WWE Heat 11/3/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Heat

1.) Rosey & Jamal defeated Bobby Roode & Mark Maraculi
2.) Mark Jindrak defeated Justin Credible
3.) D’Lo Brown defeated Steven Richards

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Rosey and Jamal easily win their tag match after Jamal hit a top rope splash and Rosey earned the pin on Maraculi.

2.) Backstage, Lilian Garcia walks up to Victoria, who is gathering weapons in a trash can. Victoria says that Trish hurt her and she thought they were fans. Victoria had to sweep late at night just to make rent because of Trish Stratus. Victoria had to take care of trash in the winter to pay for groceries. Victoria has a challenge for Survivor Series and that is a hardcore match. Victoria wonders if Trish would be up for that brutality. Victoria is going to show Trish the true feeling of pain and she scares Lilian.

3.) Backstage, Steven Richards is with Raven and wants to know what the masterpiece is about. Raven refuses to tell Richards and says he’ll reveal the masterpiece next week. Raven suggests Richards worry about D’Lo Brown. Richards looks next to him and says “and they call me wacko.” There was nobody sitting next to him.

4.) Credible takes Jindrak down and slaps the back of his head for the early advantage. Credible knee lifts Jindrak and delivers a few right hands. Jindrak takes Credible down to the mat and hits a dropkick. Credible backs into a corner, but runs into an arm drag. Credible hammers away on Jindrak followed by chops in the corner. Jindrak battles back with left hands and hits a splash in the corner. Credible eye rakes Jindrak on the apron. Jindrak tries for a sunset flip, but Credible holds the ropes. Credible decks Jindrak with a right hand. Credible chops Jindrak in the corner followed by a right hand. Credible baseball slide dropkicks Jindrak on the mat. Credible keeps a sleeper on Jindrak to maintain control of the match. Jindrak elbows Credible, but is driven down to the mat face first. Credible rams Jindrak into the corner and jabs Jindrak a few times. Jindrak punches Credible and tries for a dropkick, but Credible held onto the ropes. Credible gets a two count on a cover attempt and goes back with a sleeper on the mat. Jindrak elbows Credible, but is stopped by an eye rake. Jindrak blocks a suplex and takes Credible over with a vertical suplex of his own. Jindrak decks Credible with left hands and a scoop slam. Jindrak dropkicks Credible, but is met with a boot in the corner. Jindrak connects with a tilt a whirl slam for a near fall. Credible blocks a backdrop, but is met with an atomic drop and a springboard twisting clothesline for the win. (*1/4. The crowd wasn’t responding to anything in this match and it’s clear that Jindrak is not connecting with the crowd.)

5.) Richards backs Brown into the corner and delivers a cheap shot. Brown is held back by the referee. Brown hammers away on Richards in the corner and delivers a scoop slam after a hip toss. Brown gets a rollup for a two count and takes Richards over with an arm drag. Richards rolls out of the arm hold and forearms Brown a few times. Brown connects with a swinging neckbreaker and a forearm drop for a two count. Brown sends Richards into the corner, but is dumped to the apron and Richards knocks Brown to the floor. Richards keeps control in the ring with forearm drops and knee lifts. Richards hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Richards slams Brown and misses a leg drop. Brown atomic drops Richards into the corner and hits an atomic drop and neckbreaker for a two count. Richards kicks Brown followed by a clothesline. Richards chokes Brown over the middle rope and delivers a few strikes to the back. Richards hits a back suplex for a near fall. Richards puts a sleeper on Brown, but doesn’t get a submission. Brown takes Richards down with a rollup and misses a clothesline. Richards gets a full nelson on Brown, but doesn’t get a submission. Brown fights out and kicks Richards away. Brown forearms Richards and both men are down. Brown ducks a clothesline and decks Richards with right hands. Brown backdrops Richards coming off the ropes. Brown slams Richards and delivers a leg drop for a two count. Brown mounts Richards with right hands. Richards avoids a backdrop with a right hand, but runs into a heel kick. Brown heads to the top rope, but Richards crotches Brown. Richards chops Brown a few times. Richards looks for a superplex, but Brown counters with a top rope Sky High for the win. (*1/2. I was hoping for a better match as this was a little too slow and plodding. The finish was nicely done and ended the match on a high note.)

Final Thoughts:
Another subpar episode for Heat this week as the action just wasn’t all that interesting or entertaining. I am looking forward to seeing what Raven’s masterpiece is all about.

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