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ECW Hardcore TV 2/27/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Milwaukee, WI

1.) The Sandman defeated Rhino by disqualification
2.) CW Anderson & Bill Wiles defeated Chris Chetti & Nova
3.) ECW Tag Team Champions Justin Credible & Lance Storm defeated Raven & Tommy Dreamer to retain the titles
4.) Masato Tanaka defeated Spanish Angel

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The Sandman/Rhino match would also be shown on ECW on TNN.

2.) Lou E. Dangerously cuts a promo about how the Packers have gone from champions to last place losers. Dangerously got off the phone with Ray Rhodes and says that Favre is just a pill popping alcoholic just like everyone else in Milwaukee.

3.) Nova and Wiles start the tag match with Nova having wrist control briefly until Wiles gets a headlock on Nova. Nova tries for a backslide, but Wiles blocks it and runs into a dropkick. Nova arm drags Wiles and tags in Chetti. Wiles is worked over in the corner and met with a flying forearm. Anderson decks Chetti with a left hand. Chetti sends Anderson to the apron and rams Anderson into the buckle and chest first into the railing. Nova is backdropped onto Anderson on the floor hitting a crossbody. Chetti kicks Wiles to the mat and plays to the crowd. Chetti springboards off the ropes to heel kick Wiles for a near fall. Anderson nails Chetti with a chair to the back and Wiles nearly wins with a spinning heel kick. Anderson hits a hammerlock powerslam on Chetti for a two count. Wiles returns to the match and hits a back suplex on Chetti as Anderson delivered a clothesline for a near fall. Chetti nails Anderson with a nice heel kick. Wiles and Nova get tags with Nova hammering away on Wiles. Nova comes off the ropes with a neckbreaker and a sit out pedigree on Anderson. Nova clotheslines Anderson in the corner and does the same to Wiles. Anderson misses a splash in the corner as Chetti moved. Chetti slams Wiles and Nova hits a top rope senton for a two count. Anderson pulled Chetti out of the ring. Nova kicks Wiles away, but Wiles slingshots Nova into a Anderson superkick for a near fall. Nova plants Wiles with a flatliner for a two count as Anderson made the save. Dangerously knocks Chetti off the apron into the railing. Dangerously hits Nova with a phone allowing Anderson to plant Nova with the spinebuster for the win. (**. That’s got to be seen as a major upset even with the interference. This is the best that Wiles and Anderson have looked together and I enjoyed the action.)

4.) The tag title match was also shown on the ECW on TNN show.

5.) Sinister Minister cuts a promo backstage. Minister wants to dive into a situation going on in ECW. Minister notes that Raven had powder in his eyes when he hit Francine with a DDT. Dreamer had fire in his eyes when he did the same to Francine. Minister proceeds to laugh manically to end the segment.

6.) Tanaka confronted Spanish Angel and DeVito in the ring and proceeded to attack both men with right hands. Tanaka hits a sit out slam on Angel as the show goes to another commercial. Tanaka smashes Angel with a chair shot against the railing. DeVito runs over and beats on Tanaka with right hands to help Angel. Angel tosses Tanaka overhead with a suplex for a two count. Angel sits Tanaka on the top rope. Angel jabs Tanaka on the top rope and gets a table from DeVito. Angel sets the table up and tries for a superplex, but Tanaka blocks it and messes up a tornado DDT through the DDT. Tanaka sets the table up in the corner and hits a German suplex through the table. DeVito makes the save on the cover attempt. Angel decks Tanaka from behind to hit a vertical suplex. Tanaka sends Angel into a chair held by DeVito and Tanaka nails Angel with a roaring elbow to win the match. After the match, DeVito attacks Tanaka with a chair shot and a slam. DeVito continues to stomps on the mat. Of course, New Jack makes his way out to make the save. (*1/4. That was mostly just an extended squash for Tanaka to defeat two guys and the usual New Jack run in. This didn’t do much for me.)

Final Thoughts:
A skippable show if you’re looking for original content. There weren’t any big stars and nothing was really progressed all that much.

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