Rebooking The WWF: Week 9, 1995

WWF RAW 2/27/1995
1. Jeff Jarrett defeated Duane Gill in 3:55 following a jumping DDT. During the match, Razor Ramon cut a pre-tape comments saying that at WrestleMania XI he is going to destroy Jarrett’s vocal cords to no longer hear him talk smack and end any aspirations the Dynasty member has to be a country singer.
2. Men on a Mission defeated Greg Valentine & Mark Young in 2:19 when Mabel pinned Young following a big splash
3. Kings Court w/ Doink & Hughie: Jerry Lawler hosts the segment as the trio gloats about the attack they did to Randy Savage last week. Lawler has dealt with Randy Savage for three years and had enough. Lawler puts over his handymen in Doink and Hughie for helping him eliminate the disrespectful and insulting Randy Savage. Lawler recalls a time when Savage called himself the Macho King and made a mockery out of what real royalty is all about, which is him. Lawler believes that this is the end of Randy Savage and that all the fans holding up his signs will be disappointed because Macho is DEAD! Just at that time, Savage comes running into the ring and takes Lawler down by the legs until Doink and Hughie get involved. Savage is beaten down and Lawler sets up for the piledriver, but Bam-Bam Bigelow comes running into the ring and tosses both Doink and Hughie over the top to the floor. Bigelow clotheslines Lawler and ends up press slamming Lawler over the top onto Hughie and Doink on the outside! Bigelow is fired up and Savage struggles to his feet. Bigelow looks over to Savage and helps him up, which causes Savage to look oddly at Bigelow while Lawler freaks out on the floor with Doink and Hughie.
4. IRS defeated Virgil in 2:45 following a lariat
5. Owen Hart defeated John Paul in 2:41 with the Sharpshooter. During the match, Bret Hart shared pre-tape comments saying that the comments by Owen last week made him sick. He is focused on taking on Chris Benoit and getting Owen Hart to wake up and realize that Benoit is nothing but lies.
6. Jack Tunney Reveals Legendary Tag Team: Vince McMahon is in the ring with the Movement to announce the tag team that will compete against Carlos Vega and Tatanka at WrestleMania XI. Jack Tunney says that Carlos Vega, Tatanka and Ron Simmons have made it a goal to control the WWF by holding the top championships and they aren’t doing it in a respectful way. They are claiming discrimination which is completely false. Tunney says that all the top teams in the WWF have gotten chances to stop the Movement but have come up short and thus that is why Tunney has brought in a legendary tag team for a non-title match at WrestleMania XI. McMahon can’t wait to hear which tag team it is. Tunney reveals that at WrestleMania XI the legendary tag team and former WWF World Tag Team Champions… the Legion of Doom will be returning to the WWF! The crowd erupts as McMahon can’t believe it! Backstage, the Movement isn’t angry but rather seemingly determined to end another legend to go along with Hulk Hogan at the event.
7. Marty Jannetty defeated Chris Kanyon in 3:06 following a Rocker Dropper.
8. Hulk Hogan Interview: Late last week, Jim Ross met up with Hulk Hogan at his home in Florida to get his reaction to what Ron Simmons said last week. Hogan says that the comments from Simmons last week were some of the most outrageous claims he has ever heard in his career. Hogan believes that Simmons is an incredibly talented and determined wrestler, but his racial claims are holding him back. Hulk has dealt with many people trying to end his career, and he is always fighting back. Heck, just a few months ago Yokozuna thought he ended Hogan, but even after a defeat, Hogan remains in the WWF. Hogan tells Simmons to get focused on his training because at WrestleMania XI, Hulkamania is going to be running wild and is going to run right through the Movement!
9. Diesel defeated Jeff Hardy in 1:35 following a Jackknife power bomb. After the match, Diesel played to the crowd signaling for the WWF World Championship coming around his waist at WrestleMania.
10. Scott Norton & Arn Anderson defeated The Smoking Gunns in 8:04 when Norton pinned Billy Gunn following a shoulder breaker.
11. Rick Steiner Interview: Jim Ross suggests to Rick Steiner that he is a coward for hitting Scott Steiner with his headgear last week. Rick scoffs at that suggestion and rather says he is just smarter than his brother and always has been. If Scott and anyone else is going to complain about what he did, then he doesn’t know why they’d want a street fight at WrestleMania because much, much worse is going to happen. Rick tells Ross that he will do what he has to do to retain the championship and has no problem destroying his brother. “JR, gold is thicker than blood.”
12. The British Bulldog defeated Crush in 6:57 following a running power slam
13. Ric Flair Interview: Vince McMahon interviewed Ric Flair, who is completely confused as to why there is an issue with The Undertaker. McMahon reminds Flair that he tried to attack Taker at the Royal Rumble, but Flair says that’s not true. Vince also recalls a moment where Flair tried to use a chair on Taker on RAW after a match with Arn Anderson. Flair tells McMahon and the fans that this is Taker’s fault and all he was trying to do was offer a truce by getting a chair for Taker after a grueling match with Arn. Flair doesn’t know what Taker is, a person or a walking corpse, but he sure as hell isn’t afraid of him. The lights go out and a gong is heard, and when the lights come on, Flair is hiding behind McMahon until he realizes Taker isn’t around and readjusts the collar of McMahon. “Like I said, McMahon, the Nature Boy isn’t afraid of the dark.” Flair says he is the greatest wrestler to ever live and he would send Taker back to the graveyard. If Taker wants a piece of him all he has to do is sign the dotted line. McMahon cautions Flair to be careful what he asks for, but Flair finishes off saying that the Undertaker is all smoke and mirrors and isn’t anything to worry about when it comes to the Dynasty.
14. Shawn Michaels defeated Brian Lee by disqualification in 10:54 when Lex Luger brutally attacked Michaels on the outside ramming Michaels face first into the ring post numerous times. Luger places Michaels head on the ring steps and delivered a chair shot. Several officials, including Vince McMahon escorted Luger to the backstage area while Michaels was attended to by EMTS to end the program.

WWF Superstars 3/4/1995
1. The Kamikaze Kid defeated Steve Anderson in 2:14 following a top rope leg drop
2. Ron Simmons defeated Mark Starr in 2:44 following a snap power slam.
3. Scott Steiner defeated Chris Kanyon in 3:08 following a hurricanrana
4. Hakushi defeated Bob Holly in 5:15 following a top rope moonsault

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