WCW Pro 7/13/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro

1.) Hugh Morrus defeated Pat Tanaka
2.) Public Enemy defeated Cobra & Steve Doll
3.) Eddie Guerrero defeated Kurasawa
4.) Brad Armstrong defeated Bobby Walker
5.) Meng defeated Alex Wright

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Morrus won his squash match following the No Laughing Matter moonsault off the top rope. Morrus had some solid moves in the match including a spinning heel kick, which was cool to see from a big guy.

2.) Public Enemy won their match following a side slam/elbow drop off the top combo on Doll. However, there wasn’t a table break in the match thus I’m not sure I can qualify this as a Public Enemy match.

3.) Guerrero counters a head scissors on the mat and gets a headlock on Kurasawa. Kurasawa counters by yanking Guerrero down to the mat. Guerrero kicks Kurasawa and delivers a slam. Guerrero hits a slingshot senton from the apron and uppercuts Kurasawa in the corner. Kurasawa press slams Guerrero to the mat. Kurasawa stomps on Guerrero followed by a strike to the back. Kurasawa chops Guerrero in the corner to maintain control of the contest. Kurasawa clotheslines Guerrero coming off the ropes. Kurasawa continues with a headbutt and strike against the ropes. Kurasawa chokes Guerrero over the top rope followed an overhand strike. Guerrero dropkicks Kurasawa followed by several right hands in the corner. Kurasawa atomic drops Guerrero followed by a stomp. Kurasawa misses a top rope senton splash. Guerrero hits the frog splash off the top to win the match. (1/2*. I really only watched this for Guerrero and he was fun to watch. Kurasawa not as much.) After the match, Kurasawa attempts to attack Guerrero on the floor and is sent into the ring post for his troubles.

4.) Armstrong takes Walker down to the mat, but Walker gets a head scissors on Armstrong. Walker and Armstrong have a standoff. Walker puts a head scissors on Armstrong, but doesn’t get a submission. This is turning into a mat classic with the counters and standoffs. Walker backdrops Armstrong coming off the ropes. Walker walks the ropes and jumps over Armstrong. Armstrong hip tosses Walker and Walker backs off in the corner. Walker keeps arm control on the mat, but Armstrong doesn’t give in. Armstrong drop toe holds Walker, but Walker gets a hammerlock on the mat. Armstrong decks Walker with a strike. Walker gets an inside cradle for a two count. Walker blocks a hip toss and gets a backslide for a two count. Walker hits a top rope twisting crossbody for a near fall. Armstrong avoids a leapfrog and hits the side Russian leg sweep for the win. (*. I literally thought that would be the finish as soon as Walker missed the crossbody. I didn’t buy this match being a mat classic with all the counters and whatnot. Armstrong winning was the right call.)

5.) Wright avoids a few strike attempts by Meng to start the main event. Meng backs Wright into a corner, but doesn’t do anything and is met with a kick to the midsection. Wright gets a two count with a rollup. Meng yanks Wright down by his hair and taunts the crowd. Wright hammerlocks Meng, but Meng reaches the ropes. Wright keeps a wrist lock on Meng, but Meng yanks Wright down by his hair. Wright pops back up and forearms Meng a few times on the chest. Meng eye rakes Wright to the mat. Wright nearly wins with a top rope sunset flip. Wright drop toe holds Meng and keeps arm control on the mat. Wright delivers a few knee drops to the shoulder. Wright has a headlock on Meng, but Meng sits Wright on the top turnbuckle. Meng wants to shake hands and Wright seems open to the idea. They don’t shake hands. Wright offers his hand again, but Meng continues to decline. Meng works over Wright with a few strikes to drop Wright to his knees. Meng avoids a sunset flip with a strike to Wright. Meng forearms Wright a few times. Wright dropkicks Meng and delivers a forearm strike. Wright uppercuts Meng in the corner. Wright elbows Meng in the corner followed by a heel kick. Wright heads to the top rope and misses a missile dropkick. Meng knocks Wright out with a savant kick for the clean win. (*. The constant stalling with the handshake thing was a bit weird especially since it amounted to nothing and it wasn’t at the start of the match. I like the clean finish for Meng, too.)

Final Thoughts:
I thought maybe Meng/Wright would be better than it was, but sometimes I’m wrong. I’ll consider this a skippable show.

Thanks for reading.

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