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WCW Pro 6/29/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Jim Duggan & Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated The Gambler & Top Gun
2.) Joe Gomez defeated Manny Fernandez
3.) Chris Benoit defeated Butch Long
4.) Lex Luger & Sting defeated Blue Bloods (Taylor & Eaton)

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Lee Marshall is filling in for Chris Cruise on commentary for the show.

2.) Joe Gomez cuts a promo saying that Mongo let him down by his actions at Great American Bash. Gomez thought that Mongo befriended him, but he got attacked for protecting Mongo’s wife. Gomez believes that Mongo belongs with the Horsemen. Gomez will be wrestling Mongo at the Bash at the Beach to prove who the better rookie is.

3.) Gomez won his squash match with a twisting crossbody off the top rope.

4.) Sting steals one of the wigs that the Blue Bloods have and they play to the crowd while wearing the wig. Sting and Eaton start off the tag match. Sting and Eaton start off with a test of strength with Eaton kicking Sting in the midsection to get the advantage. Sting powers up to his feet and kicks free. Sting backdrops Eaton out of the corner and decks Eaton with a right hand. Taylor tags into the match to try his luck against Sting. Taylor controls Sting with a hammerlock, but is backed into a corner. Taylor backs off to avoid Sting and Luger. Luger slingshots Taylor into the ring from the apron and manages a two count. Luger taunts Taylor in the corner to scare Taylor to the floor. Eaton works over Luger and sends Luger to the floor. Luger hip tosses Eaton on the floor followed by a clothesline and a punch to Taylor. Taylor tags into the match to battle Luger. Taylor uppercuts Luger and locks in a sleeper hold. Eaton distracts the referee allowing a cheap shot by Taylor. Eaton back elbows Luger to the mat for a near fall. Taylor returns to the match and works over Luger in the corner. Taylor works over Luger’s arm with a wrist lock. Eaton enters the match to beat on Luger. Luger hooks Eaton for a vertical suplex and drives Eaton down to the mat. Sting tags into the match and hammers away on Eaton hitting a bulldog off the ropes. Sting decks Taylor and all four men are in the ring. Sting misses a splash in the corner as Taylor avoided it. Luger yanks Taylor down to the mat. Sting hits a splash on Eaton after Taylor accidentally decked Eaton in the corner to win the match. After the match, Lord Steven Regal comes out and talks with Taylor at ringside. Eaton is upset with Taylor hitting him before the splash. (*. An underwhelming match as I think the Blue Bloods are well past their time of being a viable team against bigger teams. It’s shame too because I enjoy the trio of guys. This match probably didn’t need to go as long as it did.)

Final Thoughts:
A skippable episode of Pro as there wasn’t much going on in the episode. I’m not caring about Joe Gomez and there wasn’t a standout match, which both hurt the show.

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