks Cage with a few clotheslines. Killings hits a vertical suplex turned into a stunner for a two count. Killings almost wins with a rollup. Cage decks Killings with a clothesline. Cage waits in the corner and hits a spear for a near fall. Killings elbows Cage and the referee gets poked in the eye. Killings has a cover, but the referee takes too long to make the count. Cage low blows Killings and hits the Un-Prettier for the win. (**1/2. It’s a fine main event, but Killings is never a serious threat to beat bigger names despite being a former champion. The action was solid enough and they worked a good pace. Cage winning is the right direction and glad this had a finish.) After the match, Cage brings two chairs into the ring but is attacked by Rhino. Rhino scares Cage out of the ring with a swinging chair shot.

Rhino has a microphone and says that Cage ran out of the ring like a little girl. Rhino says that Cage ended their friendship in the ring two weeks ago. Rhino challenges Cage to a match at No Surrender. Rhino promises to cut Cage in half with the Gore.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash says the lie detector test has been completed and Jarrett answered every question. Jarrett tells Eric Young that he has a job for life. Jarrett can now leave and prepare for the match at Bound For Glory against Sting. They are heading to the ring to clear his name.

Jim Cornette is in the ring and announces that Christian Cage versus Rhino has been signed for No Surrender. Cornette talks about how Jarrett has said that he’s innocent. Cornette wants to confront Jarrett right now and brings out the NWA World Champion. Jarrett is with Eric Young. Cornette reminds Jarrett that if he lied that he’d make Jarrett a miserable man. Cornette has the results of the polygraph test. Cornette goes over the questions of whether or not Jarrett had anything to do with Cage’s actions at Hard Justice. Jarrett was telling the truth. Did Jarrett act in collusion with Earl Hebner to regain the title at Slammiversary and he’s telling the truth. Has Jarrett been working with Larry Zbyszko to retain the championship and it’s revealed that Jarrett was… lying! Jarrett looks at Young and he’s pissed. Young runs backstage to escape Jarrett. Jarrett is denying that he’s a liar. Cornette says whenever Jarrett talks he’s lying. Cornette is going to give the fans the chance to get even against Jarrett. Cornette isn’t going to have Jarrett defend the title because that would cheat Sting out of his title match. Cornette is instead going to pick a bunch of fans and they’re going to act as lumberjacks. The fans will have a leather strap. If Jarrett tries to escape the ring he’ll get whipped. Cornette wants to tell Jarrett who he’s wrestling at No Surrender. Cornette reveals that Jarrett will be wrestling at No Surrender against… Samoa Joe! Jarrett drops to his knees worried about the match. Joe stands at the top of the aisle with a smirk to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
A solid episode this week with Cage/Killings delivering a better than expected match. The closing segment was okay and it gives Samoa Joe a main event match against Jarrett. I’d personally be more interested in making Joe a superstar and champion at BFG instead of doing Jarrett vs. Sting x100 at the event. Regardless, this was a good episode of Impact.

Thanks for reading.

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