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WCW Pro 2/17/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro
From: Orlando, FL

1.) WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd defeated Dave Taylor to retain the title
2.) One Man Gang defeated Dave Sullivan
3.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Scott Armstrong
4.) Public Enemy defeated Men At Work
5.) WCW United States Champion Konnan defeated Earl Robert Eaton

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Badd backs Taylor into a corner, but cleanly backs off. Taylor gets a wrist lock on Badd, but Badd rolls through and takes Taylor down to the mat with a wrist lock. Badd arm drags Taylor a couple of times. Taylor backs off into a corner. Taylor shoulder blocks Badd to the mat, but Badd catapults Taylor and dropkicks Taylor over the top to the floor. Taylor uppercuts Badd a few times to gain the advantage. Taylor keeps Badd on the mat with a leg lock and stomps on Badd’s knee a few times. Taylor keeps a chin lock on Badd, but Badd counters with a back suplex. Badd hammers away on Taylor and delivers a kick to the midsection and a knee lift. Badd heads to the top rope hitting an axe handle to drop Taylor, but Regal gets on the apron. Regal holds Badd, but Badd dropkicks Taylor into Regal and wins the match with a rollup. (*. That was a rather predictable match and the finish feels like something I see on a weekly basis for WCW TV.)

2.) One Man Gang won his match in short order following a big splash.

3.) Hulk Hogan cuts a promo behind a steel cage. Hogan says you get to know someone when you’re around them a lot and says he knows Randy Savage quite well. Hogan thinks that Savage is digging a hole to help him out if they can’t figure out how to win. Hogan brings up Elizabeth and how they found out they couldn’t trust her. Hogan claims that Elizabeth told Savage that she loved him still after their divorce four years ago. Hogan knows that Savage is going to win the WCW World Championship at Superbrawl. Hogan promotes his match with Arn Anderson on Nitro.

4.) Scott Armstrong actually got some brief offense on Sullivan with a superkick to send Sullivan to the floor. That offense didn’t last for an extended period of time and Sullivan went back to his usual dominance against enhancement guys. Sullivan won the match following a double stomp.

5.) Public Enemy won their match following a reverse DDT and a top rope swanton combo onto Kanyon. It wasn’t a long match at all.

6.) Randy Savage also cut a promo behind a steel cage. Savage calls Arn Anderson beating Hogan as a fluke. Savage says that Flair is in for a rude awakening along with Elizabeth and Woman. Savage promises to win the WCW World Championship on Nitro.

7.) Konnan arm drags Eaton and keeps control on the mat until Eaton reaches the ropes to break the hold. Konnan keeps Eaton on the mat with a headlock. Eaton gets a rollup for a two count on Konnan. Regal trips Konnan from the floor and Eaton works over Konnan with strikes. Eaton covers and only manages a two count. Eaton sends Konnan to the floor where Regal punches Konnan on the floor. Regal distracts the referee while Eaton elbows Konnan to the mat for a two count. Eaton keeps Konnan on the mat with an arm bar. Regal decks Konnan from the floor to allow Eaton to maintain his arm bar. Konnan fights back with strikes and kicks Eaton. Eaton counters a catapult, but Konnan counters that and pins Eaton with a rollup. (1/2*. They didn’t click well and there wasn’t much substance to this at all.)

Final Thoughts:
The feature matches aren’t good, but the show served a purpose with there being promos to promote bigger matches taking place on Nitro. So, I’ll give this an average rating, but certainly not something you’d have to tune in for.

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