WWF Superstars 3/16/1996

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Corpus Christi, TX

1.) Skip & Zip defeated The Bushwhackers in a WWF Tag Team Title Tournament Match
2.) Duke Droese defeated Bill Irwin
3.) Steve Austin defeated Aldo Montoya
4.) Isaac Yankeem DDS defeated Al Walker
5.) Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Bob Holly

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Skip and Zip work over Butch and Luke to start the match, but the Bushwhackers come back with a double clothesline and play to the crowd. Zip and Butch start the match with Butch rubbing Zip’s eyes over the ropes. Butch shoulder blocks and clotheslines the Bodydonnas. Butch tags in Luke to keep control on Skip. Butch returns to the match kicks Skip on the arm. Luke is sent to the floor by Skip with a knee lift after Zip caused a distraction. Zip sends Luke into the railing and Luke continues to be worked over in the corner. Luke is double teamed by the Bodydonnas. Zip delivers a backbreaker, but misses a few elbow drops. Butch and Luke deliver double clotheslines to send Skip to the floor. Skip heads to the top hitting a splash on Butch and gets the cover to win the match. (*. I’m just relieved that the Bushwhackers didn’t pull this one out. They had control for most of the match, but I won’t have to cover them in another tag tournament match. It’s a small victory for me.)

2.) There’s another vignette promoting Mankind’s debut to the WWF. Mankind says that the screams will be music to his ears.

3.) Steve Austin had a pre-tape promo before his upcoming match. Austin thinks of the Million Dollar Dream as cutting blood from going to the head. He considers that to be stone cold.

4.) Austin takes Montoya down to the mat, but Montoya is able to counter on the mat. Austin gets a hammerlock, but Montoya counters until an elbow drops Aldo. Austin delivers a few forearm strikes to the back. Montoya tries for a rollup, Austin holds the rope. Montoya hits a crossbody off the ropes, but Austin regains control with strikes in the corner and a vertical suplex. Austin delivers a knee drop for a two count. Austin plants Montoya with a front suplex. Austin locks in the Million Dollar Dream for the victory. After the match, Austin doesn’t let go of the hold and that causes Savio Vega to slide into the ring for a stare down. (*. Montoya had a few moments to shine and actually had most of the offense. Sadly, Montoya doesn’t have a chance with the gimmick and there’s tons of potential with Austin.)

5.) Vince McMahon interviewed Jake Roberts, Yokozuna and Ahmed Johnson. Roberts says that Yoko vs. Vader at WrestleMania would be an incredible match. Roberts says it is time for the strong men to standup and do what is right. Roberts says they have all made mistakes. Roberts issues a six man tag challenge for WrestleMania. Ahmed chimes in and says that British Bulldog is on American soil and says he will get RAW. Yokozuna talks about being the guy to put Camp Cornette on the map. Yoko wants Vader to bring it on because it will be Bonzai Time at WrestleMania.

6.) Bob Backlund is seen in the crowd during the Yankeem match.

7.) Hunter Hearst Helmsley shared a pre-tape promo. Helmsley wonders how he prepares for a psycho like the Warrior. How does Warrior prepare for the Pedigree?

8.) Holly backs Helmsley into a corner and slaps Helmsley. Holly hip tosses Helmsley out of the corner and a scoop slam. Helmsley is kicked away by Holly. Holly shoulder blocks Helmsley, but Helmsley delivers a hip toss. Holly comes back with a clothesline and a backslide for a two count. Helmsley tosses Holly over the top to the floor. Helmsley rams Holly into the apron and heads to the top rope. Helmsley delivers a top rope forearm strike for a two count. Helmsley sends Holly into the corner back first and taunts the crowd. They begin to trade strikes in the corner. Helmsley knee lifts Holly and goes to the top rope, and eye rakes Holly. Helmsley delivers a forearm strike off the top. Holly counters the Pedigree and catapults Helmsley into the corner. Holly elbows Helmsley and hits a dropkick for a two count. (That’s where the match ends. Apparently there was a JIP issue with the match and I can’t find the whole match anywhere. Of course, Helmsley still goes over.)

Final Thoughts:
There were three feature matches, but I can’t say they had any true entertainment value behind them.

Thanks for reading.

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