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ECW Hardcore TV 9/11/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Danny Doring, Roadkill & Ms. Congeniality defeated Nova, Chris Chetti & Jazz

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Danny Doring cuts a promo saying that he’s sick and tired of getting screwed over by someone who thinks he’s a superhero and another guy who thinks he’s Ricky Martin. Doring is talking about Nova and Chetti. The fans are chanting slurs towards Doring. Doring will shave his head and the team will split if they lose to Chetti and Nova tonight.

2.) Chetti and Nova run into the ring to deliver kicks to Roadkill and Doring. Doring ducks a clothesline and Congeniality trips Nova and Chetti. Jazz comes out and slaps Doring on the floor. The show goes to commercial.

Nova drop toe holds Roadkill followed by an arm drag and dropkick. Chetti tags into the match as Congeniality tags in as well. Chetti keeps wrist control, but Congeniality hits a head scissors to send Chetti into the corner. Chetti slams Congeniality to the mat and does a sexual pin attempt for a two count. Doring tags into the match as Jazz enters the bout. Doring ducks under a lockup attempt and taunts Jazz with a strut. Doring kicks Jazz in the midsection to gain control of the contest. Jazz monkey flips Doring out of the corner followed by a hip toss and a scoop slam for a two count. Chetti tags into the match and back elbows Doring with Jazz. Congeniality returns to the match to wrestle Chetti. She acts like she’s going to go down on Chetti, but instead low blows Chetti followed by a dropkick and tags in Roadkill. Roadkill side slams Chetti for a two count. Doring comes off the top to elbow strike Chetti. Doring hits the Bareback on Chetti and taunts the crowd before getting a near fall. Doring hammers away on Chetti with right hands, but misses a wild right. Chetti hits a sit out powerbomb to gain control and tags in Nova. Roadkill got tagged in as well with Nova cleaning house hitting forearm smashes. Nova plants Roadkill with a tornado DDT after Roadkill splashed Doring in the corner.

Jazz takes Congeniality down to the mat and they have a cat fight. Chetti kicks Roadkill and tries for a DDT, but is stopped by an eye rake. Jazz grabs Doring by the groin and chops Doring in the corner a few times. Doring atomic drops Jazz, but Jazz comes back with a face buster. Roadkill comes off the top to leg drop Jazz and Congeniality manages to pin Jazz for the win. (**. A decent match, but the outcome was clear when Doring said he would split from Roadkill. Nova was impressive and he’s making great strides to rid himself of the comedy character stigma.)

3.) They showed the full match between Masatao Tanaka and Mike Awesome that took place in July 1998 at Elks Lodge, which Tanaka won.

4.) Tommy Dreamer and Francine are in the ring to cut a promo. Dreamer says that something has been bothering him. Dreamer talks about Barely Legal and how the power went out. Dreamer says that TNN didn’t want to take a chance on that happening again. Heyman promised to get backup generators, but TNN said the Philadelphia fans are spoiled. TNN said that the fans in New York are better. Dreamer mentions that he was born in New York and lived there. Dreamer made a career in Philadelphia. Dreamer believes that the ECW Arena deserves to be on TNN. Dreamer is trying to unite New York and Philadelphia as the greatest fans. Dreamer wants them to show TNN they need a TV taping at the ECW Arena. Dreamer says this is not a retirement and then come back and screw the fans over. Dreamer is going to make a decision on his career.

Steve Corino makes his way out with Rhino by his side. Corino says that Dreamer has a dilemma to deal with. The censors are bleeping out a chant towards Corino. Corino says there will not be a TV taping in Philadelphia. Corino says that Dreamer can’t defend his half of the tag titles and disappoint the fans, but Corino knows that Dreamer wouldn’t do that because he’s a mark. Corino cares about Dreamer enough and came up with a solution. Corino asks if Dreamer will trust the fans judgment because doing that caused his injury. Corino offers Dreamer to lay down in the ring and he’ll get the pin. Corino would then defend Dreamer’s half of the tag titles. Corino believes it is his time and Dreamer can find a new job. Dreamer tries to DDT Corino, but Rhino decks Dreamer. Corino clotheslines Francine! Jack Victory has a trash can. Victory is no longer doing the wheelchair gimmick. Corino hits Dreamer with the trash can. Corino stands tall in the ring taunting Dreamer. Victory has gotten barbed wire and Corino wraps the barbed wire around Dreamer. Corino tries to use a chair, but Raven enters the ring and DDTs Rhino and Dreamer hit a DDT on Victory. They double pin Rhino and Victory. I am not counting that was a match.

5.) The next two weeks of Hardcore TV are highlight focused. 10/2 will feature original programming.

Final Thoughts:
The closing segment was entertaining, but for the most part this was a skippable episode for ECW Hardcore TV.

Thanks for reading.

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