AIW Absolution X 7/10/2015

Written by: Bob Colling

Absolute Intense Wrestling presents Absolution X
From: Cleveland, OH

Eddie Kingston cuts a promo on Ethan Page saying they are beauitfully doomed. They will end their issues that started nearly a year ago. One of them tonight is going to quit and one of them will get hurt tonight. Kingston thinks it is funny that Page thinks that Kingston will quit. Kingston recalls bathing in his blood and it all happened right before Page got married. Kingston wants Page to think about getting just married and his wife not being able to recognize him. Kingston wouldn’t be surprised if she divorced Page to be with him.

Outside, Gregory Iron and Jerry cut a promo about being the first match on the tenth anniversary show. Iron is offended by their match placement. They are wrestling all new wrestlers. Iron has been dedicated to wrestling and this is the reward he gets. Iron went the wrestling school and was brushed off by the students. Iron says it is easy to be a loser and he’s not a loser. Iron promises they will pay their dues.

Outside, Josh Prohibition cuts a promo about still wrestling and standing. He’s bringing four guys to battle Raymond Rowe and his four guys in a street fight. Josh has a team of guys that should be on television. He’s teaming with the Young Bucks, Gargano and Alex Daniels.

Outside, the students that Gregory Iron will be wrestling tonight cut a promo. They recall Iron telling them that he didn’t think they had what it takes to be a wrestler. They are the future of AIW and tonight they are going to kick ass. Tonight, Singh turns Iron into a little bitch.

Backstage, Ethan Page cuts a promo about Kingston. He says the feud has been bothering him for an entire year and doesn’t think it will ever end. Page will hate Kingston forever and tonight he finally has the chance to get revenge on Kingston.

Outside, BJ Whitmer is interviewed and says he never lost the AIW Intense Championship. Davey Vega is inching towards the record holding the title. Whitmer says it ends tonight that the illusion Vega is champion comes to an end tonight. Whitmer gets mad about being told he lied about his reign. Whitmer says it ends tonight.

Outside, Hot Sauce Entertainment cut a promo about their match on the show. They are turned up to 110% which they say in a completely monotone voice. Tyson Dux says they will wear the best colors black. They will take on another color… gold. They want the tag titles.

Backstage, Nick Gage cuts a promo on Tim Donst saying that Donst is in for a lot of pain. Gage doesn’t care that Donst had cancer. Gage is going to show why he’s the king and he’s going to make a statement. Gage is going to take Donst out of wrestling for good.

Outside, Colin Delaney and Cheech have arrived to the venue. Delaney says this is his fifth Absolution and he’s going to walk out as a champion. Cheech recalls winning the titles and having defeated the Young Bucks. Cheech is confident they will walk out as champions.

Outside, Rickey Shane Page cuts a promo about ten years of AIW. Page has been busting his ass to get to this point. Page means that he doesn’t care if he dies in the ring. He actually wants to die in the ring. Page knows that he’s good in the ring and he’s going to make Josh Alexander work for his potentially last match.

Outside, Tim Donst says that tonight shouldn’t even be happening because he was told that he’d never wrestle again six months ago. Donst was told he’d never be a wrestler in the first place. Donst says it feels great to prove himself. All he knows to do is wrestle. Donst has already won because he beat cancer. Donst says tonight is for him.

Outside, Benjamin Boone and Joey Martini are thinking they are doing a promo, but they weren’t there for when Iron and Jerry did their work. They are pissed about not doing a promo with them.

