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WWF Heat 10/1/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 10/1/2000
From: Pittsburgh, PA

1.) William Regal defeated Crash Holly
2.) WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko defeated Taka Michinoku to retain the title
3.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero defeated Road Dogg to retain the title
4.) Dudley Boys defeated Goodfather & Bull Buchanan in a tables match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is the first episode on MTV and thus the first time Heat was presented from WWF New York.

2.) DJ Skribble and Rebecca hype up the program noting that we have a tables match and two title matches. Steve Austin cuts them off and joins the program. Austin doesn’t say a word and walks off leaving Skribble speechless. Oh thank goodness, Michael Cole and Tazz are on commentary. Tazz claims that Heat is his show.

3.) Regal takes Holly to the mat early on, but Holly quickly gets to his feet and delivers a few forearm strikes. Holly head scissors Regal followed by more strikes. Regal plants Holly with a swinging slam for a two count. Regal controls Holly on the mat with a chinlock. Holly nearly wins the match with a rollup. Regal decks Holly with a forearm strike and stomps on the mat. Regal puts a cobra clutch on Holly, but doesn’t get a submission. Regal beats on Holly with stomps. Holly counters an uppercut with a backslide and inside cradle for a two count. Holly tries for another rollup, but Regal kicks out at two. Holly back elbows Regal to the mat followed by a scoop slam. Holly heads to the top rope hitting a missile dropkick for a near fall. Regal decks Holly with a kick as Crash was coming off the ropes. Regal hits a rolling fireman’s carry and puts the Regal Stretch on Holly for the submission victory. After the match, Regal doesn’t let go until Mideon appears and grosses Regal out. Holly dropkicks Regal to the floor. (*1/2. Regal’s original run in late ’98 was not successful and he was not playing the right character whatsoever. He’s playing the character he should be and I think Regal will become a strong upper card act in the WWF.)

4.) Steve Austin meets Disturbed and wants them to kick ass playing his theme music on the show.

5.) Malenko takes Taka down to the mat a few times to keep control of the contest. Taka counters with a headlock and a shoulder block off the ropes. Taka dropkicks Malenko to the floor. Taka leaps off the apron to axe handle Malenko on the floor. Taka rolls Malenko into the ring and beats on Malenko with right hands and a kick to the head. Taka nails Malenko with a seated dropkick. Taka continues to work over Malenko with stomps in the corner. Taka boots Malenko in the corner and hits a flying crossbody for a two count. Malenko knee lifts Taka and drops Taka gut first to the mat. Malenko tries for the Cloverleaf, but Taka nearly wins with an inside cradle. Malenko clotheslines Taka in the corner and a snap suplex with a float over for the win. (NR. I’m going to give this an NR because it appears they went home quick due to Taka suffering a shoulder injury.)

6.) Backstage, Road Dogg is interviewed by Lilian Garcia. Dogg has Eddie Guerrero in a singles match tonight. Chyna is promoting Playboy and that means Dogg has Guerrero by himself. Dogg is confident he’ll be the new champion tonight.

7.) Dogg drops Guerrero after a few right hands and a clothesline. Guerrero bails to the floor and gets sent into the ring steps shoulder first. Dogg tries for a quick cover, but Guerrero kicks out. Dogg continues to work over Guerrero with stomps in the corner. Guerrero fights back with right hands. Dogg decks Guerrero with a forearm strike and Guerrero begs off. Dogg clotheslines Guerrero and Guerrero goes to the apron. Dogg continues to work over Guerrero, but Guerrero boot scrapes Dogg on the mat. Guerrero stomps away on Dogg some more. Guerrero scoop slams Dogg and hits a slingshot senton splash for a two count. Dogg jabs Guerrero several times followed by a knee drop. Dogg tries for a pump handle slam, but Guerrero breaks free with a dropkick. Dogg slams Guerrero, but Guerrero rolls through and has his feet on the ropes to steal the match. (*1/4. I don’t see this advancing the issue between Guerrero and Dogg. The end game has to by Chyna winning the IC Championship at the end of this. The action wasn’t anything great and pretty much basic stuff you’d expect.)

8.) Backstage, Steven Richards is interviewed saying that MTV has corrupted millions of people based on the shows they have promoted. Richards promises they will censor improper material and it is for everyones own good.

9.) DJ Skribble and Rebecca insult Steven Richards saying that he’s probably still a virgin. They hype up Chyna and her success with Playboy. These two are awful.

10.) Goodfather and Bubba start off the main event tables match. Goodfather starts off with right hands and a shoulder block. Goodfather decks Bubba with a clothesline but misses a leg drop. Bubba fights back with right hands and a splash in the corner. Bubba continues with a snap suplex. D-Von tags in and hits a middle rope leg drop. D-Von hits a spinning elbow strike. D-Von gets stopped by Goodfather with a clothesline. Buchanan enters and shoulder blocks D-Von followed by a strike in the corner. Buchanan misses a splash in the corner and D-Von hammers away on Buchanan. Buchanan leaps off the top to hit an axe handle. D-Von hits a leaping forearm. All four men are in the ring brawling as Buchanan hits a scissors kick to send D-Von to the floor. Buchanan misses a splash in the corner. Bubba avoids Goodfather, who splashes Buchanan in the corner. Bubba slams Goodfather and they hit the What’s Up. Buchanan gets the What’s Up, too. Bubba calls for the table and they go to the floor to get two tables. Goodfather saves Buchanan from going through a table. Bubba saves D-Von from going through a table via a Death Valley Driver by Goodfather. Bubba tackles D-Von to prevent another table breaking. Bubba backdrops Goodfather to the floor and Buchanan is put through the table with a 3D for the win. After the match, Val Venis and Steven Richards come down to attack the Dudley’s. Right To Censor stand tall. (*. I’m not sure why this started off with regular tag rules, which is always a pet peeve. It broke down to your usual tables match after that.)

11.) Steve Austin comes over to Michael Cole and Tazz to chat. Austin has heard what Tazz had to say on commentary. Austin laughs at some jokes that Tazz had said earlier. Austin ends up attacking Tazz for his comments and clotheslines Tazz over the wall.

Final Thoughts:
I’m hopeful that Skribble and Rebecca never make another appearance on Heat. There was clearly much more star power on this episode since it’s on a new network, but the action was rather limited and boring.

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