WWF Prime Time Wrestling 2/17/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Prime Time Wrestling
From: Various Locations

Matches: (original matches)
1.) Tatanka defeated Kato
2.) Beverly Brothers defeated Brian Elmore & Dale Wolfe
3.) Nasty Boys & Natural Disasters defeated Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter
4.) Shawn Michaels defeated Louie Spicolli
5.) Big Bossman defeated The Berzerker by count-out

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan, Mr. Perfect, Slick and Gorilla Monsoon are on the panel. They talk about the new double main event at WrestleMania VIII. McMahon believes that Hogan was nearly the new champion at Rumble, but Sid took the cowardly way to eliminate Hogan. Heenan thinks that Sid handled it the smart way and took advantage. We see footage from SNME where Sid turned on Hogan. They talk about the claim of favoritism and how Sid was smart to go with that approach.

2.) Tatanka shoves Kato to the mat to start the match. Kato complains of a mask tug, but Tatanka sends Kato into the ropes where Kato shoulder blocks Tatanka. Tatanka responds with a hip toss and backs Kato into a corner. Kato complains of a tug on the tights. Kato punches Tatanka against the ropes followed by a few more strikes. Tatanka ducks a clothesline and avoids an elbow drop. Tatanka shoulder blocks Kato and runs the ropes to hip toss Kato. Tatanka wrenches the arm of Kato and delivers a few overhand strikes to the arm. Kato forearms Tatanka a few times in the corner. Tatanka ducks a strike and blocks a kick to connect with an atomic drop to send Kato into the corner. Tatanka delivers a couple of clotheslines, but Kato tosses Tatanka over the top to the floor. Kato misses a clothesline and drives Tatanka down with a backbreaker. Kato connects with a suplex and stomps on Tatanka. Kato delivers a few strikes to the back, but Tatanka no sells and comes back with chops. Tatanka knocks Kato to the mat with a chop to the chest. Tatanka plants Kato with the End of the Trail for the win. (*. A fairly basic match between these two, but it was fine for what it was. Kato didn’t do much when he had control to hold interest.)

3.) The panel talks about the match at Mania VIII between WWF IC Champion Roddy Piper and Bret Hart. Heenan wonders if Hart is over his little fever. Monsoon thinks that Bret will win the title back from Piper.

4.) The panel talk about Hulk Hogan and Heenan calls Hogan a liar, which leads to them plugging Hogan’s 1-900 number.

5.) Tito Santana cuts a promo about DiBiase and IRS making fun of him. Santana says that he’s ready for any action. Santana says that as long as the fans are behind him, he doesn’t care what he’s got to do. Santana wants a piece of DiBiase.

6.) Paul Bearer and the Undertaker cut a promo with Bearer wondering why everyone wants to know what is in the urn. We’ll never know until Taker wants us to know. Taker says that all your answers will be found upon entering the ring.

7.) Sags and Neidhart kickoff the eight man tag with Sags hammering away on Neidhart. Neidhart comes off the ropes with a shoulder block to both Sags and Knobs. Owen hits a crossbody off the top onto the Nasty Boys. Owen and Neidhart hit stereo dropkicks to send the Nasty Boys to the floor. The Natural Disasters are also tripped down to the mat and they bail to the floor. Duggan and Typhoon are in the match with Duggan delivering a few clotheslines to stagger Typhoon and knocks Typhoon down to the mat. Slaughter tags in and hammers away on Typhoon and decks the heels off the apron. Typhoon accidentally collides with Earthquake. Slaughter clotheslines Typhoon and locks in a sleeper. Typhoon sends Slaughter into the corner and hits the post. Knobs returns to the match and chokes Slaughter in the corner. Typhoon splashes Slaughter a few times in the corner. Knobs works over Slaughter in the corner with strikes, but Slaughter battles back and decks Knobs. Earthquake tags in and stomps on Slaughter. Quake keeps a bearhug on Slaughter, but doesn’t get a submission. Slaughter claps his way free and eye rakes Quake. Slaughter tries for a slam, but Quake doesn’t budge. Knobs enters the match and pummels Slaughter. Sags enters, but they miss a double clothesline and Slaughter knocks both men down. Neidhart tags into the match and knocks Sags to the floor. Neidhart cleans house and rams Knobs into the post on the apron. Owen kicks Sags to the floor to prevent a megaphone shot. Quake splashes Neidhart in the corner. Quake delivers an elbow drop and pins Neidhart to win the match. (*1/2. It’s a rushed match, but it was noticeable that the crowd was interested in the action. No surprise that Neidhart would take the fall here, either. I like that the heel team got a clean win.)

8.) This is the first time Sherri Martel is in the corner of Shawn Michaels, her new love interest. Michaels won his match with a tear drop suplex.

9.) Bossman and Berzerker trade strikes and shoulder blocks, but neither man goes down. Berzerker nails Bossman with a big boot followed by strikes. Bossman ducks a clothesline and uppercuts Berzerker followed by a spinebuster for a two count. Bossman sends Berzerker into a corner, but misses a splash attempt and crashes to the mat. Berzerker sends Bossman into the corner and Bossman goes down to his knees. Berzerker delivers a leaping shoulder block for a near fall. Berzerker chokes Bossman over the middle rope and Fuji delivers a strike behind the referees back. Berzerker continues with a knee drop and a scoop slam. Berzerker goes to the middle rope and misses a knee drop. Bossman clotheslines himself and Berzerker over the top to the floor. They continue to trade strikes on the floor and Bossman rolls into the ring to win the match by count-out. After the match, Berzerker sends Bossman into the railing and pulls up the protection mats on the floor. Berzerker slams Bossman on the concrete floor. Bossman sends Berzerker into the ring steps face first, much to the delight of the fans. (1/2*. Came across like a fight, which was fine. I just didn’t enjoy it, though the aftermath was entertaining.)

Final Thoughts:
An average episode for Prime Time Wrestling this week. They are advancing towards Mania pretty well, but there is just a lack of compelling TV matches to go with the strong interviews.

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