Opening Contest: The Iron Curtain (Benjamin Boone, Gregory Iron, Jerry & Joey Martini) vs. Brian Carson, Frankie Flynn, Joshua Singh & Kaplan: Iron and Singh kickoff the match. Iron decides to tag out to Boone. Singh forearms Boone against the ropes and they have a standoff. Boone takes Singh down to the mat with a headlock. Boone shoulder blocks Singh, but Singh comes back with a forearm strike and a heel kick for a one count. Boone is hip tossed as Carson tagged into the match. Boone rams Carson into the corner and tags in Martini, who tosses Carson with a fallaway slam allowing Boone to hit a splash for a near fall. Jerry tags into the match and works over Carson in the corner briefly. Jerry decks Carson to the mat with a forearm for a two count. Iron tags in and back rakes Carson before tagging Boone back into the match. Boone scoop slams Carson and misses an elbow drop. Carson dropkicks Boone and hits an arm drag into the corner. Carson splashes Boone in the corner and comes off the middle rope with a forearm drop for a near fall. Kaplan gets tagged in and is stopped by a knee lift from Boone. Kaplan takes Boone over with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Flynn tags into the contest and chops Boone in the corner. Flynn drives Boone down to the mat after a dance for a two count. Flynn chops the heels and plays to the crowd before dumping Boone to the floor. Martini no sells chops from Flynn, but is sent to the floor. Flynn staggers Iron with a jawbreaker and is pulled to the floor. Flynn is sent into the guard railing back first.

Martini sends Flynn chest first into the corner and goes for a cover managing a near fall. Flynn continues to be worked over and pummeled by Iron. Flynn pulls Iron’s trunks down on a sunset flip, but Iron blocks it. Iron misses a splash in the corner and still has his trunks down. Kaplan gets tagged in and cleans house with strikes and boots. Kaplan elbows Boone and side slams Martini. Kaplan is fired up. Singh goes to the top rope, but Jerry sends Kaplan into Singh. Kaplan has Jerry on his shoulders, but Iron comes off the ropes and is caught. Kaplan hits a Samoan Drop/fallaway slam combo on both men. Kaplan is stopped coming off the ropes and sent to the floor. Kaplan gets in the ring and hits a somersault dive over the ropes to the floor! Flynn also hits a somersault dive off the top to the floor. Carson dives over the top onto everyone on the outside. Singh climbs to the top rope and hits a corkscrew dive to the floor! Kaplan gets off Martini’s shoulders to hit a lariat, but there’s no cover. Boone nails Kaplan with a spear! Boone is stopped by Carson with a cutter. Jerry accidentally elbow drops Boone from the top rope. Jerry uppercuts Carson after they did a comedy spot. Flynn plants Jerry with a Curtain Call. Singh drops Iron over his knees for a near fall. Singh hooks Iron, but Iron breaks free and clotheslines Singh. Iron misses a senton splash and elbows Singh. Iron low blows Singh, but Kaplan gets involved and grabs Iron. Martini hits the F5 on Kaplan! Singh is left alone with Martini and Iron and is beaten down. Singh shoves Martini away and slaps Boone. Singh is dumped to the apron and decks Boone after losing his footing. Singh kicks Jerry from the apron and hits a Codebreaker on Boone. Singh powerbombs Iron onto Boone. Singh heads to the top rope, but Jerry stops Singh and is knocked of the apron. Singh hits a 450 splash on Boone, but Iron takes advantage and rolls Singh up for the win. (***. This may have gone a little long, but I enjoyed the action once it broke down and they didn’t have a tag format. The students looked good in there and I know that Kaplan at least remains with AIW for a long time.) After the match, the Iron Curtain continue to attack the students until VADER makes his way out. Vader proceeds to destroy the Iron Curtain.

Second Contest: AIW Women’s Champion Veda Scott vs. Athena (Ember Moon): Scott bails to the floor to stall, but Athena hits a suicide dive a few times to send Scott into the guard railing back first. Athena hits a third suicide dive and the champion is knocked loopy. Scott rolls to the floor again to regroup. They trade forearms on the floor. Scott knee lifts Athena after a few weak forearm strikes. Scott walks the railing, but Athena blocks a hurricanrana attempt. Scott slaps Athena and rolls into the ring. Athena head scissors Scott to the corner and misses a running forearm strike. Scott kicks Athena on the apron over the middle rope. Scott spears Athena on the apron, but it looked horrible. Scott tries for a cover managing a two count. Scott kicks Athena to the mat and chokes Athena briefly. Scott decks Athena over the back. Scott connects with a somersault kick. Athena misses a kick and Scott delivers a backbreaker followed by a flatliner. Scott locks in a submission, but Athena doesn’t give in. Athena powers out with a powerbomb for a near fall. They trade strikes in the corner until Scott hits a tornado DDT out of the corner and they are both laid out leading to a near fall. Scott hits a side suplex, but Athena kicks out at two. Scott continues with several more side suplexs. Scott plants Athena with the snapmare driver for a near fall. Athena tosses Scott overhead with a suplex followed by a running boot in the corner. Athena kicks Scott a few times and hits a swinging gut buster for a near fall. Scott shoves Athena and is met with a kick to the face. Athena heads to the top hitting a somersault cutter to win the match and title. (**1/2. A couple of sloppy moments, but it’s an enjoyable match and the crowd responded well to the title change. Athena is impressive and the finishing move was awesome. They kept the pace at a good level and there wasn’t a moment to stop caring for the match.)

