WWF Superstars 12/2/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Salisbury, MD

1.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Ken Raper
2.) King Mabel defeated Dave Thronberg & Jerry Faith in a handicap match
3.) Ahmed Johnson defeated Jason Ahrnt
4.) Owen Hart defeated Matt Hardy
5.) Duke Droese defeated Reginald Walker
6.) Psycho Sid & 1-2-3 Kid defeated Hakushi & Barry Horowitz

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, Marty Jannetty gifts Razor Ramon a leather jacket. Jannetty wants to team with Ramon to take on Sid and Kid. Ramon invites Jannetty to watch his back tonight. During Ramon’s match, Sid and Kid watch the match from the aisle with Jannetty taunting them as Ramon won the enhancement match.

2.) Vince McMahon talks about the vicious attack made by the media a few years ago. He considers it journalistic stalking. McMahon says that Phil Musnick wouldn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. McMahon was shocked by the lack of ethics by the people associated with Musnick. McMahon recalls the good guys admitting to their various mistakes. McMahon read two new articles before Thanksgiving. McMahon comments of people destroying evidence or impacting the witnesses. Vince defends his lawyer and refutes his acquittal being tainted. The jury didn’t believe the journalists then, so why would they believe them now?

3.) Mr. Bob Backlund is trying to get fans to vote for him.

4.) Brother Love shared a pre-tape promo during Mabel’s match saying that he’s got a lovely surprise for Mabel on RAW. After Mabel’s victory, Mabel destroyed a cardboard cutout that was being shilled.

5.) Dean Douglas shared a pre-tape promo during Ahmed Johnson’s entrance. Douglas says that Johnson will not have a merry Christmas. Douglas promises that Johnson will have a wrestling lesson. Brains slay bran at In Your House.

6.) Jim Ross interviews Bob Backlund in the crowd. Ross wants to know why Backlund is being a poor sport with Bret Hart. Backlund doesn’t respond and Ross tries to leave, but Backlund stops Ross. Backlund puts the crossface chicken wing on Ross! Savio Vega comes out and tries to pull Backlund off, which he’s eventually successful in doing.

7.) Kid and Horowitz start off the tag team main event. Horowitz controls Kid with a hammerlock and a side headlock. Kid breaks free, but Horowitz hip tosses and arm drags Kid to maintain control of the contest. Horowitz tries for a rollup, but Kid kicks out at two. Hakushi tags into the match and delivers a strike to Kid. Hakushi connects with a dropkick and a few right hands in the corner. Hakushi hits a handspring back elbow in the corner. Hakushi slams Kid followed by a middle rope splash for a near fall. Sid tags into the match and plants Hakushi with a chokeslam. Kid tags back in and works over Hakishi with stomps in the corner. Kid delivers a few kicks in the corner and tags Sid back into the match. Sid comes off the ropes to kick Hakushi in the midsection. Horowitz tries to get involved, but that allows Hakushi to be double teamed. Kid takes Hakushi over with a snap suplex as the show goes to commercial.

Kid hits a spinning heel kick in the corner to drop Hakushi. Kid kicks Hakushi several times, but Hakushi leg sweeps Kid followed by a kick to the face. Sid trips Hakushi allowing Kid to hit a leg drop. Sid punches Hakushi several times in the corner and taunts Horowitz. Hakushi tries to fight back, but Sid big boots Hakushi in the corner. Sid misses a big boot in the corner and Horowitz gets tagged in. Horowitz cleans house with uppercuts, but Sid nails Horowitz with a clothesline from behind. Sid sets Horowitz up for a powerbomb and hits it. Sid tags in Kid and Kid simply covers Horowitz for the three count. (*1/4. There was no reason to believe that Hakushi and Horowitz had a chance in hell here. I could get behind a Sid/Kid team as they are a good heel duo with their styles meshing well together.)

Final Thoughts:
I’m not a fan of Bob Backlund in this era and the feature match didn’t provide any entertainment. This episode is memorable McMahon’s comments about the media and his trial from last year.

Thanks for reading.

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