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WCW Saturday Night 6/8/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night

1.) Steiner Brothers fought Fire & Ice to a double count out
2.) Lord Steven Regal defeated Billy Kidman
3.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Terry Quick
4.) Arn Anderson defeated Steve Armstrong
5.) WCW Television Champion Lex Luger defeated Dave Taylor
6.) John Tenta defeated Larry Kean
7.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Kurasawa
8.) Nasty Boys defeated Mark Starr & Mike Winner
9.) Sting defeated Hugh Morrus

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Train and Scott kickoff the tag match with Train hitting a shoulder block for a one count. Scott hip tosses Train and does the same to Norton. Rick takes Norton over with a German suplex and Scott tosses Train with an exploder suplex. Norton kicks Rick and connects with a powerbomb. Norton hits a middle rope clothesline to knock Rick off his feet. Norton misses a splash and Rick hits a German suplex. Rick clotheslines Norton and goes to the top rope hitting a bulldog for a two count. Scott tags in and slams Norton, but misses a middle rope clothesline. Norton clotheslines Scott and tags in Train to keep control. Scott rams Train into the corner face first followed by right hands. Train clotheslines Scott and hits a vertical suplex. Train hits a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Train big splashes Scott for a near fall. Train runs into a boot in the corner and Scott connects with a belly to belly suplex. Scott tosses Train overhead with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Rick and Norton enter the match and they brawl to the floor. Train clotheslines Scott to the floor. All four men are brawling around ringside causing a double count-out. (**. Another match between these two teams without a finish, but it doesn’t bother me all that much. The action was okay as they held my interest.)

2.) Mean Gene interviews the Steiner Brothers and Fire & Ice about Great American Bash where they will wrestle and there will be a winner. Train says they will settle things next week on PPV. Norton promises to end the match at the PPV. Rick chimes in and says they want the tag titles and they will get past them. Scott promises to go through them on their way to the tag titles.

3.) Mean Gene interviews Lord Steven Regal following his quick victory. Gene reminds Regal slapping Sting and having a lot of nerve to do that. Regal backhanded Sting and says that’s a sign of a challenge. Regal wants to be the WCW World Champion and wants to beat The Giant. Regal claims he’s been held back. Regal will beat whomever he needs to beat to make that a reality. Regal is tired of being ignored and he’s going to be at the top.

4.) Mean Gene interviews Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart following Sullivan’s victory. Hart doubts that Lex Luger will be able to lift The Giant for the Torture Rack. Sullivan says he only respects Arn Anderson and Ric Flair. Sullivan was right about Brian Pillman and knows he’s right about Chris Benoit, who is in Japan. Arn Anderson enters the scene and agrees about Pillman with Sullivan. Anderson promises Sullivan a fair shake at Great American Bash.

5.) Kevin Greene and Steve McMichael training for their Great American Bash pay per view is shown.

6.) Armstrong arm drags Anderson to kickoff the singles match. Armstrong counters with a hammerlock to keep control of the match. Armstrong drop toe holds Anderson, but Anderson scrambles to the ropes. Anderson knee lifts Armstrong followed by a strike to the back. Armstrong fakes a crossbody and hits a missile dropkick off the middle rope for a two count. Armstrong atomic drops Anderson followed by a dropkick. Armstrong goes to the top rope hitting a flying clothesline for a two count. Anderson forearms Armstrong to block a backdrop attempt. Anderson forearms Armstrong in the midsection and chokes Armstrong over the middle rope. Anderson sends Armstrong shoulder first into the corner and continues with strikes. Anderson atomic drops Armstrong and plants Armstrong with a DDT for the win. (*1/2. A quick match with some constant action. I enjoyed it for what it was.)

7.) Backstage, Mean Gene is with Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Elizabeth and Woman for an interview. Anderson hopes that Greene and McMichael are paying attention to what they just saw. Anderson brings in Bobby Heenan to be part of the interview. Heenan says that Greene and McMichael can’t think they will dominate like they did in football. Flair chimes in and says that NFL players can’t walk in and dominate in wrestling. Greene will be a small man in their world. Flair claims that Debra will change her last name to Flair soon. Heenan returns and takes a family picture of the group.

8.) Lee Marshall interviews WCW Television/Tag Team Champion Lex Luger following his easy victory. Luger gets his WCW World Championship opportunity against the Giant at Great American Bash next Sunday. Luger says that Giant looks like a guy who is unstoppable. Luger knows this is an opportunity that he can’t waste. He’s coming for the title. Marshall reminds Luger he’s the only man to be chokeslammed through a table. Luger wants Giant to worry about him and he’s coming for revenge along with the WCW World Championship.

9.) Mean Gene interviews John Tenta following his victory. Tenta says that everyone has been laughing at him after having half of his head shaved off. Tenta isn’t going to shave his head because it motivates him. Gene suggests the haircut could catch on as people are doing different things these days.

10.) Lee Marshall interviews Diamond Dallas Page. Page is still without a title match against the Giant despite winning Battle Bowl at Slamboree. Page knows that he’s full of controversy. Page admits that his foot touched the ground and claims the footage was taken out of order and says that footage was when he left the ring. Marshall says that the benefactor is rumored to be Kimberly, but Page dismisses that thought. Page says the main event spot at GAB belongs to him.

11.) Morrus wants to shake hands with Sting to start the match, but Sting declines. Morrus attacks Sting in the corner with right hands followed by a scoop slam. Morrus leg drops Sting on the groin. Morrus clotheslines Sting coming off the ropes and taunts Sting before delivering an elbow drop. Morrus keeps a sleeper hold on Sting, but doesn’t get a submission. Sting elbows free and is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Morrus is tackled by Sting and Sting hammers away on Morrus with right hands. Morrus shoulder blocks Sting, but Sting monkey flips Morrus sending Morrus to the floor. Morrus keeps control with a test of strength. Sting tries to get up, but Morrus kicks Sting to the mat. Sting breaks free with strikes, but Morrus sends Sting into the corner and misses a splash. Sting hits a Stinger Splash in the corner twice. Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock to win the match by submission. (*. A boring main event as Morrus didn’t do much of anything when he had control of the match. It felt like they did as little as they could to just fill time on the show before the obvious outcome.)

12.) Lee Marshall interviews Sting regarding Lord Steven Regal backhanding him recently. Sting recalls all the kind of injuries that he’s gone through in recent years. Sting says he’s been humiliated by a backhand. Sting says he’s here to stay and he’ll never leave. Sting is going to embarrass Regal at the PPV.

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the opening tag match there again was just not a lot going on this week.

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