Third Contest: AIW Intense Champion Davey Vega vs. BJ Whitmer: Vega hammers away on Whitmer for the early advantage. Vega continues with chops against the ropes. Vega ducks a clothesline and backslides Whitmer for a two count. Vega sends Whitmer to the floor and hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Vega heads to the top rope missing a double stomp, but takes Whitmer over with a sloppy running head scissors. Vega kicks Whitmer from the apron and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Whitmer plants Vega with a spinebuster to gain the advantage. Whitmer chops Vega to the mat. Whitmer chops Vega in the corner a few times. Whitmer continues with stomps before hitting a backbreaker for a two count. Vega fights back with chops, but Whitmer responds with one of his own. Whitmer elbows Vega to the mat and does a cocky cover for a two count. Whitmer plants Vega with a back suplex for a near fall. Whitmer elbows Vega followed by a right hands to stagger the champ. Whitmer hits a fallaway slam. Whitmer covers Vega for a near fall. Whitmer drives down an elbow on Vega’s head. Whitmer controls Vega with a headlock on the mat. Vega elbows Whitmer, but is met with a strike to the midsection. Vega continues with forearm strikes and a running forearm to drop Whitmer for a near fall. Vega nails Whitmer with a running boot in the corner for a near fall. Whitmer hip tosses Vega into the corner and sits Vega on the top turnbuckle. Whitmer hits a back suplex off the middle rope for a two count. Whitmer tries for a suplex, but Vega counters with a rollup for a two count. Vega spikes Whitmer with a tornado DDT managing a two count on a cover attempt. Vega runs off the ropes and is met with a powerslam by Whitmer for a near fall. Whitmer hooks Vega for a suplex and hits a swinging suplex and a fisherman suplex for a near fall. Vega spikes Whitmer with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Vega forearms Whitmer, but Whitmer comes back with an exploder suplex for a near fall. Whitmer sits Vega on the top rope. Whitmer has Vega on the top rope, but Vega fights free and Whitmer sits on the top rope. Whitmer is upside down allowing Vega to hit a double stomp for a three count! (**1/2. Another solid undercard match with some enjoyable offense. It might have gone a little longer than it needed to, but it was still an effective match.)

Fourth Contest: Ethan Page vs. Eddie Kingston in an I Quit Match: Page goes after Kingston on the floor as they trade strikes around ringside. The Duke helps Kingston by eye raking Page, but is met with a big boot. Kingston sends Page into the guard railing. Page sends Kingston into the wall and continues to beat on Kingston with right hands. Page atomic drops Kingston and sends Kingston into the ring post face first. Page knee lifts Kingston on the mat and hooks Kingston for a suplex. Kingston counters with a suplex of his own. Kingston chokes Page while Duke brings a table into the ring. Page gets up and hammers away on Duke, but Kingston attacks from behind. Kingston dropkicks the table into the side of Page’s head in the corner. Kingston continues to choke Page on the mat. Page goes after Kingston’s eyes and is gouging him until Duke stops Page with a strike. Kingston is stopped by a low blow and Page pump kicks Duke in the corner. Page puts Kingston through chairs with a spinebuster. Page chokes Kingston with a chair, but Duke kicks Page to save Kingston. Kingston chokes Page over the apron. Page shoulder rams both men from the apron and hits a slingshot cutter on Duke while dropkicks Kingston. Page put Duke through the table with the cutter while Kingston went to the floor. Kingston grabbed a chain from the floor. Kingston hits Page with a spinning back fist with the chain. Kingston whips Page over the back with the chain and chokes Page in the middle of the ring.

