WCW Main Event 8/25/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event

1.) Big Bubba fought John Tenta to a double count-out

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is the first Sunday morning airing of WCW Main Event, as it was previously airing in the evening.

2.) Bubba gets a side headlock on Tenta, but is sent into the ropes. Tenta catches Bubba and delivers a slam to send Bubba to the floor to regroup. Tenta puts Bubba’s cap on to taunt him. Bubba begs Tenta not to toss it into the crowd, but Tenta blows his nose and then tosses it. Tenta backdrops Bubba to maintain control. Tenta splashes his backside into Bubba in the corner. Tenta works over Bubba with strikes in the corner, but Bubba battles back with a spinebuster for a two count as the referee sees Bubba using the ropes for leverage. Bubba splashes Tenta over the middle rope and slides to the floor to deliver a right hand. Bubba headbutts Tenta to the mat. Bubba slams Tenta to the mat and taunts the fans. Bubba goes to the top, but is crotched by Tenta. Tenta dropkicks Bubba to the floor. Tenta atomic drops Bubba into Hart on the floor. Tenta lifts Hart up by the neck, but is attacked by Bubba from behind. Bubba and Tenta have been counted out. Tenta rams Bubba face first into the ring steps. (*. There wasn’t much going on here and while it’s a meaningful feud, the match was not very good at all.)

Final Thoughts:
The show was good in the sense of highlighting other feuds. The original content for the show was not good.

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