WWF Prime Time Wrestling 1/27/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Prime Time Wrestling
From: Various Locations

Matches: (not including matches aired on syndication previously)
1.) Bret Hart defeated Col. Mustafa
2.) Marty Jannetty defeated Kato
3.) Tito Santana & Virgil defeated Ted DiBiase & Repo Man by disqualification
4.) Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter defeated Louie Spicolli & Barry Horowitz

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon, Gorilla Monsoon, Slick, Bobby Heenan and Mr. Perfect are the panel. McMahon talks about the top five contenders and how one of them will challenge WWF World Champion Ric Flair at WrestleMania VIII. There will be fan voting allowed to vote for who they want to wrestle Flair. Heenan asks if he can vote 800 times. Perfect says he’d vote for Hulk Hogan. Perfect says that they know they can beat Hogan. Slick thinks that Roddy Piper would be his choice. Heenan starts to call the number and votes for Hogan altering his voice.

2.) Mustafa stalls for a few moments before locking up with Hart and breaking off to stall some more. They trade go behinds until Mustafa goes to the ropes and yells at the fans. Hart gets a full nelson on Mustafa, but there’s another rope break. Mustafa forearms Hart, but misses a clothesline. Hart clotheslines Mustafa followed by a scoop slam. Hart teases a kick to the midsection and finally delivers a stomp. Hart pummels Mustafa with right hands in the corner. Mustafa loads his boot and kicks Hart in the gut. Mustafa delivers a gut wrench suplex for a near fall. Hart blocks a suplex hitting a snap suplex on Mustafa. Hart elbow strikes Mustafa followed by right hands and a forearm drop. Hart hits a middle rope forearm drop for a two count. Hart takes Mustafa down with a side Russian leg sweep. Mustafa stops Hart on the apron with a right hand strike. Adnan grabs Hart’s boot, but is kicked away. Hart gets a sunset flip and pins Mustafa for the win. (1/2*. I mean, what are you to expect from Mustafa at this point? It’s disappointing that Hart was saddled with Mustafa, but at least he got a clean win.)

3.) Back to the panel where they continue to promote the WrestleMania contenders. McMahon promotes the voting system for Hogan, Savage, Taker, Sid and Piper. Heenan continues to alter his voice to vote for Hogan.

4.) Jannetty backs Kato into the corner, but cleanly backs off. Kato backs Jannetty into a corner and delivers a shoulder ram in the corner. Kato chops Jannetty a few times. Jannetty decks Kato to the mat and Kato bails to the floor. Jannetty leaps off the top to deliver an axe handle. Kato pulls Jannetty to the floor and they trade right hands. Jannetty is sent into the ring post ribs first. Kato decks Jannetty on the apron with a few right hands. Jannetty slides into the ring and plants Kato with a face buster. Jannetty punches Kato and gets a two count. Jannetty hammers away on Kato in the corner, but an atomic drop stops Jannetty. Kato delivers a savant kick for a two count. Kato elbow drops Jannetty a few times. Jannetty punches Kato in the midsection and hits the Rocker Dropper for the win. (*. I enjoy Jannetty in a singles role and I think a singles match with Michaels would be highly anticipated for WrestleMania VIII.)

5.) Ted DiBiase and Sherri Martel continue to cut a promo on Tito Santana. They are walking on a beach of Tito’s hometown. DiBiase walks up on a homeless guy under a tree. Sherri kicks the guy and DiBiase asks if the guy likes Tito Santana. Of course, the fan loves Tito Santana. DiBiase kicks the fan over and walks off. Vince McMahon issues an apology for DiBiase’s behavior.

6.) DiBiase spits at Virgil allowing Repo Man to attack from behind. However, they are soon sent into each other and bail to the floor. Virgil lifts Repo by his feet and slams him down to the mat. Tito punches Repo from the apron. Repo regains control with strikes in the corner. Virgil avoids Repo in the corner followed by a clothesline. Santana tags in and double clotheslines Repo coming off the ropes. Santana misses an elbow drop and DiBiase tags in, but begs off from Tito. DiBiase backs Santana into a corner to deliver a knee strike and right hand. DiBiase bails to the floor, but is punched by Santana and rammed into the apron face first. DiBiase misses a kick and Tito atomic drops DiBiase over the top to the floor. Santana sends DiBiase and Sherri into each other on the floor. Santana hammers away on DiBiase, but is tripped by Sherri. DiBiase tags in Repo to keep control of the contest. Repo decks Santana to the mat. DiBiase works over Santana with strikes in the corner. DiBiase tries for a backdrop, but Santana gets a inside cradle for a two count. DiBiase strikes Tito a few times and rams Santana into the corner with Repo. Repo keeps the advantage with right hands. Repo keeps a body scissors on Santana.

DiBiase tags back in and decks Santana to maintain the advantage. Santana fires back with right hands and tries to tag in Virgil, but is stopped. Repo gets involved to distract the referee and prevent the tag to Virgil. Repo gets a cover on Santana for a two count. Santana hamemers away on Tito. DiBiase chops Santana a few times, but Santana fights back with a swinging neckbreaker. Repo gets the tag and so does Virgil. Virgil hammers away on Repo. Virgil goes for a sunset flip and gets a two count. Virgil dropkicks Repo and clotheslines DiBiase. Virgil clotheslines Repo a few times to the mat. Virgil takes Repo down with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Repo staggers up and is dropkicked to the floor. DiBiase sends Virgil to the floor. Santana hammers away on DiBiase while Repo gets his hook. Repo chokes Virgil with his rope. The referee has called for the bell as Repo drags Virgil up the aisle way. Santana leaves the ring and saves Virgil hammering away on Repo Man as they brawl backstage. DiBiase runs to grab Santana while Virgil is laid out on the aisle. (**. It’s not a bad match, but the lame finish was a bit disappointing. The finishing sequence had some good fire and the crowd was responding well to the action.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a decent show overall and I am enjoying the hype for the top contender to WWF World Champion Ric Flair. I think I’d be tuning in each episode to find out who will be getting the shot at Mania. It’s a little surprising that Heenan and Perfect would want Hogan, so that makes me feel that a swerve would be happening.

Thanks for reading.

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