Page tosses Kingston with a fallaway slam. Page has a chain, but tosses it down. Page instead grabs some barbed wire. Kingston plants Page with a DDT. Page kicks the barbed wire into Kingston’s face. Page grabs the barbed wire and digs the wire into Kingston’s face causing Kingston to quit. (*1/2. That was a disappointing match. I was not fan of Duke being involved for the majority of the match and there wasn’t a lot of violence here to fit the stipulation. Kingston has always been inconsistent for me and that trend continues with this match.)

Fifth Contest: AIW Tag Team Champions To Infinity And Beyond (Cheech & Colin Delaney) vs. Hot Sauce Entertainment (Tyson Dux & Tracy Williams): Cheech and Williams kickoff the tag title match. Williams takes Cheech down with a headlock on the mat, but Cheech gets out of the hold easily. Cheech gets a one count on a rollup and they have a standoff. Williams keeps arm control on Cheech, but is taken down to the mat quickly. Cheech gets to his feet after Williams lets go and they have another standoff. Williams takes Cheech down to the mat and elbow drops Cheech on the left knee. Williams takes Cheech down with a back suplex, but doesn’t followup quickly. Williams tries for a chicken wing, but settles for a headbutt to the back. Cheech breaks free and tags in Delaney as Dux is tagged in, as well. Dux shoulder blocks Delaney and they trade arm drags. Delaney tossed out of the corner and met with a shoulder block. Delaney tags in Cheech and the champs hit a double hip toss, even if it looked weird. Cheech slams Williams followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Cheech hits a slingshot senton from the apron. Delaney and Cheech work over Williams in the corner with strikes. Delaney almost wins with a rollup. Cheech headbutts Dux a few times upon tagging in. Cheech misses a boot and is met with a knee to the face. Williams hits a back suplex and locks in an arm bar, but Cheech reaches the ropes. Dux returns to the match and beats on Cheech with strikes to the arm and chops in the corner.

Cheech drop toe holds Dux into the corner and Delaney delivers a kick. Williams tags in and prevents Cheech from tagging out to Delaney. Williams drives Cheech down to the mat with a spinebuster. Williams locks in a cross arm bar, but Cheech doesn’t give in. Cheech reaches the ropes to prevent a submission. Dux keeps a wrist lock on Cheech, but again, Cheech reaches the ropes. Cheech tries to fight out of the corner with forearm strikes and nails Williams with a knee. Delaney tags in and hits a top rope crossbody. Williams tries for a suplex, but Delaney counters with a stunner. Delaney is stopped by Dux on the apron, but Delaney avoids a suplex to the floor. Delaney runs into a kick on the apron. Dux suplexs Delaney to the floor. Cheech hip tosses Williams over the top to the floor onto both men. Cheech hits a twisting dive over the top to the floor. Cheech leg sweep/clotheslines Dux. Delaney kicks Williams on a hip toss, but Dux plants Delaney with a DDT. Dux tosses Delaney into a German suplex by Williams. Delaney holds onto the ropes to avoid further punishment. Williams turns Cheech inside out with a clothesline. Williams uppercuts Delaney in the corner. The champs hit a codebreaker/DDT at the same time on the challengers for a two count. Dux spikes Cheech with a DDT. Dux has a Boston Crab on Cheech and Williams puts an arm lock on Cheech to prevent a submission. Delaney kicks Williams on the head. Delaney forearms Dux and kicks Williams to the mat.

Dux turns Delaney inside out with a clothesline. Delaney is sat on the top turnbuckle. Delaney fights off Williams, but Delaney crotches Dux on the ropes. Williams uppercuts Delaney on the top, but Cheech helps Delaney. Cheech powerbombs Williams out of the corner and Delaney hits a top rope elbow drop allowing Cheech to cover Williams for the win. (**. I don’t think I enjoyed the mat wrestling based approach to this and it just felt really slow and plodding. I tend to enjoy Cheech and Delaney, so I’m thinking it was just a poor matchup for my tastes.)

Chris Sabin was originally supposed to be part of the next match, but is replaced by ACH.

