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WWF Prime Time Wrestling 3/9/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Prime Time Wrestling
From: Various locations

Matches: (original matches)
1.) Virgil & Big Bossman defeated Beverly Brothers by disqualification
2.) Skinner defeated Terry Daniels
3.) The Mountie & Nasty Boys defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Roddy Piper & Bushwhackers
4.) Owen Hart defeated Hercules
5.) Repo Man defeated Jim Brunzell

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon, Gorilla Monsoon, Slick, Bobby Heenan and Mr. Perfect are on the panel this week. They discuss what happened on Wrestling Challenge where it was brought up that Elizabeth had a previous relationship with Ric Flair before being with Randy Savage. Heenan claims there are more pictures. Heenan wonders if Elizabeth ever told Savage about the relationship and doubts it.

2.) I think this is the first time the Beverly Brothers had their more well known entrance music.

3.) Virgil and Beau kickoff the tag match with Beau backing into a corner. Beau works over Virgil with a few strikes and a back elbow. Beau stomps on Virgil and rams Virgil into the corner to deliver more kicks. Virgil ducks a wild right hand and atomic drops Beau. Virgil continues with a clothesline and a dropkick. Virgil decks Blake off the apron, too. Blake enters the match and wants a piece of Bossman. Bossman tags into the match and backs Blake against the ropes. Bossman cleanly backs off and is slapped for doing so. Bossman spits at Blake and delivers a few strikes. Bossman catches Blake on a leapfrog attempt and hits a spinebuster. Bossman punches Beau coming off the top rope. Bossman gets a two count on Blake with a rollup. Virgil tags back in and leaps off the top with an axe handle. Blake headbutts Virgil and Beau tags in, but Virgil hits an arm drag. Virgil tries for a rollup, but Beau held onto the ropes and clotheslines Virgil followed by a leg drop. Beau rams Virgil into Blake’s boot in the corner. Blake plants Virgil with a neckbreaker.

Blake holds Virgil over the top rope and Beau leaps over Blake to splash onto Virgil. Beau hits a double under hook suplex for a near fall. Blake chokes Virgil while the referee is distracted in the corner with Bossman. Blake connects with a powerslam for a near fall. Virgil is held over the top rope as Beau delivers an axe handle to the back. Beau headbutts Virgil and also drops down to the mat. Blake is tagged in and Bossman gets the hot tag. Bossman hammers away on Blake followed by a back elbow.. Bossman punches Blake over the middle rope and delivers a splash. Bossman slides to the floor and decks Blake with a right hand. Bossman connects with a big splash for a two count. Bossman big boots Blake, but Beau makes the save. All four men are in the ring as Genius stole the nightstick. Genius tosses the nightstick, but Bossman catches it and decks all three heels. Beverly’s were disqualified due to Genius tossing the nightstick into the ring. (**1/2. I thought that was a fun TV tag match. The Beverly’s looked good in there and their offense was entertaining and impactful. I was not expecting this level of a match from these two teams, but this was a pleasant surprise. It makes me wonder if the Beverly’s were misused down the line.)

4.) WWF Update with Mean Gene focuses on the issue between The Undertaker and Jake Roberts. Roberts confronted Taker about saving Elizabeth from a chair shot. This took place on last weeks Funeral Parlor. Roberts would attack Taker with a chair and DDT Paul Bearer. They will be wrestling at WrestleMania VIII. Taker and Bearer cut a promo. Bearer says that Roberts made a grave mistake. Taker says that Roberts must meet the reaper.

5.) Bobby Heenan claims they are going to show more pictures of Elizabeth on Prime Time.

6.) The panel talks about Jake Roberts and the Undertaker. Monsoon thinks that Roberts has made a mistake, and Perfect agrees, but thinks that Roberts knows what he’s doing. Heenan believes that Roberts will come up with something to beat Taker.

7.) WrestleMania VIII Report with Mean Gene promotes the match between Hogan and Sid. Sid cut a promo saying that Hogan has been saying he’s seen people come and go. Sid says he’s the new man around here and he’s the man everyone fears. Sid is the man who is going to end Hulkamania and rules the world. Hogan cut a promo saying that Sid isn’t going to faze Hulkamania. Hogan recalls a time when he was swimming as a teenager and beat up the shark in the ocean. Hogan is going to take care of Sid just like he did with the shark. Gene also promotes the WWF World Championship match between Ric Flair and Randy Savage.

8.) Bobby Heenna pretends to call Hulk Hogan to get his opinion on the pictures. Heenan claims that Hogan knew that Elizabeth was like that the whole time.

