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Rebooking The WWF: Week 2, 1995

WWF RAW 1/9/1995
1. Men on a Mission defeated The Quebecers in 7:05 when Mo pinned Jacques after a middle rope senton splash.
2. Jeff Jarrett defeated Mark Curtis in 2:44 following a double arm DDT.
3. Kings Court w/Hunter Hearst Helmsley: Jerry Lawler introduces the man who will take out Mr. Perfect once and for all at the Royal Rumble, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Helmsley talks about how six years ago Perfect arrived to the WWF and was at the top of his game, but like every athlete your time passes you by and sadly Perfect hasn’t realized that his time has been long gone. Heck, Helmsley doesn’t think Perfect ever had a time to be a truly elite superstar in the WWF. Helmsley recalls all the major matches that Perfect has lost over years noting that Perfect hasn’t been able to beat Lex Luger, Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels in recent memory. Helmsley has done more in six months than Perfect has done in the last six years. Helmsley tells Lawler that there will not a perfect ending for Perfect’s career because it comes to an end next Sunday at the Royal Rumble and Helmsley takes the first step to leading the Dynasty to championships in ’95.
4. Crush defeated Bob Holly in 4:53 following the Kona Vice.
5. John Bradshaw defeated Tim Dawson in 2:09 following a lariat.
6. Scott Steiner Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner regarding his match with his brother Rick Steiner at the Royal Rumble. Steiner says that while his brother was out with injury, he made the decision to make the most of it and was lucky enough to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship. At no point did he ever want the Steiner Brothers tag team to end nor did he want announcers, such as Jim Ross, to overshadow the injury that Rick had to highlight his title reign. Scott never would have though his brother would turn on him considering they hadn’t had any issues in their conversations prior to his return. Scott says that while he loves his brother, he isn’t going to treat him any differently at the Royal Rumble. He will do what he has to do on pay per view to keep a championship he fought extremely hard to obtain.
7. Duke Droese defeated Boo Bradley in 2:14 following a side slam.
8. Randy Savage defeated Hughie The Clown by disqualification in 5:06 when Bam-Bam Bigelow interfered. Bigelow hit a top rope diving head butt on Savage, as well.
9.Ted DiBiase Returns: Vince McMahon introduces the returning Ted DiBiase for an interview. DiBiase makes his way down to the ring overly happy about being back and refuses to shake the hand of the McMahon. Vince asks DiBiase what he is doing back in the WWF. DiBiase talks about how for nearly a year he ruined the life of Bret Hart and the British Bulldog and how he almost won the WWF World Championship from the Undertaker. DiBiase says that his dream of being the WWF World Champion will never be a reality due to his retirement, but his new focus is finding a group of men to lead to the championships in the WWF. DiBiase has been scouting talent all over the world and over the next few weeks and months these men will be coming into the company. DiBiase says that while he is a clean, well groomed, rich man, he has no issue with bringing in rugged, wild, not so well groomed men in order to be associated with a champion. DiBiase says that the WWF is about to be invaded by the Million Dollar Corporation and it may very well be compiled of misfits to help make him millions more dollars. “All the champions in the WWF, beware. We are coming for the gold!”
10. Royal Rumble Hype Video: The video promoted the 30-man battle royal and the Hogan/Yokozuna title match.
11. Diesel defeated Mike Sampson in 1:07 following a power bomb.
12. Bret Hart defeated Greg Johnson in 2:33 with the Sharpshooter. After the match, Owen Hart came out and jokingly teased Bret saying that he wasn’t going to be in that situation at the Royal Rumble.
13. Lex Luger Video: Lex Luger has his face wrapped with gauze while in the hospital and he is saying that the reconstruction of his face is complete and that he is going to be even better looking and harder to defeat. Luger says that his reveal will be at the Royal Rumble and says that he will be in the 1995 Royal Rumble match.
14. WWF World Tag Team Champions Tatanka & Carlos Vega defeated Shawn Michaels & Diesel in 14:05 to retain the titles when Tatanka pinned Michaels following a Samoan Drop and interference from Ron Simmons. After the match, Diesel sent the champions out of the ring and dropped Simmons with a power bomb to end the segment helping Michaels to his feet.

WWF Superstars 1/14/1995
1. Mr. Perfect defeated Scotty Anton in 2:15 following the Perfect Plex.
2. Chris Benoit defeated Eric Gamble in 2:17 following the Crossface.
3. Brian Lee defeated Duane Gill in 2:33 following a back breaker. After the match, Rick Martel chased Lee and Tamara to the backstage area with a steel chair.
4. Shawn Michaels defeated Jimmy Del Ray in 3:44 following a super kick. After the match, Michaels posed for the fans and signaled that he was going to win the Royal Rumble next weekend.


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