Sixth Contest: ACH vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Candice LeRae vs. Tyler Thomas: Lyndon decks LeRae to start the match and the crowd didn’t like that. Thomas arm drags Alexander after spring boarding off the ropes. Alexander dropkicks Thomas to the floor. Lyndon stops Alexander with a kick to the gut. Lyndon head scissors Alexander, but Alexander lands on his feet. Kendrick head scissors Alexander and taunts him. ACH dropkicks Kendrick to the mat. Lyndon ruins ACH’s taunt of shooting a basket by blocking it. Thomas works over ACH in the corner with left hands. Thomas kicks ACH in the corner, but ACH hits a Thez Press followed by a splash for a near fall on Thomas. ACH is pulled out and Thomas nearly wins with a rollup. Lyndon knee lifts Thomas to the floor. LeRae returns and pummels Lyndon in the corner. LeRae hits a swinging flatliner out of the corner on Lyndon. Lyndon drops LeRae over the middle rope and hits a dropkick before kicking Alexander on the floor. Lyndon chokes Kendrick over the ropes. Lyndon avoids a reverse hurricanrana and hits a rolling German suplex on Kendrick for a two count. LeRae forearms Lyndon a few times, but Lyndon kicks LeRae and Kendrick to regain control. Lyndon goes to the apron and trips them both, but is met with a double dropkick. Alexander hits a springboard double dropkick.

ACH hits a swinging backbreaker and a swinging slam on Alexander. Thomas hits a springboard double stomp on ACH and dives over the top onto Alexander. LeRae dives onto Lyndon on the floor. Thomas works over Alexander in the corner. Thomas sits Alexander on the top rope looking for a suplex, but Alexander blocks it. That leads to a Tower of Doom spot out of the corner, but it doesn’t happen. LeRae messes up a hurricanrana attempt on Thomas. Lyndon hits a double hurricanrana on Alexander and Thomas for a two count. ACH hits the stunner on Lyndon and LeRae hits a balls plex. LeRae hits the ball plex on everyone. Alexander counters a ball plex with a sick backbreaker. Alexander and Thomas go over the top to the floor. Kendrick leaps off the top hitting a 450 splash onto Alexander and Thomas. Lyndon puts the dragon sleeper on LeRae and forces a submission to win the match. (***1/4. The action was all over the place, but tons of fun. I’m assuming there’s a feud between Lyndon and LeRae that will continue off of this. There was heat between them from the fans so there’s interest in LeRae getting revenge. I wish this was longer because it was a lot of fun.)

Seventh Contest: Tim Donst vs. Nick Gage in an anything goes match: Donst hammers away on Gage in the corner with chops and strikes. Donst decks Gage with a clothesline to send Gage bailing to the floor. Gage works over Donst with knee strikes in the corner. Donst misses a clothesline and clotheslines Gage over the top to the floor. Donst sends Gage into the railing back first followed by a side Russian leg sweep. Donst tries for a suicide dive, but Gage whacks Donst with a chair over the head. Gage sends Donst into the guard railing back first. Gage whacks Donst over the back with a chair a few times and hits Donst in the face. Gage backs Donst into a corner and delivers a forearm smash. Gage knocks Donst off his feet with a clothesline. Gage sends Donst into the guard railing back first. Gage rolls Donst into the ring and Donst comes back with a suicide dive. Donst works over Gage with chops on the floor. Donst sends Gage into the railing, but Gage fires back with strikes. Donst sends Gage into the railing ribs first and leaps off the apron missing a splash and hitting the railing chest first. Gage drops Donst over the railing a second time. Gage eye rakes Donst a few times. Gage hooks Donst for a snap suplex and delivers an elbow drop out of the corner. Gage sits Donst on the top turnbuckle and tries for a superplex. Donst crotches Gage in the corner and delivers a sloppy looking slingshot clothesline from the apron.

