WWF Halftime Heat 1/31/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Halftime Heat
Date: 1/31/1999
From: Phoenix, AZ

1.) Big Bossman defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Jeff Jarrett
2.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Owen Hart
3.) Mankind defeated WWF World Champion The Rock in an empty arena match to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Michael Cole is at the empty arena and says that Vince McMahon will be on commentary while Earl Hebner will be the referee. There are no rules for the match. Cole gives a rundown on the feud between Rock and Mankind who have had brutal matches all taking place in January.

2.) Shane McMahon makes his way down to the ring with the Corporation. Shane is proud to introduce their newest and hottest member, Chyna. Chyna is glad to have the opportunity to actually talk. Chyna says they all want to get ahead. Chyna takes credit for getting DX ahead of everyone. Chyna says they never did a thing for them. She was told by Vince McMahon that she was appreciated at the Royal Rumble. Chyna says that Vince paid up to get what he wanted. Chyna says she can buy and sell DX like a bunch of cheap whores.

DX makes their way out to confront Chyna from the aisle. HHH tells Shane that he got one over on them. However, it will never happen again. HHH says they treated Chyna equally. But, they were never equal because they are men and she could never have a set. HHH calls Chyna a two dollar whore. X-Pac promises to get the silver spoon out of Shane’s mouth and shove it… but Road Dogg stops Pac saying he can’t say that on Heat. Shane knows that he can take X-Pac. Shane announces that HHH will wrestle Kane inside a steel cage tomorrow night on RAW.

3.) Mankind shows up to the arena for his upcoming match with Rock.

4.) Bossman works over Jarrett with a few strikes in the corner sand sends Jarrett back first into the corner. Bossman drops Jarrett to the mat by the throat and clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the floor. Jarrett acts like he’s had enough of this, but Bossman decks Jarrett with right hands on the floor. Bossman misses a ring steps shot and hits the ring post. Jarrett stomps away on Bossman in the ring. Jarrett dropkicks Bossman and splashes Bossman over the middle rope. Bossman sends Jarrett face first into the corner. Bossman misses a splash in the corner. Jarrett continues to work over Bossman with strikes in the corner. Bossman continues to beat on Jarrett with right hands in the corner. Jarrett uppercuts Bossman a few times, but runs into a spinebuster. Bossman gets distracted by Debra on the apron again. Jarrett decks Bossman from behind. Bossman plants Jarrett with the sidewalk slam to win the match. (*1/2. It wasn’t a bad encounter by any means. It was just a standard average match to me.) After the match, Bossman decks Jarrett with the nightstick.

5.) WWF World Champion The Rock has arrived to the empty arena for his upcoming match. Vince McMahon is with him.

6.) Shamrock works over Owen in the corner with several strikes. Shamrock clotheslines Owen coming out of the corner. Shamrock knee lifts Owen to the mat. Shamrock lays Owen over the apron to deliver more strikes to the chest. Shamrock gets suplex into the ring by Owen from the apron. Owen nails Shamrock with a spinning heel kick. Owen hits a gut wrench suplex. Owen chokes Shamrock with his t-shirt, but Shamrock breaks free with a jawbreaker. Shamrock nails Owen with a kick to the chest. Shamrock scoop slams Owen to the mat. Shamrock elbow drops Owen for a two count. Shamrock misses a kick and Owen hits a back suplex. Shamrock headbutts Owen in the lower midsection area. Shamrock jams Owen’s leg and delivers a kick to Owen’s knee. Owen scoop slams Shamrock followed by a leg drop for a two count. Shamrock ducks a kick to the head and delivers a few more knee lifts.

Shamrock hits a standing hurricanrana after a commercial break. The Blue Blazer comes down to the ring and goes to the top rope. Shamrock sends Owen into the ropes causing Blazer to fall to the mat. Shamrock wins the match following a belly to belly suplex. (**1/2. For a Heat match, they got plenty of time and I thought it was a good enough match. Koko B. Ware was clearly playing the role of Blue Blazer, by the way.)

7.) Rock and Mankind trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Mankind elbows Rock for a two count. Mankind hits a double arm DDT for a near fall. Mankind has Mr. Socko on his hand and shoves it down Rock’s throat and Rock rolls to the floor. Mankind hits a baseball slide to knock Rock on the floor. Mankind hits a swinging neckbreaker on the floor for a two count. Mankind sends Rock into the timekeepers table and onto the announcers table. Mankind sends Rock into the ring steps. Rock sends Mankind through the barricade. Rock works over Mankind with strikes and tosses Mankind into empty seats. Rock covers Mankind with chairs and delivers chair shots. Rock takes the headset and cuts a promo. Mankind gets up from behind and has his hand up and shoves Mr. Socko down Rock’s throat. Rock breaks free with a low blow. Rock walks up the steps in the bleachers, but Mankind clotheslines Rock from behind.

Rock decks Mankind and walks up the upper deck to get away from Mankind. Rock waits for Mankind and delivers a trash can shot several times. Rock kicks Mankind causing Mankind to roll down the steps. Rock dumps some trash onto Mankind’s body. Rock brings Mankind backstage to continue the action. They are in the kitchen where Rock hits Mankind over the back with a stick and shoves Mankind into the cotton candy. Rock hits Mankind with a cotton candy holder. Rock puts Mr. Socko in the oven. Rock shoves Mankind head first into the oven. Rock hits Mankind with a cooking sheet. Mankind decks Rock with more right hands and onto a few plates. Mankind hits Rock over the head with a bag of popcorn. They wrestle into catering. Rock has some popcorn, but complains it has too much salt and kicks Mankind. Rock hits Mankind with another trash can. They toss some food at each other. Rock tosses hot food into Mankind’s eye. Mankind tries for a piledriver, but Rock counters with a backdrop onto the table.

Rock continues to beat on Mankind at catering. Mankind low blows Rock to get control and nearly wins the match. Rock hits Mankind with a punch bowl. Rock dumps a drink onto Mankind and they go towards the office. Rock punches Mankind in an office causing Mankind to flip over a chair. Rock answers the phone and continues to beat on Mankind. Rock chokes Mankind with a phone cord. Mankind fights back with strikes and Rock shoves Mankind into the hallway. Mankind sends Rock into the wall as they head outside towards the loading dock. They both go down after punching each other at the same time. Mankind puts the Mandible Claw on Rock and lays Rock on the ground. Rock has passed out. Mankind gets in the forklift and drops a pallet onto Rock’s chest! Rock lays over the pallet, which has kegs on it as well, and Rock has been pinned! Mankind is the new WWF World Champion! (****. Knowing that there will be millions of people likely watching this match, they delivered a great, entertaining segment. For the most part, I’d consider this heavily comedy and the Rock shined with his personality here. It’s a memorable match and it certainly holds up.)

Final Thoughts:
This is a big show considering its Super Bowl Sunday and a lot of viewers would be switching over for the main event. This is an example of the WWF doing something right and likely helping their business greatly. Check this show out.

Thanks for reading.