9.) The six man tag match is joined in progress. Butch bulldogs Knobbs out of the corner and they all bite the heels butts. Piper punches Mountie to the floor and they hit a triple clothesline to the Nasty Boys. Piper and the Bushwhackers play to the crowd. Piper eye pokes Sags and Sags is worked over by all three men with constant tags. Piper delivers an axe handle off the middle rope to Sags arm. Knobbs trips Butch and enters to deliver a few elbow drops. Mountie enters the match and hits a leaping elbow strike. Sags sends Butch hard into the corner and taunts the crowd. Knobbs returns and slams Butch followed by another elbow drop. Mountie enters the match and works over Butch hitting a piledriver. Sags delivers a leg drop for a near fall. Knobbs enters with a few strikes to Butch in the corner. Knobbs misses a splash in the corner. Luke gets the tag and elbows Knobbs to the mat. Piper gets involved and goes after Mountie in the corner. All six men are in the ring and the heels are sent into each other. They hit a triple battering ram to knock the heels down. Knobbs is sent into Butch’s boot in the corner and the same happens to Sags. Mountie bails to the floor and Piper follows to brawl. Sags is nailed with a battering ram as is Knobbs. Luke has a cover, but Mountie uses the shock stick. Knobbs gets the cover and wins the match. (NR. I’m not sure how much was missed, but the match wasn’t too bad. Bushwhackers tend to be dreadful, but I think the inclusion of Piper made them tolerable here. I was kind of surprised that Piper’s team lost, but it’s a good win for the heels.)

10.) Bobby Heenan and Mr. Perfect continue to claim about more pictures. Heenan claims Flair and Elizabeth where together before Savage, but Perfect suggests otherwise.

11.) Hercules gets to the ropes to force a break by Owen on a waist lock. Owen controls Hercules with a hammerlock, but Hercules goes to the ropes again. Hercules gets wrist control, but Owen counters with a wrist lock of his own. Hercules punches free and shoulder blocks Owen. Owen tries for a sunset flip, but doesn’t do it. Owen hip tosses Hercules a few times and dropkicks Hercules to the floor. Owen taunts Hercules for being a chicken. Hercules taunts the crowd while turning his back to Owen. Hercules kicks Owen in the midsection and delivers a few strikes to drop Owen to the mat. Hercules throws Owen over the ropes, but Owen pulls himself up and knocks Hercules over the top. Owen takes Hercules out with a dive over the top! Hercules wants a test of strength. Hercules gets the advantage, as expected. Owen bridges up and manages to hip toss Hercules. Owen hits a flying crossbody off the ropes for a near fall. Hercules drives Owen down with a back suplex. Hercules rams Owen into the corner face first a few times. Hercules misses a splash in the corner. Owen hammers away on Hercules with strikes, but is dumped to the apron. Owen climbs to the top hitting a flying crossbody for the clean win. (*1/2. Owen showed that he was solid babyface here managing to keep the crowd invested in him. Owen had a few good aerial moves and popped the crowd. I’m not sure if a win over Hercules in 1992 really means anything, but Owen was fun in the ring here.)

12.) A vignette of Papa Shango is aired. Shango laughs manically while a fire burns.

13.) Repo backs Brunzell into a corner and delivers several right hands. Repo beats on Brunzell’s left arm followed by a hip toss. Brunzell monkey flips Repo followed by a hip toss and arm drag. Brunzell drop toe holds Repo and keeps arm control on the mat. Repo boots Brunzell against the ropes and delivers a shoulder block. Brunzell drop toe holds Repo and keeps arm control. Repo lays Brunzell over the top turnbuckle and delivers a few strikes to the midsection. Repo dumps Brunzell to the floor and sends Brunzell into the ring steps face first. Repo works over Brunzell on the apron with a strike to the chest. Repo punches Brunzell in the midsection, but Brunzell delivers a boot to the chest. Brunzell high knee lifts Repo and eye rakes Repo. Brunzell dropkicks Repo for a near fall. Repo side slams Brunzell for the win. (1/2*. Well, that wasn’t very good and if the side slam is Repo’s finishing move then I can’t imagine a lot wins for him in the future.) After the match, Repo chokes Brunzell briefly with his rope and runs off.

Final Thoughts:
A good episode of Prime Time Wrestling with some solid in-ring action and touching base on the key Mania feuds very well. The build to WrestleMania VIII has been rather good thus far.

Thanks for reading.

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