Donst leg sweeps Gage to the mat and rolls Gage to the floor. Donst leaps off the apron to clothesline Gage on the floor. Donst has Gage on his shoulders and hits an elevated cutter for a near fall. Gage plants Donst with a Samoan Drop followed by an elbow drop for a one count. Gage heads backstage to grab a bag. Gage dumps tacks onto Donst’s body. Gage signals for a piledriver, but Donst blocks it. They trade strikes from their knees and more right hands. They collide on stereo clotheslines landing on the tacks. They trade forearms from their knees. Gage comes off the ropes with a flying forearm strike. Donst hits a cutter onto the tacks for a near fall. Donst grabs a piece of guard railing and lays it over the apron and railing. Donst sits Gage on the top turnbuckle and tries for a Death Valley Driver. Gage counters with a fallaway slam off the middle rope onto the tacks! Gage delivers a running boot in the corner for a two count. Donst backdrops Gage onto the guard railing outside the ring. Donst delivers a swinging neckbreaker onto the tacks leading to a near fall. Donst brings the guard railing into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Gage is sent into the railing, but plants Donst with a DDT and a spinebuster onto the tacks for a two count. Gage sets a chair up in the corner and sends Donst face first into the chair. Gage spikes Donst with a piledriver onto the tacks for a near fall. Gage drives Donst down with a backbreaker, but doesn’t go for the cover. Gage slides a table into the ring. Gage sets a table up in the corner and pulls Donst up slowly. Donst gets an inside cradle on Gage and wins the match. (**1/4. I’d say this was a bit more hardcore than the I Quit match, so that was good. I’m not a fan of the surprise inside cradle finish. This is a heated feud and a story for Donst. I’m not sure a surprise win or maybe a “fluke” win is the best result. For a stipulation match, it was okay but nothing memorable.) After the match, Donst cuts a promo about getting back to this moment after his cancer battle. Nick Gage came back out and slammed Donst onto the tacks and put Donst through a table shoulder first. Gage slammed the table onto Donst a few times and stood over Donst. Gage dangerously drops Donst head first onto the table. Gage says if cancer didn’t kill Donst then he will.

Eighth Contest: AIW Absolute Champion Josh Alexander vs. Rickey Shane Page: They start off trading right hands in the middle of the ring until Alexander bails to the floor. Page chops Alexander against the railing and sends Alexander across ringside into the railing ribs first a few times. Page plants Alexander with a Death Valley Driver upon returning to the ring for a near fall. Page stomps on Alexander in the corner. Page chops Alexander and continues to work over the champ in the corner. Page sits Alexander on the top rope, but Alexander fights off with right hands and hits a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count. Alexander stomps on Page on the mat to keep control of the contest. Alexander locks in a leg lock on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. Alexander splashes Page in the corner. Alexander chokes Page with something and tosses it onto the stage. Alexander follows Page to the apron and delivers a boot. Page kicks Alexander and they continue to trade blows. Alexander chops Page, but Page clotheslines Alexander over the ropes into the ring. Alexander drops Page throat first over the top rope. They slap each other with Alexander stomping on Page in the corner. Alexander controls Page with a sleeper hold on the mat. Page elbows Alexander a few times to the mat followed by a boot to the head. Page sits Alexander on the top rope and tries for a powerbomb, but is shoved off.

Alexander misses a top rope moonsault and Page connects with a running forearm in the corner. Page attempts another powerbomb on the top rope, but Alexander fights off. Page settles for a superplex. Page nails Alexander with a few boots in the corner. Page hits the Twist of Fate on Alexander for a near fall. Alexander connects with a spinning forearm and a dangerous reverse piledriver that saw Page land directly on his neck. Page elbows Alexander followed by a kick off the apron to the floor. Page nails Alexander with a kick against the railing. Page delivers another running boot against the railing. Page leaps off the top to hit a splash, but Alexander kicks out at two. Page delivers a roaring elbow for a two count. Page delivers another roaring elbow for a near fall. Page tries for a tombstone, but Alexander breaks free. Alexander nails Page with a discus forearm for a two count. Alexander slaps Page several time. Alexander low blows Page while the referee is out of position and spikes Page with a tombstone for a near fall. Page has a pin on Alexander, but the referee was out of position. Page decks Alexander with an forearm strike to the head of Alexander. Alexander is acting as if he’s hurt and Page has backed off. Veda Scott has come out to check on Alexander. Alexander pops up and gets an inside cradle on Page to win the match. Wait a minute, somebody comes out and says that Page will not get screwed over again. The match is restarted. Page decks Alexander on the aisle.

