WWE Heat 9/15/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Heat

1.) WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly defeated Jacqueline to retain the title
2.) Shelton Benjamin defeated Justin Credible
3.) Raven defeated Johnny Stamboli
4.) D’Lo Brown defeated Shawn Stasiak

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Molly controls Jacqueline with a wrist lock, but Jacqueline gets a rollup for a near fall. Jacquline plays to the crowd, who respond very well to her. Jacqueline shoulder blocks Molly followed by a hip toss and arm drag. Jacqueline head scissors Molly out of the corner. Molly sends Jacqueline into the corner and delivers a dropkick. Molly hits a snap suplex for a two count. Molly chokes Jacqueline over the middle rope and top rope. Jacqueline gets a rollup for a near fall, but Molly decks Jacqueline with a clothesline. Molly delivers a backbreaker for a two count. Molly misses a handspring elbow in the corner and Jacqueline dropkicks Molly followed by an elbow strike for a two count. Jacqueline nails Molly with a spin kick for a two count. Jacqueline rams Molly face first into the top turnbuckle. Jacqueline punches Molly a few times, but Molly takes Jacqueline down and uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. (*. A basic match, but the crowd was actually responding well to the match so it made it more enjoyable as a viewer.)

2.) Earlier today, Fink was talking to Raven about Lilian Garcia. Fink is defending his actions that led to Garcia getting destroyed by Jamal and Rosey. Johnny Stamboli enters the scene and reminds Raven about their deal from a few weeks ago when Stamboli defeated D’Lo Brown. Raven isn’t going to pay Stamboli because he paid him in opportunity. Raven thinks that Stamboli should pay him, but Stamboli disagrees. Raven is going to give Stamboli another opportunity in the form of a match tonight. Stamboli accepts the challenge and says that Raven is going to pay him today. Stamboli pats Raven on the face before walking off.

3.) Credible tries to cheap shot Benjamin, but misses in the corner. Credible does eye rake Benjamin and locks in a headlock for a moment. Credible shoulder blocks Benjamin, but is met with an arm drag and scoop slam. Benjamin slams the back of Credible’s head on the mat and keeps control with an arm bar. Credible punches Benjamin into a corner and chops Benjamin. Benjamin avoids Credible in the corner and hits a press slam for a two count. Benjamin hammers away on Credible in the corner, but Credible puts the referee in the way. Credible nails Benjamin with a superkick leading to a near fall. Credible stomps on Benjamin and delivers a knee lift and shoulder rams. Credible drives Benjamin down with a gut buster for a two count. Credible puts an abdominal stretch on Benjamin, but doesn’t get a submission. Benjamin hip tosses free and connects with a side Russian leg sweep. Benjamin punches Credible a few times. Benjamin nails Credible with an elbow strike and an atomic drop. Benjamin clotheslines Credible for a two count. Benjamin runs into a boot and Credible tries for an axe handle, but Benjamin hits a belly to belly suplex for the clean win. (*1/2. Another basic match for Benjamin which is exactly what he needs on these shows. I’m liking Benjamin and hope he stays on the main roster to get more reps.)

4.) Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviews Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin says he’s on a roll and claims he’s gone untested. Benjamin says this victory was another example about why it’s all about the Benjamin. It’s this a heel turn already?

5.) Raven and Stamboli have a standoff in the ring a couple of times. Stamboli forearms Raven a few times and delivers a clothesline out of the corner. Stamboli press slams Raven over his knee for a gut buster. Stamboli clotheslines Raven over the top to the floor and Raven hits the railing. Stamboli rolls Raven into the ring and is stomped a few times by Raven. Stamboli battles back with a clothesline. Raven knee lifts Stamboli in the corner and both men are down. Raven catapults Stamboli throat first into the bottom rope. Raven decks Stamboli over the back on the apron. Raven keeps control with a headlock on the mat. Raven shoulder blocks Stamboli, but Stamboli delivers a couple of kicks to the gut. Raven drop toe holds Stamboli through the ropes to the floor. Raven sends Stamboli into the railing with a side Russian leg sweep. Raven rolls Stamboli into the ring and delivers a knee drop from the middle rope to the back of Stamboli. Stamboli counters a clothesline with a belly to belly suplex. Stamboli ducks a strike and atomic drops Raven, but misses a spinning heel kick. Stamboli splashes Raven in the corner and hits a clothesline off the middle rope for a two count. Stamboli plants Raven with a tilt a whirl slam for another near fall. Stamboli kicks Raven against the ropes, but Raven counters a hip toss with a DDT to win the match. (*1/2. So, Raven is a heel, but he’s getting a positive response from the crowd. I think Raven would be able to get really over as a face in WWE if given the chance. I thought this was a better performance for Stamboli compared to recent outings on Heat and he showed some fun offense in the defeat.)

6.) Stasiak shoulder blocks Brown and taunts the crowd. Brown hip tosses Stasiak followed by an arm drag and a dropkick to send Stasiak into the corner. Brown boots Stasiak hitting a middle rope clothesline for a two count. Brown sends Stasiak into the corner and misses a spear hitting the ring post. Stasiak stomps on Brown a few times. Stasiak delivers a hammerlock scoop slam for a near fall. Stasiak knee drops Brown and stomps on the arm several times. Stasiak wrenches on Brown’s arm, but doesn’t get a submission. Brown comes off the ropes and is met with an elbow strike for a two count. Stasiak knee lifts Brown, but Brown comes back with a neckbreaker, clothesline and a dropkick. Brown scoop slams Stasiak and connects with a leg drop for a near fall. Stasiak plants Brown with a jumping arm breaker for a near fall. Stasiak tries for a reverse DDT, but Brown catapults Stasiak into the corner face first. Stasiak delivers a few strikes in the corner. Stasiak hits a snap powerslam for a near fall. Stasiak kicks Brown, but is dropped over the top rope chest first. Brown finishes Stasiak off with the Sky High for the clean win. (*. I just don’t ever enjoy Stasiak. The crowd was loving D’Lo, so that’s cool. But, this was just a boring match.)

Final Thoughts:
Heat continues to be rather dull. Benjamin being on the show provides some freshness, but there’s just not many undercard guys on the RAW brand that are interesting. The feud between Raven and D’Lo has been enjoyable, but aside from that, there’s just not much going on to be excited about for Heat.

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