Page clotheslines Alexander followed by a kick to the head. Page sits Alexander on the top rope, but Alexander breaks free. Page elbows Alexander several times and Veda accidentally knocks Alexander off the ropes. Page hits a top rope powerbomb on Veda and that could have killed her it was so sloppy. Alexander gets out of a tombstone, but Page hits an elbow and spikes Alexander with a spinning tombstone for the win. (***. I was originally pissed about the finish off the injury angle, but this is a much better way to conclude the match and to give RSP a moment with the AIW crowd. Some of this was really dangerous and sloppy, but it’s an enjoyable contest with the crowd eating it up. I’m really glad that Veda survived that powerbomb spot.)

Main Event: Young Bucks, Josh Prohibition, Johnny Gargano & Alex Daniels vs. Dudes On TV (DJ Z, Ethan Carter III, Matt Cross, Raymond Rowe & Samoa Joe) in a street fight: As expected everyone goes at it to start the match with everyone going to the floor and they brawl around ringside. Cross and Nick are on the stage while everyone else is around ringside. Joe pummels Matt against the apron. There’s a head scissor chain on the floor. Matt superkicks Joe as the head scissor chain is broken up. Carter is kicked off by Nick as Carter signaled for a moonsault. Nick delivers a running kick off the apron to Carter on the floor. Bucks try to force Carter to suck it, but Daniels makes the save. Daniels delivers a double neckbreaker to the Bucks. Z and Gargano go at it in the ring. Gargano nails Z with a kick on the mat followed by a neckbreaker. Gargano stops Cross on a handspring, but Cross hits a back elbow strike off the ropes. Daniels kicks Cross to the floor. Rowe gut busters Daniels and plants Daniels with a gut wrench powerbomb. Prohibition and Rowe begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Prohibition hits a German suplex, but Rowe responds with one of his own. Bucks superkick Rowe and Joe clotheslines both Bucks. Joe nails Daniels with a strike in the corner before tossing him to the floor.

Joe is pulled to the floor by the Bucks and is superkicked by both men. Bucks hit stereo suicide dives to the floor to take everyone out. Daniels hits a somersault dive over the ropes onto everyone. Cross takes everyone out with a handspring dive over the ropes. Prohibition powerbombs Z over the ropes onto everyone at ringside. Prohibition is stopped by a slam from Rowe for a two count. Rowe is nailed by five superkicks, but Joe breaks the cover. Joe is nailed by several strikes in the corner. Daniels runs into an STO by Joe. Joe leg sweeps Matt causing Matt to DDT Nick. Carter splashes Daniels and his teammates all splash Daniels. Rowe hits a running knee strike and Cross hit a double stomp and moonsault for a two count. Nick dropkicks several guys to the floor and hits a slice bread on Carter followed by a kick from Matt. Bucks want Carter to suck it, but Carter sends Nick into Matt’s groin instead. Daniels is superkicked by the Bucks. Cross hits a crossbody onto the Bucks and Gargano. Cross heads to the top missing a shooting star press and is superkicked by the Bucks. Daniels is sent into the corner and kicked by the Bucks. Rowe and Joe are superkicked, as well. Daniels hits a twisting dive to the floor. Nick hits a double Meltzer Driver and Prohibition hits a Tiger Driver on Rowe to win the match. (***1/2. The match went under ten minutes, but it’s a great ten minutes and full of action. It’s a unique match to have people from all the major promotion wrestling in the main event of an indie show. This was a match I’ve been wanting to see and I feel like it was worth my time. A strong main event to end the show.) After the match, Carter says he’s not going to suck it and he’s going to leave. Samoa Joe stops Carter on the stage telling him he made a deal. Joe puts a sleeper on Carter and Carter is superkicked upon entering the ring. Carter is then forced to suck it. Carter is forced to suck the referee, too.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a loaded show full of talent and it’s completely worth the time to watch it. While there’s not really a standout match that is must-see, there’s quality action throughout. Anything that I felt was lackluster didn’t overstay it’s welcome and the good stuff outweighs the bad. A thumbs up show overall for AIW.

Thanks for reading.

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